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Innova 5310
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Looking For the best scanner Tool for your automotive car? The Innova 5310 OBD2 Scanner makes it simple to identify and correct problems with your vehicle. Aside from providing expert functionality, such as ABS (Brake), SRS (Airbag and Safety seatbelt), and ABS (Brake), and real-time vehicle data like speed, RPM,  and oil temperature, it also gives the amateur mechanic access to high-quality tools. In addition to providing smog check data, this scan tool provides an oil life indicator and level to allow you to keep an eye on your vehicle’s lubricant levels.

Most code readers and scan tools can’t reset the check engine light, read, and remove OBD2 engine codes just like auto code readers, but they can. In addition to rapid solutions, it provides confirmed remedies, enables you to locate and buy the specific component you need for repair, displays predictive maintenance, sends you technical alerts and warnings, and more.

You may use this scanner on any vehicle compliant with the features you have to stay on the roadway. Innova OBD2 Scanner’s ASE-Certified Customer Support Team in California will always be happy to assist you in keeping your vehicle scanner working smoothly.

Innova 5310 Obd2 Scanner Review


Main Features Of Innova 5310

innova 5310


The black Innova 5310 can easily fit within a car’s glove box. The Innova 5310’s 2.8-inch bright color screen and graphically designed operating system software integrate to display anything from live data to incorrect codes to a periodically re-check between the screen and the 9-button keypad. The sensor’s three LEDs indicate a red color for persistent fault, yellow for intermittent fault, or green for the clean sweep. It connects to the Innova Repair Solutions 2 application on your Android or iPhone, or tablet device.


The Innova 5310 successfully detects the brands of both of my automobiles. This scanner can conduct cylinder-pressure and balancing checks and a charging-system test that may assist offer comfort to a driver of an older automobile.

The RepairSolutions 2 application not only blends training videos to teach you how and when to fix what’s wrong with the car but gives links to purchase the parts you’ll require. The app gives technical service advisories, maintenance plans, and even predicted failure alerts to prevent a critical component from malfunctioning.

The Innova 5310 takes it a step farther than many other OBD2 scanners for users who wish to replace their automotive oil. It can switch off the oil-maintenance light, a duty that other scanners can’t achieve.

Another function is the Predictive Repair section, which offers what could break eventually, including a repair estimate. Besides, this scanning tool also can switch off the Check Engine light.


If you connect the Innova 5310 to your vehicle’s OBD-II connector, it will connect with your car’s computer in less than ten seconds. The 62-inch wire is long enough to cover inside the vehicle’s engine bay. Also, there is a MicroUSB connector for charging the scanner’s firmware.

But, except for Topdon’s ArtiDiag 500 scanner, the Innova 5310 does not retain a battery to function on its voltage, but you’ll have to keep it connected to an OBD-II cable.

The cars can 5310 includes a starting guide book that features a QR code for smartphone and tablet applications. Plus, Innova 5310 also has a complete handbook available on the internet that describes the ins and outs of the equipment. In addition, it gives one year of warranty.

Pricing and availability

At $140, the Innova Inspector 5310 is an excellent investment because it contains all the essential capabilities you would expect in an amateur mechanic’s OBD 2 scanner. For example, the $100 Innova Innova Advisor 5210 lacks switching off the oil light. In contrast, the $330 Innova Innova Pro 5610 includes high-end stuff like resetting the battery indication and tracking the transmission temperature.

Advanced Features

Innova 5310 advance features

  1. Repair Solution 2 App: Find claimed solutions, the specific part you need to repair, service intervals, technical service advisories, recalls, and much more with the RepairSolutions2 app. Give yourself the tools you need to do an excellent job on your car the first time.
  2. Live Data Sensor: Using real-time data, such as engine speed, oil temperature, abs code read and more. Your mechanic will be able to diagnose your car better.
  3. Check Engine Light: There is a check engine light o Innova 5310. With the push of a button, you may check the engine’s status and turn it off.
  4. Battery Testing System: Monitor your battery and inverter’s availability to see if you need to replace it.
  5. ABS and SRS: Innova 5310 also features ABS as well as SRS. Most American, Asian, and European automobiles built after 1996 include ABS and SRS.
  6. Code Severity: One can quickly determine when your vehicle needs emergency attention and which it can wait till he gets home and fixes it himself.
  7. Oil Light Resetting: Check your oil level and life to ensure that your car is maintained correctly. Reset your vehicle’s oil light.
  8. Smog Check Testing: This LED indicator tells you whether or not your car has passed an emissions test.
  9. Display and Hotkeys: Faster issue detection and less menu scrolling because of the innovative All-In-One Display and Shortcut keys. More than 20 different pieces of information are displayed on a tiny screen containing code specifications.
  10. Freeze Frame detection: It is possible to see all data when a fault code is detected.


  1. Bluetooth connectivity with a phone is potential.
  2. The ability to read and clear errors codes quickly.
  3. You can access Just the ABS code, and the engine checks light
  4. English, French, and Spanish are all available as options.
  5. Scanning using the Innova 5310 Can Do a battery reset and a charging test of the Battery.
  6. Oil Level and Oil Life may be monitored.
  7. The ability to see real-time and freeze-framed data
  8. Shows 20-grade data on a colorful display screen.
  9. Processing data in real-time enables the presentation of code in a matter of milliseconds.
  10. Nine hotkeys make it simple to use.
  11. The Smog Check Readiness feature of the 5310 Obd2 scanners is available.
  12. It is possible to save and playback data.


  1. As we compare costs, several advanced features are unavailable.
  2. ABS bleeding and Hybrid Cell Voltage Reading are not functional.

Comparison Between Innova 5310 Vs. Innova 5210

There is no vast difference between Innova 5310 and Innova 5210, but due to some extra features and price, Innova 5310 is better than Innova 5210. Compared to the Innova Innova Advisor 5210, the Innova Inspector 5310 OBD2 automobile diagnostic scanner provides the capability to reset the oil service light while keeping the capacity to link by Bluetooth and a wire.

The Innova stands out from the many OBD2 scanners due to its smartphone and tablets apps, repair recommendations, and easy access to part prices. Innova 5310 is costly because of its advanced features. The main differences between Carscan 5310 and 5210 include Read oil Life and oil level, System diagnostics, and OBD2 functions. Take a look at the table below to distinguish between both scanner tools.

Take a look at Innova 5610 review

Looking for tpms scan tools, these two scanners didn’t support tpms fuction.


Which Innova scanner is best?

Innova 5310 and 5410 are the best scanner tool for automotive cars compared to Innova 511o 7 5210. Due to some additional features like ABS, SRS, Read oil data, Smog checker, and others, make 5310, and 5410 models of Innova are the best scanner tool for mechanics and expert technicians.

Is Innova 5310 available on Amazon?

Absolutely Yes, it is available on amazon with excellent ratings and positive reviews by users. If you are interested in buying Innova 5310 for your car, use our affiliate link to see the latest price on Amazon.

Can Innova 5310 test an oxygen sensor?

Yes, Innova 5310 can check and read oxygen sensors. It performs live tests, and displays live steam data quickly.

The Innova 5310’s crankshaft location relearn can it execute bi-directional features?

Sad to say, the answer to that question is no. It considers the Innova 5610 for “active testing” and bi-directional control. Most car brands and models support these much more sophisticated features.

Closing Thoughts 

Innova 5310 scanner is a good choice for you if you are familiar with vehicle parts. How? Oil reset and ABS/SRS code reading are two of the more unusual features of this model. As an owner of the car and mechanic, this is bad. Using it at home is a piece of cake because it’s so simple to operate. I hope this guide will help you better choose your automotive diagnostics.


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