How To Fix Error Code P0223 (High Output In Throttle)

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How To Fix Error Code P0223?
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Nothing is worse than having your Check Engine Light appear in the middle of traffic. This code will be known as a diagnostic trouble code or DTC. You will need to determine why your Check Engine Light is on.

Definition of Error Code P0223: High Input from Switch B Circuit/TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)

What Does Error Code P0223 Mean?

This means that the PCM or powertrain control module detects higher than the normal voltage from the TPS or PPS.

What Does Error Code P0223 Mean?

If the PCM is detecting a higher voltage than what it is programmed to receive for any extended time, it will cause the Check Engine Light to appear.

OBD-II Code P0234: Symptoms, Causes & Diagnose

What Symptoms Does Error Code P0223 Cause?

You will notice that the acceleration will be very limited. This error code will cause many issues or symptoms. These are signs that tell you what code it is. However, always be sure to diagnose the code before you fix anything.

You will notice that the throttle will stick more. This can occur at any RPM. You will find that your vehicle does not have any acceleration. You will find that the engine will stall when idling. Your vehicle will have trouble gaining speed as well. You will notice that you will not have the ability to use your cruise control either when this error code is present.

How Severe is Error Code P0223?

You will find that this code will cause many different malfunctions in your vehicle. We have listed the symptoms above. This code is going to cause many problems and make it unsafe to drive your vehicle. You want to ensure that your vehicle is not driven when you have this error code.

The error code will present you with many signs. These signs will allow you to notice that the vehicle is not safe to drive. Take the time to diagnose the problem and fix it. It. If you do not know how to fix it, stay tuned, we are talking about that next!

Diagnosing/Fixing the Error Code

You want to make sure that you know what you are doing when diagnosing an error code. You also want to ensure that you are fixing the problem based on your make and model. Every vehicle will be slightly different.

Diagnosing/Fixing the Error Code

There are a few tools that you should gather before you start this process. The tools include:

The first thing you will want to do is scan your vehicle. You will find that it has error code P0223. Now that you know this, you can proceed to the next steps.

  1. The first thing you will do is visually inspect your connectors and wires. Make sure that they look good and have a proper connection. Ensure that each wire has a home.
  2. You will now look at the throttle plate. This is where you will find a buildup of carbon. You may even find damage as well. If there is carbon buildup on the tray, it could hold the throttle open when you start the vehicle. This could cause the code to appear.
  3. To fix this problem, clean the carbon away. You will want to ensure that the body of the throttle is cleaned as well. This will ensure that the vehicle runs properly.
  4. It is also important to replace any bad wiring or connections. Ensure that you have high-quality wiring.
  5. The next thing you want to do is make sure that all codes are cleared. After you have driven your vehicle, you will notice that the error code should clear. If it does not clear, continue diagnosing.
  6. You will find that there may be other underlying issues. If you have more than this error code appearing, look at all the other problems as well.

Repairs to Make When Error Code P0223 Appears

You will find that the Engine Control Module may need to be replaced. You will find that maybe the wiring with your throttle position sensor is not working properly. You will want to replace all the wiring and harnesses associated with the TPS. You also could replace the body of the throttle as well. You might find that the alignment of the TPS is off. Put it back into the right position.

How to Avoid Error Code P0223

If you want to avoid this error code, then you might want to ensure that the body of the throttle is cleaned routinely. There is a special cleaner that you can use to ensure that this problem does not occur. You should ensure that the body is cleaned at least once a year. Remember, this item should be cleaned when you replace your air filter.

If you keep doing this, it will allow your Throttle Position Sensor to work properly. You will not have any issues if you repair and keep it clean.


If you are not mechanically inclined, then you may decide a mechanic can help you. They can fix your problem. However, it will cost more. If you are unsure about the error code or how to fix it, take the vehicle in. Utilize a tow truck to move the vehicle from your yard to the mechanic’s shop.

Wrapping Up

Take the time to learn how to properly diagnose your vehicle. You want to ensure that everything looks visually correct. If you find issues with wiring, fix them. If you find issues with your connections, fix that. Make sure that you are always cleaning the body of your throttle once a year. You should always be sure to stay safe when using a vehicle with the error code P0223.

When you have this code, do not drive the vehicle. Always be sure to keep the vehicle put away, so no one gets hurt. The vehicle could stall on the highway with this error code. This could mean that you could get severely injured. Taking the time to fix this error code is essential.