How To Fix P0745 Obd2 Codes?

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How To Fix P0745 Obd2 Codes?
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The error code P0357 OBD II is a diagnostic trouble code that shows the fault in the pressure control solenoid of your vehicle. It is found in all vehicles that have an automatic transmission in them.

What exactly P0745 OBD II Code means?

What exactly P0745 OBD II Code means?

The pressure solenoid forms electrical voltage drops that are read by the powertrain control module of the vehicle. Sometimes the voltage drops measures are not correct which means that either the Pressure Control Solenoid is not working properly or it is not sending the right measures to the powertrain control module. This is where Code P0745 OBD II appears. It is one of the most frequent trouble codes that appear in vehicles.

Causes of the P0745 OBD II code

The most common causes of code P0745 OBD II are the following:

  • Pressure Control Solenoid is defective 
  • The transmission filter is either clogged or dirty
  • The transmission pump is flawed
  • Transmission Valve Body got defects
  • The fluid is getting dirty 
  • The connector is not working well 
  • The wiring is damaged 
  • The PCM got faulty 
  • The hydraulic passages got some issue 

Symptoms of P0745 OBD II code

The code P0745 shows different symptoms that are the following:

  • The transmission starts to overheat
  • The check engine lights will be turned on 
  • The limp mode of the vehicle starts 
  • The fuel economy starts to decrease 
  • When you shift the transmission starts to slip 
  • In gear, there are transmission jams 
  • There can be a misfire 

Above are the common symptoms that appear when your vehicle is facing the P0745 code but sometimes shifting gear becomes very hard. This code prevents the vehicle from performing the gear shifting process. (Obd2 Codes P0317)

In some cases, toxic gases are emitted from the vehicle which also makes It hard to breathe properly as they are toxic gases.  It seems like the fuel is raw and droplets are roaming around in the air. The smog is also created due to the emission of carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide in the vehicle. Yes, this kind of gas is also produced In this code issue. That is why if you experience these rare issues then get our car to the nearest professional immediately. Always remember that fixing it yourself will not be a good idea until you have clear knowledge to fix it. A certified professional is better know to deal with such vehicle issues properly. 

Steps to Diagnose and fix Code P0745 OBD II

Steps to Diagnose and fix Code P0745 OBD II

Common Code P0745 OBD II Diagnosis Mistakes: The most common mistake in dealing with the P0745 code is that people get confused due to the vehicle misfire. It is taken as something related to the performance of the vehicle which is wrong. The other mistake is taking it as a driveline problem which again puts your vehicle into trouble as the real problem lies in the solenoid area. 

Tools to fix P0745 Code 

  • Digital Multimeter

How to start diagnoses Tools to fix P0745 Obd2 Codes

Here are the diagnosis steps that can help you to fix the code issue. 

  1. Vehicle maintenance history: The first step would be to get proper information about the vehicle and its maintenance history. It will get you deep insight into the last time filter and fluids were changed. The maintenance process also depends upon the vehicle model, transmission, and the year of manufacturing.  
  2. Check the Fluids: First of all fluid area of the vehicle should be checked. Take a look at the fluid level and condition of it to select whether it should be changed or not. The right fluid should always look something like cranberry juice.  If the fluid and filter were not changed for a long time then replace them. 
  3. Wiring examination: Do a deep examination of all the wiring to find out defected areas. Also, look for connectors and other related areas of pressure control solenoids. The transmission pump areas as well as the PCM wiring should also be fixed. 
  4. PCM and Pressure Control Solenoid check: In this step, the data will be recorded to know about the performance of the Pressure Control Solenoid. First of all, start from a stopped position and start to accelerate the vehicle slowly. Now have a look at the data that you are scanning because your PCM should give instructions to the Pressure Control Solenoid at this moment. If you see that no transmission has been performed even after the instructions to Pressure Control Solenoid then this is where the problem lies. 
  5. Pinpoint test: In this step, you will require the digital multimeter as it involves checking the voltage drops. Although the voltage drops parameters can be different according to the vehicle. Check whether the voltage drops are within the described range if not then your Pressure Control Solenoid is most probably out of order ad needs to be fixed. 

Replace/Repair These Parts to Fix OBD Code P0745 OBD II 

There are various fixes you can do to get rid of this issue. They are the following:

  • Change the fluid of the vehicle 
  • Examine all the defective parts of the engine 
  • All the defective parts should be replaced 
  • Remove the filter 
  • If PCM is defective then it should be replaced. 
  • Check all the wirings and if they are damaged then change them 
  •  The transmission pump should be repaired 
  • Check of the valve body is working fine 
  • Change damaged valve body 
  • Clean all the passage area 
  • The transmission should be checked as well as flushed 
  • Repair the connectors if necessary 

The severity of P0745 code OBD II

At the start, the P0745 code can be taken as a moderate issue but if you do not let it corrected on time then it can progress to a severe level. The point to getting worried is that in this code the vehicle will not be able to shift gear properly.  


If you experience the P0745 code in your vehicle then the nice idea would be to take it to a professional to get it fixed as soon as possible. It will protect you from further damage.