FIXD OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Review

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FIXD OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Review
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People owning cars often face various vehicle problems, and because of a lack of proper knowledge, they cannot determine precisely what the problem is. So, they need to go to a mechanic or a car repair shop to find out the problem.

But there is a high possibility that the owner might get scammed by paying more than the original price or buying any component that isn’t necessary to fix the problem.

To get rid of this situation, an OBD2 scanner is a must for many. But buying a self-sufficient scanning device might feel costly for many. So here comes FIXD OBD2 Bluetooth scanner to the rescue.

FIXD OBD2 bluetooth scanner review


FIXD OBD2 scanner is a car scanning device capable of detecting vehicle error codes and fixing/removing them. It was tested with a Toyota 4Runner. There was a problem with the camshaft position sensor in the vehicle. The device was able to diagnose the problem correctly. It shows the error codes and the explanation of the code and also tells you how severe the problem is.

Before, it was needed to take the car to the repair shop, but the new device proved helpful this time. The problem was scanned without even taking the car out of the garage.

The device is so small and lightweight. Moreover, it is so cheap that any average car owner can afford it. However, unlike many other costly scanners, this isn’t self-sufficient. You will get a device to attach to the OBD2 port of the car and download the FIXD app on the smartphone.

The app was just like any other android app, and it was free to download. The primary device has Bluetooth and using that, it connects with the app in the phone and sends necessary data or codes to the phone.

You can check the emissions or other different parameters directly through the phone. Even there, you will get much educational info regarding your car. The interface was user-friendly. The app also has a premium plan, but you can use almost all the features with the free version. The premium version was also tried.

In the premium version, there is an option for cost estimation for fixing any problem. And this feature was quite impressive. The cost was verified by a trusted repair shop, and it was almost accurate.

There is also an option of prechecking. This helps to estimate future potential problems that the car might face by analyzing the experience of other users of the same vehicle from the system database.


  1. The device has a minimal and neat design.
  2. The setup process is easy and can be easily operated.
  3. There is an option for maintenance reminders.
  4. The price is exceptionally low compared to other similar devices.
  5. Supports features like ABS, TPMS, etc.


  1. There isn’t an option for monitoring SRS, ECU, or oxygen sensors.
  2. Sometimes the device gets disconnected from the phone.
  3. It doesn’t support older models.

How to Get Started?

FIXD OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Review

  • First of all, connect the device to the OBD2 port of the vehicle.
  • Download the FIXD app from the App Store/Play Store.
  • Start the car engine and open the app to register.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is connected to the device.
  • The app will give an ad to purchase the premium plan. If you want to buy,
  • click continue, or you can skip by tapping the ‘X’ button.
  • You are now ready to go.

FIXD OBD2 bluetooth scanner main features

Reading & removing error codes

The basic feature expected from a car scanning tool is that it should be able to read error codes and remove them. FIXD Scanner also has the feature, and the accuracy is perfect considering its price.


There is an OBD2 port almost after all the models released after 1996 (for gasoline cars). You can use the scanner with those vehicles. But if you are using a car that doesn’t have any OBD2 port, then the device is useless for you. You can’t use it with the diesel cars released before 2006.

Live data monitoring

You can check a vehicle’s health, fuel, and many other data live on the phone through this device. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t support in most of the budget obd2 scanners. But FIXD scanner has the feature with high-end accuracy.
You can even freeze data for ease of analysis using the phone app.

Battery Checking

The FIXD Bluetooth scanner can be used to check the car’s battery problems and reset the voltage. You can even use the tool to calibrate the new battery after installation.

ABS System

There is a function of checking ABS(Anti-lock Braking System) with most high-end scanning tools. But in the budget scanners, this function remains missing. However, that’s not the case with the FIXD scanner. It can check ABS faults and show that via phone.

Maintenance Reminder

You can set a reminder for any vehicle components after which amount of usage needs to be changed. The scanner will remind you after reaching the limit, which is a simple feature but so much useful.

FIXD OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Vs. BlueDriver

comparison between bluedriver & FIXD


Is it a must to get the premium plan to use the app?

No, for using all the main features free plan is just perfect. But with the premium plan, you will get features like cost estimation of repairing, FIXD mechanic hotline, emissions precheck, issue forecast, etc.

If these are important to you, then you can definitely buy the premium plan.

Should I always keep the device connected to the car’s port?

No, you can remove the tool if you aren’t using it, but keeping it won’t do any harm.

Can I directly analyze the error code from the phone?

There is a database of the error codes, more than enough for an individual, and you will get detail about the code in the app itself. But if you want to know more, you can search for that from the phone online.

Does the device needs to be charged?

The FIXD scanner doesn’t contain any battery. It takes power directly from the car, which is very little in amount.

Final discussion

If you are a car owner and don’t want to take the hassle of taking your car to a mechanic just for a checkup, then the FIXD Bluetooth scanner is just for you. It is an inexpensive scanning sensor.
You check your car by using your phone without carrying a bulky package. Even though it lacks some of the functions but considering the price it is a great value for money.

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