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THINK OBD 100 Feature
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THINK OBD 100 is an entry-level OBD2 scan tool. It is designed for personal vehicles owner and DIY mechanics. When we have an OBD2 scanner on hand, we can easily narrow down the possibilities of what’s going on inside our cars.

Can I use THINK OBD 100 for all types of cars? Well, if the vehicles were made after 1995 then of course.

Since 1996, all cars have come with OBD2 scanners. OBD2 stands for onboard diagnostics that oversees and monitors the main purposes.

A THINK OBD 100 scanner is generally an excellent car scanner which gives us pretty much all the basic data we need to quickly pick in our vehicles

THINK OBD 100 Review


THINK OBD 100 is a pocket-sized scan tool which is reasonable, capable and easy to use. When we are peeking for a compact that is manageable to use as a scan tool and also easy to carry around then THINK OBD 100 is the one.

The THINK OBD 100 is a formal-style scan device that uses a tethered chord to connect our vehicles. Then the clear 1.8-inch color screen helps to show us the defect codes and data.

How to use THINK OBD 100


It’s quite easy to use. First, we need to turn off the power of the vehicles and plug the scanner into our vehicle’s OBD2 port.

After the connection power up the car and just let it boot up. There is nothing much to do cause it will power up automatically by itself. Then turn on the loading screen and the menu will occur.

Setup menu: it helps to setting up language and unit of measure
Diagnosis: it will start scanning automatically

Depending on the making model of our vehicles, an OBD2 port will be found under the dashboard. In some vehicles OBD2 port might be located on the passenger side, in some, it can be located on the driver’s side.

Benefits of the THINK OBD 100 scanner


There are a lot of OBD2 scanners on the market from the most basic to even the most advanced level. But the one we can trust is THINKOBD 100. The THINK OBD 100 scanner is a basic and simple entry-level scanner.

For the people like us who just need a simple tool to keep in their car for examining and clearing basic OBD2 fault code diagnostic.

The OBD2 diagnostic tool generally covers all the systems we need to read. The OBD2 scanner is a great way to do basic simple fixes and it’s don’t require professional mechanics.

When we will use the THINK OBD 100 we will be able to use the database that is created into the system itself to look up exactly what they mean without any hassle.

How to read and diagnose the OBD2 scanner

THINK OBD 100 update

The OBD (on-board diagnostic)2 is the vehicle’s self-diagnostic method. With this, we can read out the diagnostic trouble codes and understand the issue without taking our car apart.

If THINK OBD 100 found any problems in vehicles then it will provide the trouble codes, also known as the fault codes. There are also,

I/M Readiness: This assists to check the status of the fuel-related system.

Oxygen Sensor Test: This is designed to monitor the amount of oxygen in the car that exists, so we can understand whether the vehicle will pass or not.

Data Stream: It gives pretty much all the basic data that we need to take a quick pick into vehicles, including

  • Load PCT
  • ECT

Certain vehicles don’t have the ECT reading right under the dashboard but with the help of the THNK OBD100 scanner, there won’t be any problem to detect. We can easily pull up the data right on the screen and see what the ECT sensor is reading.

How to update The THINK OBD 100

There will be a USB cable with the THINK OBD 100 scanner when we will purchase it. And to update the scanner first we will be needed a laptop.

After turning on the power button, we need to go to the browser. There will be a side for think car and have to open that page. Next, we have to find the download option to download the file because there we will find the update option for the THINK OBD 100 as well.

After finishing the download, we need to keep the file on our laptops. Later on, we have to install the software and then open the software to finally update the scanner.

But before that, we need to connect the USB port to the laptop and start the update. And of course, this whole update process can’t happen without the internet, it will update online only.


IS THINK OBD 100 cheap or affordable and yet gives the best diagnosis?

Yes, of course. This cheap scan tool changes everything. It is a cheap and easy-to-use tool to verify repairs.

Does this THINK OBD 100 scanner cover all the systems for a vehicle?

So, the first thing anyone needs to consider that what kind of information they need. Because the basic scan tools are often characterized by limitations.

A basic OBD2 code reader is an effective tool and possible lifesaver, but it won’t give all the functions and features.

Does THINK OBD 100 work on all types of cars?

Every gasoline-powered vehicle built since 1996 and every diesel-powered vehicle since 2008 is provided with an OBD2 port to get the car diagnosis.

Final words

Finally, we can say comparing with the same level OBD2 scanners, THINKOBD 100 is more effective and user-friendly.

The THINK OBD 100 recognize the vehicle’s overall health and sole basic maintenance quickly. THINK OBD 100 is a perfect scan tool for our everyday car needs. It will help to clear the fault codes without going to the mechanics.

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