OBD-II Code P0354: Ignition Coil D Primary/Secondary Circuit Malfunction

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How to fix the p0354 obd2 code?
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“Primary or Secondary Circuit Malfunction in Coil D” is code P0354.

It’s a general error-detecting code, which means it refers to a certain issue in all vehicles, regardless of make or model. However, the diagnosis and solutions for the error code will be determined by the brand and type of your car.

P0354 code meaning

P0354 Code Meaning:

Your powertrain control module (PCM) or engine control module (ECM) has identified a problem with the direct or indirect circuit in ignition coil ‘D,’ which can be used on cylinders number four (cyl #4) of your motor.

The last digit of the error code (‘4’) corresponds to the cylinder number the issue arose.

According to this logic, a problem with the ignition system on cylinder one would result in the diagnostic code P0351. Likewise, issues with the ignition coil C on cylinders 3 (cyl #3) may cause the DTC P0353 to appear.

OBD-II Code P0354: Symptoms, Causes & Diagnose

Let’s look at the various reasons for code P0354 now since you understand what that means:


  • Several things,: can cause the error code P0354
  • Defective coil pack 
  • Malfunctioning combustion coil or ignition coil circuit
  • Flawed PCM or ECM 
  • Damaged connection lock 
  • Weak or exposed COP driver circuits 
  • Broken or defective ignition system 
  • Leakage in the inlet manifold 
  • Idle air mobility valve issue
  • Carbon buildup in the throttle body’s air passageways causes an obstruction.
  • Loose contact on the side of the ignition coil connector


The following are six indications that could suggest a problem with code P0354:

  • Your car’s emergency warning turns on 
  • The car exhibits engine reluctance while going to drive 
  • You notice unusual, rough shaking while traveling or idling 
  • You notice a decrease in vehicles’ speed, particularly when the engine is under heavy load

If you detect the symptoms described above, you may suffer from a P0354 error.

The question now is: is it something to be concerned about?

Is The P0354 Error Code Serious?

Yes, in a word. Code P0354 is reported when good ignition is not achieved in cylinder #4.

Your car’s other cylinders will have to work harder to control the power losses due to faulty igniting. Your car’s engine will begin to malfunction occasionally, causing the catalytic converter to be damaged or clogged. You might have driveability concerns, which could jeopardize your safety on the road. If the vehicle displays the P0354 fault code, you should get assistance from a repair as soon as possible. Following that, we’ll go over how professional technicians typically detect error code P0354 And check it P0513:

How to Diagnose P0354 obd2 code

Even though error P0354 is a general issue, the diagnostic and repair method will vary depending on your vehicle’s brand, manufacture, and year.

A mechanic would do the following to figure out what triggered the error P0354:

  • Conduct a road test in your car; an engine malfunction indicates a problem with the ignited coil circuits.
  • Perform a resistance test upon that ignition system to determine whether there is an issue with the wiring.
  • Verify that the combustion system linking the loom has a working ground supply.
  • Examine the starter motor that is attached to the coil system.
  • Examine the inlet and outlet for any indications of a pressure leak.
  • Check the PCM or ECM control circuit with a noisy light to see if it’s working properly.
  • Verify that the ECM or PCM gives the correct signal by looking at the Hertz signal in the ignition coil circuit.
  • Check for loose connection.
  • Inspect the wiring loom linking the coil pack to the circuit unit or powertrain control module for signs of fraying, rust, or melting.

Now that you’ve learned how to diagnose error P0354, let’s look at how this problem code is frequently solved.

How to fix OBD-II Code P0354

How to fix

Because various things can cause the errorP0354, the solutions will vary depending on what caused the error.

  • replacing the faulty ignition system substituting the poor coil pack 
  • Renewal or consider replacing the misfiring 
  • Repair damaged starter motor 
  • Repair the pressure leakage in the intake manifold. 
  • Replace or repair the wiring loom between both the coil pack and the ECM or PCM to fix the P0354 error-detecting code

That’s a lot of prevalent changes — do you know whether there’s a cost-effective and dependable approach to correct the P0354 code?

The Easiest Way To Fix Error Code P0354

A competent and experienced mechanic must diagnose and repair the firing code P0354.

Furthermore, when choosing a mechanic, ensure that the mechanics are: 

  • ASE-certified 
  • and use only higher recovery components.
  • Provide you with warranty services

To give you an idea of how much repairs would cost, if your ignition system caused the P0354 code and you need a new one, you can anticipate paying roughly $240-$270.

Final Thoughts

A fault with the ignition process in cylinder number 4 (cyl #4) Your engine is indicated by code P0354 on an OBD-II scan tool. It can lead to engine misfires and drivetrain components concerns, jeopardizing your safety on the road.