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As professionals in the automotive industry, we get a lot of questions about new diagnostic tools that are coming out. Sometimes it isn’t until someone has a serious problem and can’t find any solution that they realize something more is available.

These new diagnostic tools are particularly helpful for us. Not all tools are created equal, so when choosing one, I decided to put our test heads on the Innova 5210.

Coupled with the ease of programming, this unit offers a great set of features that help you quickly find and resolve a fault. Let’s know in detail in this review!

Innova 5210 ObdII scanner review


The Innova 5210 scanner is extremely small, and you can carry it in your pocket. At the same time, it’s very durable. And has a nice design that comes in different colors and designs to fit your vehicle.

You can also use the scanner with a USB cable to plug it into your computer for additional functionality that is not possible without an adapter.

According to my experience, the scanner is very easy to use. To start using the scanner, you must first connect it with your vehicle. This is done using one of the adapters included in the package. Then after connecting it, turn on your car and put it into drive or neutral, whichever works for your car model.

Then you need to press the “Read” icon and wait for the green light indicator Green light must be on before starting reading codes on your car dashboard that the scanner reads in real time while scanning them.

The scanner can read and scan for diagnostic trouble codes for different vehicles on the road today. The device is compatible with late-model cars and trucks. Innova 5210 has most often similarities with Innova 5310, which you will get in my Innova 5310 Review.

Features of Innova 5210 Obd2 scanner

INNOVA 5210 OBD2 Scanner has a lot of features to offer, including

Easy to use

This Diagnostic Code Scanner is simple to use. It’s compact, so it can fit into a pocket and is conveniently sized to scan your engine on the go.

Even if you’re not mechanically inclined, the device has clear instructions for you to follow and does everything for you! You must plug in the vehicle, wait a few seconds, and press a button or two.

Safety on the road

The best way to keep your car running smoothly and safely is to know what’s going on under the hood. With the INNOVA Diagnostic Code Scanner, you can monitor everything in real time and ensure you’re aware of any serious trouble.

It allows you to check engine lights; display live data, test battery systems, read or erase ABS codes, view freeze frame data, and check air filter maintenance. Various other features allow you to maintain peak performance and stay safe on the road.

Functionality ABS / SRS reset

Innova 5210 Review

If you get stuck during the reading process, there are handy troubleshooting tips that will guide you through the process. It helps make sure that you can read the code and find the problem associated with it.

Reset the ABS or SRS system on a vehicle, regardless of whether the light is solid or flashing. If you have a warning light, follow the instructions, and it will reset once you start your car.

ECO driving indicator

An ECO driving indicator to help you drive better in terms of fuel efficiency is to make driving more economical. It makes driving more economically easier and ensures that your engine operates at its peak performance level.

Accurate diagnosis

Innova 5210 Review

There are many different ways to diagnose a problem. But the best one is to use information from the data stored in your vehicle’s CAN bus. This live data offers an extra layer of security and accuracy when diagnosing issues with your car.

Your scanner monitors the CAN bus, allowing you to view diagnostic information about your vehicles like the value for current engine speed and voltage, current oxygen sensor voltage and output, throttle position, transmission temperature, and many other systems.

Emission status

Another great feature of the scanner is the Self-Diagnosis check. This feature allows you to check the status of your emissions system. Other things include transmission fluid, service engine light, and emission readiness status.

One thing I really like about this feature is the ability to erase warning lights from the dash. This can save you a lot of money at your mechanic’s if you have a constant light on your dashboard.

The device also supports some tests that your standard multimeter cannot provide. For example, it provides real-time data for oxygen sensors and knocks sensors.

Battery and charging

The Innova Diagnostic Code Scanner allows you to test the performance of your battery and charging system. It helps you improve your battery’s lifespan and will alert you to any issues that might develop over time.

Limitations of Innova 5210

With every technological advancement, there are always cons that must be discussed.

The enormous depth of information

First, one of the biggest problems with the device is its depth. It gives you a lot of information about various areas in your vehicle. And that can be overwhelming for some people.

The information overload can make it difficult to find the specific information you’re looking for, like your engine code or battery status.

No support from the manufacturer

This is another drawback because the product doesn’t have any support from the manufacturer. It’s not good when you don’t get help or assistance when things go wrong with your system.

A few risks

Ensure you’re careful when working on your car with the Innova Diagnostic Code Scanner because you can run the risk of short-circuiting or causing damage to your vehicle, which could be hazardous to your safety. There is a lot of live data that is displayed by the tool.

This tool is not as advanced as the Innova 5610. Because 5610 has more exclusive features than 5210. If you want to know more about the latest features of 5610, you should check the Innova 5610 review.

Final words

Overall, the Innova 5210 Diagnostic Code Scanner is a great tool for anyone who wants to manage the Health of the electrical systems in their car. The device includes a lot of information about your vehicle’s systems.

So, you can quickly find out if there are any issues with them. And if something becomes troublesome, you’ll be able to take care of it soon. Easy to use and functional, this scanner will be an excellent addition to any auto repair kit.

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