Innova 6030P Obd2 Scanner Review & Function Detials

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Innova 6030P
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Innova 6030p enclosures are designed to meet the demands of professional and semi-professional audio engineers looking to simplify their recording, mix, and production workflows. Innova 6030p is available in a wide range of audio interfaces with a selection of high-performance USB and FireWire interfaces. From the design point of view, they are pretty close to the classic Optima line of audio interfaces.

The best Innova 6030p is lightweight and weighs 2 pounds. It can be handily positioned in a small box for simple conveying. It has total OBDII diagnostics, including clearing perusing codes, perusing frozen casings or ongoing information, and emanation-related. It likewise has numerous extra capacities, for example, ABS and different battery tests.

Innova LED framework status pointer at the lower part permits to see general motor well-being initially. Simultaneously, it has 9 different buttons to control the board with route bolts and keys for quick perusing or eradicating code and survey constant or freeze outline information.

Basic features of Innova 6030P

Autel MaxiDAS DS808

Programming and Updates Innova 6030p

On this device, you can refresh it with any mobile or PC by connecting it to the USB and introducing the updated programming downloaded from Innova’s site. This output apparatus comes prepared to utilize the case without first enlisting the gadget or introducing refreshes. When you want to refresh your machine, you can use it for free forever, so you don’t have to stress over your device becoming obsolete.

 CEL and ABS solve

Convoluted scanners available, the Innova 6030P is intended for all families at a reasonable cost to help the most widely recognized auto admonition lights issues, specifically, look at motor light and ABS light blame.

 Live Data in Innova 6030P

See critical data about your cars continuously (for example, Oil Temp, and so on) to support a conclusion. The output apparatus show live sensor information and gives information charting to instinctive diagnostics and checking your vehicle execution, assisting clients. With bettering, investigate the strange boundary.

Do it without anyone’s help

Not just would you be able to peruse codes to analyze your vehicle issue straightforwardly; you can likewise see critical data about your cars progressively (RPM, Oil, and so forth) to support the finding. Moreover, to sort your truck out, Repair Solutions II for nothing and pair it with your latest Innova 6030P Bluetooth user; you will approach the car fix data set with confirmed fixes.

Improved OBD2

Each 10 OBDII, including modes six and nine. Check smog: You can determine assuming that your car is prepared for an emanations test. Advanced experimental outcomes (like fizzle counts) for On-Board Diagnostic device video display units.

Battery Test

Innova 6030P improved sweep instrument gives alternator and battery tests to see the presence of a charging framework. Checking to assume that the alternators and batteries are following voltage specs suggested for the car. While investigating a no beginning/hard beginning condition, doing this test, will let you know how it appears, consequently saving time.

Different Reasons to Choose Innova 6030p

Innova 6030p

1. Fix Problems

Solve the problem: You can download it for free of a fee on Google Play and the App Store and pair it together with your Innova instrument for admittance to the detailed car fixes data set with professional technicians who will fix all your problems. Take a look at it and get it repaired. You can make the most use of your device automobile scanner. Loaded with professional-grade elements and advantages, Innova’s new scope of instruments accompanies Bluetooth and wi-fi innovation and pairs consistently with all-latest Repair Solutions symptomatic applications. Get checked fixes, buy the specific part needed for the spot, plan support, get technical notice reviews, and that’s just the beginning.

2. Get rid of the annoyance

at some point in this troublesome time, it very well maybe not be enjoyable when you track down the notice lights are on. Severity Levels capacity of  innova6030P, and you can rapidly recognize assuming your car needs a quick fix or then again, on the off chance that it can delay until you return home.

3. Severity Alert

Understanding codes right away distinguish assuming that your car needs a quick fix or then again, on the off chance that it can stand by, you return home to fix it.

4. Driven Indicators Alert

There are three LED markers on the code per user:

  • Green LED: your vehicle is in excellent condition.
  • Yellow LED: You want to fix the issue and clear codes.
  • Red LED: your car has significant problems. If these issues can’t be resolved, you did not finish the outflow assessment.

5. ABS

The slowing mechanisms of generally 1996 and more up to date Domestic and Asian cars. The ABS PC does a power-on-individual test each time you cycle the start. Assuming it is deficient regarding information or a pressure-driven siphon or valve isn’t reacting, it enlightens the ABS cautioning light on the scramble.

Elements of Innova 6030P

function of Innova 6030P

  • Each of the 10 OBDII Modes.
  • RepairSolutions2 (APP).
  • Live Data: See critical data about your vehicle continuously (for example, RPM, Oil Temp, and so forth) to help with a conclusion.
  • Check motor light and ABS: Diagnose the slowing mechanisms of generally 1996 and more current Domestic and Asian vehicles, OBDII arrangement of generally 1996, and fresher Domestic, European, and Asian vehicles. Battery and Charging system check: take a look to peer whether your battery and alternator are in extremely good condition or need supplanting. Innova 6030p 2.8 Color display: The licensed across the board show shows north of 20 bits of essential data, including indicative difficulty codes. Discharge/ Smog take a look at Readiness LED: determine assuming that your car is prepared for an emanations test. Yet again re Link Button: Save time to Plug and Play once more.
  • Innova Severity Alert: Quickly distinguish on the off chance that your car needs a quick fix or then again assume it can stand by your return home to fix it.
  • Bluetooth: in a flash with Repair and Solutions II to convey the most far-reaching arrangement from the analysis.


  1. Easy to use and broad similarity
  2. Gives critical data about the condition of your vehicle
  3. Highlights RepairSolution2 to fix issues
  4. Giant shaded screen for simple translation
  5. Peruse and clear SRS and ABS codes


  1. It has restricted usefulness
  2. The client manual isn’t clear


Does the Innova 6030P expect batteries to utilize?

No. the device is fueled by your motor and doesn’t need an outside power source when you plug it in.

Where are Innova scanners made?

Innova scanners are fabricated in California. They are guaranteed by ASE Master Technicians and have demonstrated the scanners are valuable and top in-vehicle items.

Could the Innova 5610 perform choke position relearn?

Yes, yet for a few chosen vehicles. You can contact any Innova client assistance administration to see whether the scanner will uphold the make and model of your car.

Could these output devices give support OBD1 inclusion?

Answer: No. Regardless of whether you have a connector for the port, Innova programming doesn’t work with OBD1 diagnostics yet, just with OBD2. Be that as it may, this will influence a vehicle produced in 1995 and before.

How would you introduce refreshes for these Innova instruments?

First, you need to download the RepairSolustions application straightforwardly from Innova’s site. Then, you will enroll your scanner on the site, assuming you are yet to do that. When the enlistment is far removed, you can now associate the gadget to your PC and adhere to the guidance on the screen.


A scanner gadget is a utilitarian apparatus for each vehicle proprietor.  It is dependable and quick for fixing vehicle issues.

Moreover, with the RepairSolution2 application, you can have a lead on the most proficient method to give an answer for each default. Consequently, this sets aside cash and time to spend in the repairman shop. Once more, the gadgets are appropriate and simple for novices to explore.

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