How To Clear Obd2 Codes For Free Without Scanner?

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How To Clear Obd2 Codes For Free Without Scanner?
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Obd2 codes are a common occurrence for diesel engine vehicles. They are usually the result of faulty sensors, but they can also be caused by wiring issues, dirty filters, or more serious engine problems. 

Many people think that the only way to clear obd2 codes without a scanner is to have expensive scanning equipment installed in their vehicle, but this is not true. There are many ways to clear your obd2 codes without having to buy expensive equipment like an obd2 scanner. 

All you need to do is to find the best and most complete obd2 code clearing guide that will guide you through the process step by step. However, using a scanner may be simple, but understanding the obd2 reader isn’t effortless for everyone. In this article, you will explore how to clear Obd codes without an obd2 scanner.

How to understand if obd2 codes have been cleared?

How to tell if Obd2 codes have been cleared?

It will now be possible for you to recognize when it was done using an Obd2 code reader with a check engine. Additionally, it is best to make sure the diagnostic equipment can display I/M Monitor Readiness Status. Below is a complete guideline, that can tell you if obd2 codes have been cleared.

  • Step 01: First you turn the keys in on mode without turning on your car.
  • Step 02: In the second step, find the Obd2 port just below your car’s dashboard, which you can easily find, then install the Obd2 scanner.
  • Step 03: When the Obd2 scanner is connected to your vehicle’s Obd2 port, it will turn on automatically. You can then press Enter depending on the model of your scanner or the scanner of your car itself.
  • Step 04: Select the Readiness to Integrate or Migrate menu so that you may choose it.
  • Step 05: Here, take a look at available vehicle systems, and suffice it if these indicators tell you that they are not ready for driving, remember that the check engine light has just been reset. 

Your automotive system reads one of the following conditions. Your car’s system displays Pending/Not Ready and Fail, the conditions listed on the screen.

Pending/Not Ready: This status indicates that the system monitoring job has not been completed and remains pending. Thus, you should continue to drive your vehicle.

Fail: Obd2 has checked the system, and it has not passed, and a Diagnostic Trouble Code is set. Obd2 will therefore turn on the check engine light immediately or soon.

How to Clear Obd2 Codes For Free Without Scanner

Clearing Check Engine 2 codes without utilizing the scanner is easy, and you can achieve this in a few simple actions. Essentially, however, you ought to first be mindful of what the check engine light indicates as it may contain mistakes with your automobile.

A faulty check engine light may indicate difficulties based on vehicle characteristics, such as how old the vehicle is or the anti-lock brake feature.  Having a type of car older that may require an alternative fuse. 

if your check engine light results in an issue, it could just denote something simple such as a leaky gas cap or it can end up being something complex, such as transmission or emission failure.

Without having a car code reader and scanner with you, what can you do when the alarm on your check engine light goes off? Well, you would not have to worry since there’s a different way to get past the check engine light. 

Removing Obd2 codes without the scanner does not always reset the check engine light, as, in some cases, the fault of the radar light represents a serious matter.

So, here are the steps you need to take to remove the Obd2 codes from your vehicle. If your check engine light remains on after being switched off, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic, as it is a sign there is an underlying issue.

  1. First of all, you need to park your car on the safe side of the road. And appropriately and open the hood of the car.
  2. Now you need to remove the negative (-) black color cable from the car battery. Use a simple wrench to loosen the clamp on the battery terminals.
  3. Also, remove the red color (+) cable across the car battery. Here you have to avoid touching the negative(-) and positive(+) cables together in any case.
  4. After removing the cables on both sides of the battery, you need to turn the ignition switch on and off 3 to 5 times.
  5. Now at this stage, you have to press the horn button on the steering wheel. You need to hold the ECU capacitor for 30 seconds to a full minute to remove the electrical power. 

The car horn is connected to a hot circuit, which is why the horn is applied regardless of ignition. So you have to hold the ECU capacitor by pressing the horn.

  1. This step is optional for doing for this purpose, but I would advise you to wait 5 or 10 minutes before re-attaching the battery to your vehicle.
  2. Now connect the cables to the battery at the negative and positive ends, ie the black wire to the negative and the red wire to the positive end. After laying the wires, make sure that the wires are well connected to the battery۔
  3. Finally, turn on the ignition, and check the warning lights on the console. Start the engine and let it warm for a while. During this time, your car’s check engine lights will go out.

How to Use ignition keys to read Codes

How to Use ignition keys to read Codes

There are times when you need to diagnose a problem on your vehicle, but don’t have access to a scanner that reads the codes. The best way to diagnose a problem is by reading the codes that have been stored in the engine control unit. You can read abs codes with an obd2 scanner or without a scanner.

One of the more popular ways of doing this is by using an ignition key. An ignition key is a simple tool that can be picked up for less than $20. Instead of scanning codes on your car, you can use the key to read the codes on the Obd2 Connector.

You can Use an odometer to read Obd2 codes 

In the past, people with an obd2 reader often needed a scan tool to read codes from their cars. The need for a scan tool was due to the complexity of the car’s electronic system and the variety of components in a car’s engine bay. 

Now a new technology called a ‘flashlamp’ is being used which allows people with only an odometer to read their car’s Obd2 codes without a scan tool. 


Does disconnecting the battery clear codes?

Does disconnecting the battery clear codes?

No, disconnecting the battery will not clear codes. The only way to clear codes is by using a code scanner or clear codes using manual methods.

Can you read Obd2 codes without a toolkit or the scanner?

Yes, you can read Obd2 codes without this scanner toolkit. You can use a laptop with an Obd2 port to read the codes.

Do OBD2 codes clear themselves?

Obd2 codes are stored in the vehicle’s onboard computer. They are not cleared by themselves, but they can be cleared by a qualified technician using a scan tool.

How long do I have to drive to reset the Obd?

The answer to this question is not straightforward. It depends on what type of car you have, how old it is, and the engine size. The average time it takes for an Obd to reset is around 10 minutes.

Can AutoZone clear Obd2 Codes?

Yes, AutoZone is a nationwide automotive parts retailer, which offers everything from oil changes to tires. They can diagnose any problems your vehicle might have with their diagnostic scan tools. 

Some of the most common fixes AutoZone has made for customers are engine light repairs, tire rotation and replacement, horn replacements, brake pad replacements, and headlight replacements. With the use of their diagnostic scan tool, they can clear any codes that may be present on your car’s computer.

How far do you have to drive to reset the check engine light? 

The check engine light is one of the most common car signs to appear. It can be triggered by a variety of reasons, including low fuel levels, low tire pressure, and a loose gas cap.

However, it can also appear because of an emissions violation or problem with your emissions system. You can reset the check engine light by driving for 10-30 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Obd2 codes are a common occurrence for diesel engine vehicles. They are usually the result of faulty sensors, but they can also be caused by wiring issues, dirt, and dust.

The best thing to do is to have a professional diagnose your car by either running diagnostics or physically looking at engine components. But overall I hope you like this article to find out the best method that how to clear Obd2 codes for free without a scanner.