Blue Driver Review

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Blue Driver Review
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Blue Driver obd2 is a scanning tool that helps you understand your vehicle from your own driveway! Unlike other scanning tools, your blue driver obd2 can remain attached to your vehicle even while you drive.

To make this device pair your smartphone to improve the diagnostics and to give you accurate information also it will give you live data.

Blue driver obd2 has one advantage which is that it operates wirelessly. It is a simple plugin that you can pair with your smartphone to pull live engine data and also read all error codes.

If you look at its price that is only 100 dollars you are getting lots of things for the value of money and when you buy this product you won’t be disappointed! It also has a diagnostic reader that is robust and it gives you advanced abilities for the price it offers.

By using your blue driver obd2 you are using the tools that experts use to get all the codes fixed! Its repair reports will give you the verified fix for your specified problem.

Blue Driver Obd2 Scanner Review

Blue Driver Obd2 Scanner Review


Let us take a look at some of the specifications of the blue obd2 scanning tool to help you understand the product better and to help you choose the right product for yourself!

  1. Reads errors codes
  2. Suggests repairs
  3. Easy and quick Bluetooth connectivity.
  4. Free applications for android and iOs devices.
  5. One year warranty
  6. Can read enhanced diagnostic tools.
  7. Will read diagnostic tools such as ABS, SRS, TPMS, and airbag errors.
  8. A tool that is called ‘set it and forget it’ so it can record vehicle information.

What’s In The Box?

Let us find out the products you will get in the box. So when your order your blue driver obd2 you will only get a charging cable. Also to be able to use your blue driver obd2 you need to have a smartphone through which you will connect it with Bluetooth to be able to use the application.

Pros and Cons

Before we find out more about this product let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of this product. First, we will take a look at the pros.


  1. It is very easy to use.
  2. User friendly
  3. Will give you live data.
  4. Live data will be pulled from engine, charging and cooling systems.


  1. It does not provide reliable data

Key Feautres

It can be a little frustrating when you buy a product but you dont know all the key features of it. Thats why we have made a list of all the key features you will need to look for when you buy your blue driver obd2.

1. More Codes

If you want to understand the problem you need to know the whole pictures and what is wrong with your vehicle. The bluedriver obd comes with a modern scan tool that will ensure that you can scan deeper to understand and read more codes. You will get access to information that is only available to experts in this field.

2. No Cords

There are no cords with this device hence making it extremely easy for you to use. You will get everything that you might have gotten with an expensive tool but this device will give you everything you need in a much cheaper price.

3. Save Time and Money

By using the blue driver obd2 you will not just save money but will also save time. Since you will get all the features you need and will also get unlimited repair reports. These reports are generated from the data bases or the experts and are professionals.

4. Live Data

Now with blue driver obd you can view live data from your mobile and will also get updates on your vehicles health in real time. You can configure and customize your data view with different displays and colors.

Blue Driver OBD2 Testing Process

Key Feautres

1. Value

This device is a very good value for money and it is relatively cheap when you look at all the features it is offering.

Although you might be able to find other devices that will give you more features but with this device although it is cheap it will give you the basic features you need.

Also for the money you get this for the features it is offering are no less than the products that are being sold for a higher price.

2. Easy

This device is extremely easy to use and might be one of the easiest OBD2 tool. All you need to do is touch the SmartScreen. The application also has an instruction manual that will help you get all the information needed and the one that is necessary.

It will walk you through all the important functions and wont miss out on anything and ensure that you learn how to use this product. You just have to plug the adapter that comes with the product and load the application.

3. Data Collection

Although the blue driver obd2 will automatically recognize your device but incase it doesnt you can also put your vehicle identification number if it does not detec your device automatically. Once your device is paired with your vehicle it will perform a variety of tasks that include:

  1. Clears troubled codes
  2. Share reports
  3. Scanning and reading data
  4. Reading diagnostic trouble code data
  5. Rests indicator lights
  6. It will view your vehicle live.
  7. It views fuel system status, vehicle speed and engine temperature there and then.
  8. View reports built by expert data mechanics.
  9. Performs emission and smog tests
  10. Retrieves freese frame data
  11. Offers lots of things at low cost
  12. Will keep getting updates as you use your product

Best Thing About Blue Driver OBD2

This scanning device is extremely easy to use and comes in a sleek and modern design. You also get a manual with is that makes it easier for you to use this product. Plus you can read the fault code and the cause of it and then find the solution and also order the replacement part of it.

Worst Thing About Blue Driver OBD2

The main problem about this device is that you cna only use if if you dont have a smartphone you wont be able to use this product. It also lacks some things that you will find in a professional tool.

How To Use It?

If you have an android phone we have made a step-by-step list of how to use your blue driver obd2.

  1. Open play store
  2. Search for blue driver
  3. Install it in your phone
  4. To pair your blue driver you have some options lets take a look at some of them below.

Option 1

  1. Turn your car on
  2. Plug in your blue driver obd2.
  3. Wait for the blue light to go out.
  4. Start the blue driver app.
  5. Then connect it.
  6. Then enable location on your phone
  7. Then look for bluedriver sensors.
  8. If it asks your for a PIN then you will receive it and you can put it in your phone.
  9. Then you application will connect automatically.

Option 2

  1. Turn your car off completely.
  2. Plug in your blue driver.
  3. Wait for the blue light to turn off.
  4. Go to the bluetooth menu in your device.
  5. If it doesnt come automatically you might have to search for a device.
  6. Once Bluedriver appears in the tab click on it.
  7. If your phone asks for a key you will receive it on your phone.
  8. Otherwise it will pair automatically.
  9. You are done and now you can start your car and start using blue driver!
  10. If it doesnt connect automatically you might have to connect it manually.


Can I leave my blue driver obd2 plugged in all the time?

Yes, you can leave your blue driver obd2 plugged in all the time. It is absolutely safe to leave it plugged in if theres a need. However, just to be on the safe side it would be better not to leave it plugged in since it can reduce the life your scanning tool.

Can I use blue driver obd2 on different vehicles?

Blue driver products will work on all vehicles that are made after 1996. Other than that the device will work on all vehicle.

Why Is My Blue Driver blinking red?

If your blue driver obd 2 is flashing red light dont worry. It is not anything to worry about it just means that your device is fully charged but just not connected to your vehicle. Once you connect it to your vehicle the red light will stop flashing.

Connect Without Starting Engine

If you want to know how to disconnect your blue driver then keep reading!

The engine does not have to be running to read codes but your car should be in the running mode to make sure that the engine is fully powered. There are four types ignition positions which include:

  1. Off
  2. Accessory
  3. Run/On
  4. Start

Ignition Based

  1. If you have a vehicle that is ignition based then remove the blue driver obd 2 port.
  2. Turn the key to ‘run’.
  3. Check the functions of your car and if they are working properly.
  4. Plug in blue driver obd 2.
  5. Start the application and connect it.

Push-Botton Starter

If you have a car that has push button starter then follow these steps to disconnect your blue driver obd2.

  1. Remove blue driver from obd2 port.
  2. Press and hole the start button while keeping your foot on the brake.
  3. Your vehicle will then go in accessory mode.
  4. Continue to hole the start button.
  5. The dash light of your cabin will be functional.
  6. Plug in BlueDriver.
  7. Start the app and connect.

Final Thoughts

Blue driver obd2 is a one of a kind scanning tool that you wont get anywhere else. For the price this device offers you wont get any other product in this range. Since it offers many different features you can get this device in a very cheap price as compared to other products.

Your scanning tools and all your other needs will be met with this product so if youre looking for a good and a cheap offer that will let you have all your needs met in one place then blue driver obd2 might be the one product youre looking for!

With the amount of features it offers this device will give you the experience of a professional while remaining in your own comfort of your home. Blue driver obd2 is worth the money since few scanning tools offer their device in this price range that is 120 dollars.

However, if youre looking for a scanning device to use professionally then using this device might disappoint you hence it is better to use this product at home and not professionally.

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