Obd2 Codes P0317: Rough Road Hardware Not Present

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How to fix P0317 obd2 codes?
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The P0317 Obd-ii is the trouble code and it indicates the absence of hardware and known as rough road hardware is not present. The code belongs to the ignition system code category.

What exactly does P0317 means?

The P0317 obd2 code pops when there is a variation in the crankshaft position and it is sensed by the powertrain control module. The computer of the vehicle understands it as the road conditions have gone rough.

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In simple words when your car is getting through a very rough road or area. The unfavorable road conditions change the crankshaft position in a manner that results in the code P0317. That is the reason you also notice the change in the engine capacity on rough surfaces.

OBD-II Code P0317: Symptoms, Causes & Diagnose

The real causes of P0317 codes

The various cause of the P0317 code is the following:

  • The Road Sensor is misplaced
  • If the rough road sensor is installed then it got defective. 
  • There is a defect in the wiring associated with the sensors. 
  • The Crankshaft Position Sensor is failed.
  • Powertrain Control Module got flawed. 
  • The electronic Brake Control Module is out of order
  •  The new road sensor is not coordinating well with the control unit 
  • There may be any other cause 

Symptoms of P0317 obd2 code

The common symptoms that are shown as a sign of the P0317 code are below.  

  • Stalling
  • The Anti-Lock Brake System is defective. 
  • Look for the malfunctioning Indicator Light.
  • There will be an engine misfire. 
  • The traction control system of the car is having a problem. 
  • Rough idling 
  • Crankshaft inconsistency
  • Excessive black smoke

Steps to Diagnose and fix Code P0317

Tools required to fix Code P0317

Here is the list of tools to fix code P0317:

  • Scanner 
  • Engine timing chain
  • Crankshaft position sensor
  • Any other tool in case of further damage 

How to start diagnoses

Start diagnosing all the wiring and connectors of the vehicle. If you find any component, wire or connector damaged or disconnected then adjust it in the first place. Make sure that all of the components are in the best position. 

After the adjustment of connectors or wires etc. reexamine the vehicle again to remove any unnecessary issues later. Now comes the scanning part of the vehicle. 

Examine the voltage and ground signals at the sensor connector by using the digital volt. 

In the first step, a proper OBD-II scan tool will be required.  It will not be an ordinary scanner from the auto shop but one that can do sensor readings. The scanner will help the mechanic to know about the root cause of the issue. The mechanic should also be qualified enough to understand the readings of the scanner.

In the second step, the code will be rested and the vehicle will require a test drive. It will be done to see if the code returns or not. If the code still appears then further investigation of the vehicle will be required. 

That will include:

  • Replace the crankshaft position sensor.
  • The camshaft timing chain or gears should be repositioned.
  • Get a new engine timing chain or gears.
  • Eliminating the foreign objects from the crankshaft position sensor
  • Inspect the drivetrain components 

After all the above steps the code should be resolved. Otherwise, a visual inspection will be required to determine what is resulting in interference with signals between sensors. In case any other component is damaged then replace it with the new one.

Common Code P0317 Diagnosis Mistakes

Understanding the potential code is very necessary to come up with the right solution. The common mistake that people do while dealing with this code are below:

  • Using the wrong scan tool 
  • Not paying attention to the history of the vehicle while replacing parts 
  • Changing all the drivetrain components 
  • Solving an issue with a band-aid fix approach 

Repairs or Replacing parts to fix P0317 code

Repairs or Replacing parts to fix P0317 code

Rough Road sensor

If this part gets issue then get it replaced as soon as possible. 

Road Sensor harness

The harness sensor system controls the fuel, ignition, and transmission of the vehicle. Some issues in this area can also trigger code then which should be replaced. 

Crankshaft position sensor 

The crankshaft position sensor or the wiring of this part can cause issues and the engine can stall due to it. If you feel that there is some issue in this place then get it replaced. 

Electronic Brake Control Module 

The central unit Electronic Brake Control Module that runs the whole braking system is the most vital part of your vehicle. If you experience any issue in this area then replace it immediately.  

Powertrain Control Module

The power control system can go to some extent where your car will decline to even start. In this case, it is necessary to replace it.   

Related codes

The other trouble code can also result in P0317 code issue including:

  • P0313 – Faulty Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit 
  • P0316 – Issue in the Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit 
  • P1341 – Camshaft Position Sensor A Signal Range/Performance
  • P0300 – When misfire is observed from different Cylinders
    (How to fix it P0513 Obd2 Code)

The combination of one of these codes and P0317 shows that there is some issue with the crankshaft sensors. In the case of any other code, the problem would be with the road sensor.   

How serious is the P0317 code?

If you ever tried to ignore this code then you can see yourself in serious trouble. The problem areas that it affects are the antilock brake system, traction control, and misfires of the engine so beware. All of them are considered to be an important part of the vehicle and anything that goes wrong with them can be dangerous. Take the vehicle to a qualified professional to resolve it soon.  

Is the P0317 code easy to deal with?

The answer is no as it is very difficult to detect and fix. You should be well familiar with the engine of the vehicle to deal with this code. The main thing is to understand how this code works and what is the connection between the car and issues. The check car engine turning on is your indication to get your car to any professional. 

No matter how the issue is small or big try to get your vehicle fixed on time even if you see no visible change in the performance of the car.