Launch CRP123 Review

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launch crp123 review
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The LAUNCH CRP123E Diagnostic Tool is a must-have for any car owner. It helps you diagnose all the problems that your vehicle may have.

This tool comes with a fully integrated software program and an easy-to-use interface, making it effortless to operate even if you are not an expert in this field.

Launch CRP123 Review:

Autel MaxiDAS DS808
Autel MaxiDAS DS808

The Launch CRP123E is an Android-based smart and networkable monitoring device. It contains the most basic fact check feature of OBD full-function + engine, automatic transmission, ABS, and SRS, making it ideal for commercial vehicle DIY. Personal car repair is possible with this product.

Moreover, the LAUNCH CRP123E OBD2 Scanner is an improved version of the more simple code reader, including 57 OBDII test manufacturers for a thorough diagnostic.

It also has the additional benefit of reading data in real-time for four modes (Engine/ Transmission/ ABS/ SRS), along with vehicle diagnostic checks, which will help users avoid wasteful repairs save time and effort. This scan tool is a wonderful choice for specialists to help with analysis and interpretation.

It is distinguished by its wide range of vehicle coverage, powerful functionalities, and precise test results, which it inherits from LAUNCHrsquo’s sophisticated diagnosis technology. It comes with a user manual and video tutorials, so you can always refer to them if you are not sure how to use them.

General Information about OBD2:

Before we move further and discuss the features of the LAUNCH CRP123E OBD2; we need to have a basic understanding of the OBD2 system. So let’s discuss it first.

The OBD II system aims to keep track of exhaust systems and essential engine components by running systematic and continuous checks on the specific vehicle components. When a problem is discovered, the OBD II system illuminates a warning light (MIL) on the car control module, usually with the words “Check Engine.”

The device will also save vital information about the discovered problem, allowing a professional to precisely locate and resolve the issue.

Moreover, OBD-II enables a universal diagnostic and testing approach, ensuring that vehicles meet OEM standards and lowering automotive pollutant concentrations in our countries and towns.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Easily Accessible
  3. Affordable Price
  4. Exceptional Battery Life
  5. Any report created will be available and delivered to your email
  6. Comes with Five year warranty
  7. Provide Detailed Code Explanations


  1. Cannot fit in the storage bag

Main Features:

Launch CRP123 Review

1. Smart Diagnosis: The system begins the auto-detect phase once the device and car are adequately linked. A diagnostic report will be immediately prepared and delivered to your email box once the entire process has been completed effectively.

2. Read and Clear Code: The tool has the ability to read and clear codes via the OBD2 connector. For all kinds of vehicles, it can read and clears codes of motor, transmission (A/T), Eps, and airbag (SRS) processes.

3. Manual Diagnosis: Manual diagnosis is also possible if the Auto-Detect system fails. Version Details, Get DTCs, Remove DTCs, and Read Data Streams are all diagnostic operations.In order to display live data on the screen: This feature gets and shows available real-time data from the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU). Moreover, there are three display modes accessible for data viewing, letting you analyze different kinds of information most appropriately.

    • Value: Display the information in the form of texts and bullet points.
    • Graph: Display the information in the form of graphics like waves etc.
    • Combine: this option is most commonly used for data evaluation in graph merge status. Different products are labeled with other colors in this mode.

4. EVAP System Analysis: You can use the EVAP test function to perform a leak test on the vehicle’s EVAP system. The tool does not execute the quality check; however, it instructs the vehicle’s onboard computer to do so. Before performing the system test feature, consult the vehicle’s maintenance repair manual to identify the actions required to terminate the test.

5. OBD II Test Modes: It supports all ten OBD II test modes, including EVAP, O2 Sensor, I/M Readiness, MIL Status, etc.

6. SRS (Supplemental Restraint System): Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) is a mechanism that extends the airbag to protect the passenger before a second accident happens (SRS). The LAUNCH CRP123E can help to use this feature as well.

7. ABS: ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System. It is a safety feature that prevents the wheels from locking up during braking. This system is designed to avoid skidding and help drivers maintain steering control during braking.

8. Compatibility: It is compatible with more than 10,000 vehicles, including Jaguar, GM Dodge, Mercedes, Opel, Buick, Lincoln, Volvo, Jaguar, Bosch, Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Seat, Civic, Samsung, Ducati, and Alto.

Advanced Features:

Launch CRP123 Advanced

1. DTC Library: The LAUNCH CRP123E OBD2 Scanner lets you look up the definition of a diagnostic trouble code in an extensive database. You may also do a one-click search on Google for DTCs causative factors and remedies.

2. Diagnosis Feedback: If any issues are discovered throughout the diagnosis, provide feedback as soon as possible. Professionals from LAUNCH will assist you with suitable answers.

3. Automatic Transmission: Automatic transmissions (A/T) has progressed into a complicated system. Actuator action, gear interaction, heat transfer, pressure, and other vital operating and diagnostic parameters are available in today’s transmissions.

So, The LAUNCH CRP123E obd2 scanner provides a complete look into the functioning of this crucial aspect, enabling quick, precise, and comprehensive diagnostics of any current or potential faults.

4. Record Data: After a vehicle diagnosis, the LAUNCH CRP123E obd2 scanner keeps track of every step of the diagnostic process.

Similarly, the History option allows users to retrieve the vehicle’s data. So, Users can begin from where they left off without having to start again.

5. Software and Updates: Launch CRP123E: This Android 7.0-based OBD2 scanner can be upgraded through Wi-Fi. Moreover, a step-by-step guide will be provided that will help you a lot while upgrading.

Difference between Launch CRP123E and Launch CRP123:

Launch CRP123 difference

Let’s discuss the difference between Launch CRP 123E and Launch CRP.

  • Keypad/Typing: There are distinct typing possibilities on these devices. The Launch CRP123 features a regular keyboard. However, the CRP123E has a touchscreen with a 720p resolution.
  • Upgrades: The ability to upgrade Launch CRP123 is confined. Because, the Launch CRP123 can only be updated using an OBD2 cable; however, you can update CRP123E just with the help of Wi-Fi or data.

Lastly, The Launch CRP123 and CRP123E are excellent selections if you’re looking for a high-quality automobile scanner. The Launch CRP123, on the other hand, is much more fundamental than the CRP123E because it requires a cord to charge or update and has a less sophisticated User experience.

The CRP123E is a significantly better alternative because of the Wi-Fi enhancements, touchscreen, and interfacing.

Launch CRP123E vs. Launch CRP123


Does launch CRP123E cover the most number of car models?

Yes, Launch CRP123E can support more than 10,000 car models.

Can the Launch CRP123E get real-time data?

Yes, the Launch CRP123E can get real-time data because it has a cellular connection that is always on, and it has a built-in GPS module.

Is launch an excellent brand to buy a Car Diagnostic Tool?

Yes, Undoubtedly, Launch is a perfect brand. They are known for their reliable and accurate diagnostic tools. ISO standards test launch products to ensure quality and safety before being shipped out to customers.

Does launch CRP123E have good battery timing?

Yes, Launch CRP 123E has perfect battery timing, you can use it for up to 8 hours without any problem or even more than 8 hours.

Does launch CRP123E offer value for money?

The launch of CRP123E is a significant step in the automotive industry’s evolution. Offering value is the main aim of the launch CRP123E.

It provides customers with an easy-to-use diagnostic tool. It also offers value by providing dealerships with a competitive advantage in the marketplace, enabling them to better compete against other brands that offer similar products.


LAUNCH CRP123E is specially designed for car owners that need to read and clear their car’s diagnostic trouble codes, use the advanced features on the vehicle, and view the data stream of the car.

This car code reader/scanner connects easily with any car that has an OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostic) system.

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