P0414 obd2 Code: Causes, Symptoms, Diagonose & Fixes

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How to Fix P0414 obd2 Code?
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Are you worried about the current condition of your car after noticing the P0414 error code? Would you like to know how bad it could get and perhaps how urgent you need to attend to the problem? Read along as we walk you through the meaning of the OBD2 trouble code, how to fix it, and other things to look out for when taking your diagnostic tests. 

Definition Of P0414

The P0414 code detects irregularities in the oxygen level readings of a vehicle’s secondary air injection system. Your vehicle’s Engine Control Module (ECM) then detects inconclusive readings of the sensor heater circuit. The problem can be traced back to the heater circuit in bank one, section two. This results in increased emissions from your vehicle’s exhaust.

P0414 Code Meaning

P0414 Code MeaningThe P0414 code displayed on your led screen is an OBD-2 functionality code that prompts you whenever the ECM completes its O2 sensor tests. The tests help to point out ongoing issues with the sensor heater circuit. This is relatively the circuit responsible for regulating the heat and oxygen level of the secondary air injection system.

With the data from the P0414 stored on your car’s computer, you’d get notified whenever there’s a problem. If the sensor heater circuit records readings above or beyond the optimal performance level, the P0414 code pops up.


If you pay close attention to a few changes in your vehicle, you’d spot the symptoms of the P0414 code head-on. Here are a few noticeable symptoms;

  • The check engine light coming on by itself
  • A cracking noise from the secondary air injection system
  • Repeated engine hesitation and stalling
  • Your engine being stuck in an open-loop
  • Potential engine misfires from the coarse or damaged running of the spark plugs

From these symptoms, you should be able to tell when the ECM has or is about to pick up the P0414 code or its variant. 


The P0414 code appears as a result of one of these few reasons common to most vehicles;

  • Without involving the technicalities of the automobile, this code comes up frequently during cold weather
  • Secondly, when the ECM detects an open or short circuit from the oxygen sensor circuit, the code pops up on the computer screen.
  • Occasionally, the ECM picks up high current variation mostly from the oxygen bank one, sensor two heater circuit section.
  • A malfunctioning air pump from the continuous coarse running of the engine would cause a major reduction in the horsepower of the vehicle
  • Moisture finding itself in specific areas of the pump can also fail the valve. When this happens, the valve gets frozen in cold weather climates
  • Check the air bypass-solenoid wiring for signs of open and short circuits. This could have messed up the electrical connection in that section which triggers the P0414 code
  • Lastly, damage to any part of the vacuum injection hose

How Serious is Code P0414

The implications of ignoring the P0414 code prompt could cost you a fortune on car repairs. If ignored, after a few prompts, the vehicle’s overall efficiency would drop drastically causing sluggishness while in motion. You’d be driving the vehicle at your own risk without being in full control.

The bank of the vehicle’s engines sends the signals to the ECM to enable it to control the air injectors and fuel system. If either of the banks isn’t consistent in its operation, it causes the feedback systems to send delayed or inconclusive signals to the ECM. 

On most occasions, the ECM remains in an open loop without functioning 100% until the P0414 error is fixed. Until the ECM runs a fresh test without detecting the error code, it remains in the open loop. If your engine remains stuck in an open loop, the vehicle burns additional fuel and emits more carbon than normal. It takes even more time to ignite.


  • To confirm the source of the reoccurring P0414 error code, first check through the electrical connections in the oxygen bank one, sensor two section
  • Examine the wire harness thoroughly for breakage at any point
  • Scan all codes and information on the freeze frame data. Then check for failure whenever you clear or restart each code
  • After trying all of those, check the data from the oxygen bank one, sensor two sections for signs that the heater circuit is functioning properly
  • Inspect the oxygen sensor heater circuit to ensure it offers the air injection system the resistance it needs
  • Referring to your vehicle’s manufacturer test guide would help you get a more detailed diagnosis of the problem

Common Mistake to Avoid with the P0414 obd2 Error

In an attempt to diagnose the P0414 error code, many often make several repeated mistakes over and over again. One of which is the decision to switch the vacuum pump without running prior tests on the current state of the wiring harness. Also, look carefully at the wrong wiring connections around the injection area. 

To avoid this mistake, inspect the area for signs of contact between water molecules and the oxygen sensor. Water sometimes gets into the oxygen sensor from the water-only access point which results in sensor heightening and short circuit issues. After this, check for hidden oil leaks from all the sides of the engine to make the job of the oxygen sensor smooth.

After replacing the oxygen sensor, ensure you take another scan to confirm that the temperature circuit works fine with the system. Clog the holes from the faulty sensor for signs that the problem was a result of the defective catalyst.

What Repairs can Fix the Code?

What Repairs can Fix the Code?

You can fix the P0414 error code on your vehicle using one of several effective methods;

  • Diagnose and clear all faulty codes
  • Perform a road test regularly to detect the precise location of the failure
  • If needed, you might have to change the oxygen sensor for bank one, sensor two
  • Also, see that the fuse in the oxygen sensor heater circuit is functioning properly
  • Lastly, inspect, repair, or replace any faulty or bad wiring connection leading to the oxygen sensor