How To Fix Error Code P0201 (Injector Circuit Malfunction)

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How to Fix Error Code P0201?
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When you look at a vehicle and find that your Check Engine Light is now on, you could be worried. Many people do not like having this symbol on their dash. However, this symbol could mean a million things. Today we are going to talk about when that symbol means error code P0201. So, how to fix the error code P0201? At first, check it P0309 we take a look at their meaning and symptoms.

What does error code P0201 mean?

This is a DTC or diagnostic trouble code. You will find it has to do with your powertrain. This is a problem that occurs commonly; however, each repair method will differ. Each method to fix it will slightly differ based on the make and model of your vehicle.

What Does Error Code P0201 Mean?

When this injector is off, the PCM will see a higher voltage. If the injector is off and does not see the voltage, it would like to, and the code will appear. The resistance is also taken into consideration. If there is too much or too little resistance, the code will also be set.

Definition of Error Code P0201: Injector Circuit Malfunction in Cylinder 1

Error Code P0201: Symptoms, Causes & Fix

What symptoms occur with error code P0201?

Ou will find that the engine will run very poorly. Your engine will not run as it should. The engine may misfire and have issues with accelerating. You will also find that the Check Engine Light appears on your dash.

While these symptoms may cause issues with your vehicle, you need to fix them. These are not issues you should drive your vehicle with, especially due to the random stalling of the engine. Fix this vehicle before you drive it anywhere to ensure you are safe.

What causes this error code to appear?

You will find that there are several reasons why this specific code appears. You will find that the injector could be bad. In most cases, this is the problem. However, there are other reasons that we should look at. Another problem is that there is an open or short in the wiring that leads to the injector. If the wiring is not good, the injector cannot work properly. The last thing that could be bad is the PCM.

Solutions to fix Error code P0201

We are going to look at some step-by-step guidelines for you. This will help you fix your error code with ease. Ensure you follow each step carefully.

  1. The first thing you want to do is check how much resistance the injector has. If the injector is not giving you numbers that are within the range you need, your injector should be replaced.
  2. The second thing you should do is check to ensure there are at least ten volts at the connection of the fuel injector. The number can be higher; just ensure there are at least ten volts.
  3. You will now use your eyes to ensure that the wires are not damaged. You will also look at the injector and inspect for damage.
  4. You can only do this if you have an injector tester. To do this step, you will
    activate your injector. You will see if it operates. If you see that the injector runs properly, it could be a faulty wire or clog. If you do not have the tester, swap another injector in the old one’s place. If the code disappears, replace your injector.
  5. Remove the PCM driver wire. You want this removed from both the ground and connector wire. If you are not sure about wiring, do not attempt this yourself. When you do this, the injector should be activated.
  6. The last thing you can do is replace your injector. This is going to be your last resort to ensure you have fixed the problem.

Make sure you address everything before resulting to replacing the injector. Also, ensure that you are taking the time to look over all the wiring and connections.

What to Avoid When Diagnosing/Fixing

When you are fixing or diagnosing this problem, do not automatically assume that it is the injector. Look at the wiring first. Many people have this code appear and replace their fuel injector. This is not an inexpensive job. Make sure you are looking at all possibilities when you are troubleshooting.


  • Do not let the vehicle have this error code for too long. This code can cause your vehicle damage if something is not working properly. Take the time to diagnose the problem quickly. Your vehicle will enter failsafe mode to ensure that damage is not taken. However, do not let this run too long, or damage will occur.
  • It is also not safe to drive a vehicle with this code either. The vehicle will not run great, and it could stall on the highway. This is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. If you need to have the vehicle moved, it is best to use a car trailer. Assure that you are strapping the vehicle down properly.
  • Be aware of your vehicle. The vehicle may start to run rough before the Check Engine Light appears. Try to figure out the problem before it is too late.

If you cannot work on the vehicle or diagnose it yourself, take it to a mechanic. They will assure you that the problem is taken care of properly. You will not have to wonder about error code P0201 ever again.

Wrapping Up

This error code can cause problems for your vehicle and cause safety issues. Be sure to address this error right away. You can fix it at home, or you can take the vehicle to a shop. The choice is yours. However, it may be wise to have a vehicle towed to a shop considering the dangers it carries.

Take the time to properly diagnose and ensure that the vehicle is safe. Always test drive a vehicle when it is finished by yourself to ensure the problem is gone. Do not take people in a vehicle with this error. It is dangerous.