Best OBD2 Scanner for BMW

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Best OBD2 Scanner for BMW
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The BMW brand is an exquisite brand renowned for its classic style and reliability on the tracks. Little wonder its lovers would invest any amount for it. However, times will come when this beauty would need a diagnosis to find out what is wrong with the machine.

At this point, you need the aid of an On-board diagnostics scanner. Note that diagnosis on a BMW engine cannot be achieved with basically just an OBD Scanner. BMW vehicles have specialized software that only specific OBD scanners can read.

To diagnose a problem with BMW cars, the scanner needs to be able to read and clear problem codes from all BMW modules. Modules including the transmission EGS, engine DME, anti-lock brake system DSC, and numerous others are available to the BMW. 

This guide will discuss the best OBD2 scanners for BMW, everything you need to know about these scanners, and how to pick which is best for your vehicle based on performance, compatibility, and your requirements.

Our Five Best 5 BMW OBD Scanners Picks 

Let’s take a brief peek into the top 5 BMW OBD2 scanners. After proper research and consideration of each scanner, we put together this guide to help you with your decision.

  1. Foxwell NT510 Schwaben
  2. Autophix 7810 OBD11 Diagnostic Tool
  3. FIXD All-System Diagnostic Tool
  4. Autel Maxidas DS808
  5. MAOZUA V7.7 Creator C310

1. Foxwell NT510 Schwaben

It’s almost impossible to find a better OBD Scanner for your BMW. The Foxwell NT510 is a powerful all-around system diagnostic tool that professional mechanics and automobile enthusiasts recommend. This OBD Scanner works perfectly with both the OBD I and II standards, plus it is super affordable. 

Foxwell NT510 Schwaben

The scan tool can read and erase error codes from the engine, ABS, transmission, airbag, traction control, and set oil change reminders. The Foxwell NT510 has worked on every kind of BMW from the 1987 model.

Additionally, the scanner is compatible with other vehicles from different manufacturers with a paid patch. This portable handheld device has machine learning capabilities to help adapt to your car. 

Basic Functions

The Foxwell NT510, as mentioned earlier, is compatible with both OBD I and OBD II standard vehicles. The scanner is one of the few all-in-one systems less than $200 around. It has all the fundamental functional features of an OBD Scanner, including the erase code functions. 

Advanced Functions

Functions such as actuation, programming, and adaptation coding can also be carried out on the Foxwell NT510. You can even purchase the software of another car make and upload it on the device if you want to use it on another device. 

  1. Oil light reset
  2. DPF regeneration
  3. Brake deactivation
  4. Battery registration
  5. EOBD Complaint
  6. Multilingual
  7. Graph and table comparison display
  8. Electric Diagnosis


The User interface of the NT510 is explicitly made for professionals. Nevertheless, it is still user-friendly for users with no experience at all.

Mobility and Design

As one of the most portable OBD Scanners around, the NT510 perfectly fits in one hand with no additional device required. The product’s exterior makes it durable, with high-quality rubber paddings to protect the body. There is also a screen protector to safeguard the screen from damage. 

Each product comes with a memory card, pouch, USB cord, and a user guide with a limited warranty.

Compatibility With Other Vehicles

The Foxwell NT510, as mentioned earlier, is compatible with other vehicle makes as long as the appropriate software is installed. Here are other vehicle manufacturers that the Foxwell BT510 works on:

  1. Ford
  2. Porsche 
  3. Lexus and Toyota
  4. Volkswagen and Audi
  5. Hyundai
  6. Rolls-Royce
  7. Maserati
  8. Honda
  9. Chrysler


  1. User friendly
  2. It is a standalone handheld diagnostic tool
  3. It is versatile; it works on various other cars
  4. It reads live data information
  5. Electric and brake diagnosis with a reset function


  1. Extra fee to use on non-BMW models
  2. Old BMW models with 20 pin connectors will require an additional adapter to work
  3. A bit slow to connect and scan

Who is Foxwell NT510 Designed For?

The Foxwell NT510 is made for both professionals and novices. The special features to diagnose the car system more intensively makes it a good idea for professionals. At the same time, its simple-to-use interface grants a novice the ability to use the tool.

2. Autophix 7810 OBD11 Diagnostic Tool

Autophix 7810 is our second choice! It is another very affordable handheld general-purpose OBD II scanner. Although this handy OBD scanner does not have numerous advanced functions, it offers a broad range of diagnosis modes and a complete system check. The Autophix 7810 runs six OBD II standard test modes rapidly and effectively. Professionals choose the Autophix 7810 because it saves valuable time and has an extremely easy-to-use interface.

2. Autophix 7810 OBD11 Diagnostic Tool

The Autophix 7810 is also compatible with non-BMW vehicles with 16 pin ports. With the 7810 OBD11 scanners, you get to save both money and time.

Basic Functions

The Autophix 7810 OBD11 scanner has six OBD2 standard test modes. To read and clear fault codes, read live vehicle information and be used for a general engine inspection. The scanner runs on all BMW models from 2001 and supports most of the models from 1998 until then.

Advanced Functions

The product’s user guide will help you entirely use the 7810 scanners. Functions like the following are what makes the OBD11 scanner unique:

  1. Battery Management 
  2. DPF regeneration
  3. Chassis and ECU reset
  4. Oil light reset
  5. CBS reset
  6. Steering Angle correction
  7. EMF parking brake


The User interface is straightforward and can quickly detect what is wrong and even fix it. If you are a first-time OBD scanner user, this is perfect for you.

Mobility and Design

If you want something that fits well in your pocket, then it’s the 7810. Another outstandingly portable device that would fit in your hands and at the same time solve your problems. The device is padded with rubber on the sides to prevent cracks when it drops. 

Compatibility With Other Vehicles

The Autophix 7810, as mentioned earlier, is compatible with other vehicle models between 1998 and 2017. 


  1. Simple to use
  2. Works on Rolls-Royce and Mini
  3. It has a bigger screen and is super portable
  4. It is more affordable
  5. It is swift to diagnose faults and provide repair solutions
  6. Very affordable


  1. Compatibility with vehicles is limited
  2. Limited advanced functionality

 Who is Autophix 7810 Designed For?

The Autophix 7810 is designed for DIY mechanics and car owners who want to save money but still value. The device is super fast and portable and could also serve professionals.

3. Autel MaxiDas DS808K

Our third choice is slightly different from the others. The Autel MaxiDas DS808K is designed to focus more on the engine and ECU-related issues. This is the best tool for a quick view of what’s going on in the engine. Designed by a top brand in the OBD scanner industry, this device would surprise you. With a bigger screen and more flexibility of use, the MaxiDas DS808K is a 7-inch tablet with touchscreen controls and an OBD2 cable.  

3. Autel MaxiDas DS808K

Are you an auto repair shop owner? The DS808K scanner supports all vehicle electronics and reads fault codes. It can read live vehicle information, view old data and register customer information. This tool offers excellent one-touch multitasking for shop management.

Basic Functions

The DS808K can be used to diagnose car fault codes and in-depth analysis. You can reset codes, create performance comparison graphs, and test data reports. The quad-core system of the device allows it to produce results in excellent timeframes.

Advanced Functions

Asides from the regular vehicle scan and all, the DS808K offers 23 other advanced service functions. The tool also has extra features for professionals. Amongst the advanced functions are:

  1. Battery Management
  2. Brake bleed
  3. ABS & SAS
  4. Multilingual system
  5. Seat adjustment and reset
  6. CHG tire size
  7. Repair solutions and TEC learn
  8. Cylinder check 
  9. Turbocharging
  10. Adaptation
  11. Immo Keys


As mentioned earlier, the DS808K has a 7-inch touchscreen which allows a broader view and auto-brightness adjustment. The device also has a powerful processor that will enable you to get results super fast. Battery life of about 4.5 hours should keep you going for a long time. You can quickly recharge the 3200mAh battery with a 5V DC supply if required.

Mobility and Design

Compared to other choices on this list, the DS808K has a more exciting packing. It comes in a professional suitcase, with a broad range of diagnostic toolkits and other things. The device comes with a cloud-based data manager that allows you to save vehicle records, customer information, and notes. The recorded information can also be printed with the aid of Wi-Fi. Asides from the device’s internal memory, you can also connect to external memory of up to 32Gb.

Compatibility with Other Vehicles

Autel maxidas DS808K’s versatility is outstanding. The OBD11 scanner has extensive vehicle coverage; it is compatible with every make and model of car. It will even read more advanced manufacturer codes on any brand.



  1. A wide touchscreen and very easy to use interface
  2. Swift processor and memory
  3. A vast range of vehicle compatibility
  4. Numerous professional and business features for vehicle experts and enthusiasts
  5. They are designed for various types of vehicles.
  6. Unlimited engine analysis and OE-level diagnostics


  1. Slow Wi-Fi connection
  2. The device has to be recharged

Who is Autel DS808K For?

It is easy and professional to carry, compact, and super reliable. Therefore, it is safe to say that a professional mechanic would benefit more from the device. However, car owners, DIY mechanics, and car enthusiasts can also use this tool for their daily car usage.

4. FIXD OBD2 Professional

The FIXD OBD2 is a plug, play, and scan system. Also, unlike all other OBD2 scanners on the list, the FIXD scanner uses your smartphone as a screen. Once the FIXD is plugged in under your steering, all you need to do is to download the FIXD app on your phone. And in two minutes, your phone is connected via Bluetooth, and you start receiving notifications about your car’s health.

4. FIXD OBD2 Professional

FIXD has come to change the narrative! Although comprehensive, this BMW scanner is easy to use. The scanner can diagnose over 6000 problems; that’s way farther than any other scanner. This impressive tech tool works both on Android and the Apple operating system. The FIXD OBD2 scanner is compatible with all BMW models produced after 1998.

Basic Functions

FIXD includes some of the newest tech advances in 2021. The FIXD scanner can stay connected to your car through the plug and to your phone through Bluetooth, sending notifications to your phone on the condition of your vehicle in real-time. It alerts you about the problems, explains how to fix it and even provide a cost estimate. Any person can understand the use of the FIXD scanner as long as they use a phone.

Advanced Functions

The FIXD OBD2 scanner has about 22 advanced features such as resetting oil lights, real-time vehicle health monitoring, and so on.

  • Car maintenance tracking
  • Read Vehicle owner information
  • Identify Fault early to avoid further damage
  • General vehicle situation management


The FIXD OBD2 scanner is practically straightforward to use. It works on all vehicles except diesel engines and fully electric cars. The device remains connected even while driving and sends in the vehicle’s information on the road. Your smartphone is basically your device screen which save you space and time of connection. The device also has a subscription to use additional features on your vehicle.

Mobility and Design

With FIXD, mobility is never an issue as you don’t have to carry around boxes or extra devices. The device plug is so small that it might not be noticeable when plugged into the vehicle dashboard. The other part of the connection is your smartphone, which you already carry around most of the time. So there is no mobility or design issue with the device.

Compatibility with Other Vehicles

FIXD works perfectly with every vehicle made after 1998 except electric and diesel engines. It also works on some Hybrid vehicles.



  1. Works round the clock
  2. Diagnosis more number of faults than any other scanner
  3. Reads problems in simple English
  4. Money-back return guarantee on damage for the first month
  5. Connects with any Android or Apple Smartphone
  6. Provides realistic repair solutions and cost estimates
  7. Compact in shape
  8. Wireless connection


  1. The device is sold at less than $100, so it sells out quickly
  2. It doesn't have the reset function
  3. It cannot automatically correct any issue

Who is FIXD OBD2 for?

The device is for any car owner that needs to keep tabs on their vehicle. The easy-to-use system and interface justify that anyone with a phone can.

5. MAOZUA V7.7 Creator C310

 Finally, a tool that specializes only in BMW cars. The Creator C310 is the definition of simplicity, efficiency, and affordable all in one. The 2.8-inch colored screen display device can read and erasing codes on BMW car from 1994 to 2014. No downloading or syncing is required; all you have to do is plug in and start receiving details.

5. MAOZUA V7.7 Creator C310

Although due to its simplicity, it has limited advanced functionality and cannot check the real-time performance of the vehicle. But this limitation can be overlooked when the price is told.  

Basic Functions

The MAOZUA Creator C310 is best for full diagnostics check on performance systems, including the engine, transmission, chassis, and body. It can read and clear problem codes, display vehicle information, and clear adaptations. 

Advanced Functions

The Creator C310 has the capacity to do an engine oil reset and a few other functions;

  1. Reset Trouble codes
  2. Transmission control
  3. Chassis control
  4. ABS
  5. Tire pressure monitor
  6. Clear adaptations


A C310 OBD11 scanner is a user-friendly tool that allows even a novice to scan through their vehicle. Although It has a small screen which can be uneasy to read for some individuals, it still makes our list. It is multilingual; it comes in English, German, and Chinese, but you can update more languages. Compared to other scanners on this list, the C310 lacks a few advanced features, but it is the right tool for reading problem codes.

You might need an additional cable to use the scanner on older models as the pins differ.

Mobility and Design

Will the Creator C310 fit in your pocket? Yes, but the cables might stick out. The C310 OBD11 will fit just perfectly in your car safe. The design is quite simple, with rubber paddings on the side to protect from dropping. Also, this scanner is super light with a small screen. You have only a few buttons at your disposal to navigate the system.

Compatibility with other vehicles

The Creator C310 is BMW specific. This means it only works on BMW vehicles alone.



  1. Easy to use
  2. It is BMW specific; you don't need to scroll through different manufacturers to find your vehicle
  3. Very affordable
  4. Multilingual
  5. Errors are well explained
  6. Compact design with colored LCD


  1. Limited advanced diagnostics function
  2. Supports no other vehicle make
  3. Some functions don't work on all models
  4. Require an additional adaptor to work on models older than 2000
  5. It cannot test some systems, including injector, battery, brakes, and tires

Who is Creator C310 for?

BMW owners will benefit from this simple scanner because it’s affordable and easy to use. This might not be the best option if you are a professional mechanic as it does not possess some beneficial advanced functions.

Comparison Chart




Price Range

Foxwell NT510 Schwaben

  • High-performance OBD scanner
  • Compatible with all BMW and other vehicles brands
  • Live data information, engine, and brake checks.
  • Can be slow to product result and to connect
  • Requires additional adaptor for older models

$185 – $195

Autophix 7810 OBD11 Diagnostic Tool

  • High-Performance OBD2 scanner with super-fast processors
  • Compatible with all BMW models from 2001 and some from 1998. 
  • Live data information, engine and brake checks
  • Compatibility with vehicles is limited
  • Limited advanced functionalities

$115 – $130

FIXD All-System Diagnostic Tool

  • User friendly OBD2 scanner and Fault code reader
  • Smartphone access
  • Wireless connection
  • Constant monitoring of vehicle health
  • Live data information
  • Maintenance reminder
  • No reset functions
  • Limited availability for purchase

$54 – $88

Discount available

Autel Maxidas DS808K

  • The techy tablet touchscreen design
  • A full stack of OBD2 advanced functions
  • User Friendly interface with a super fast processor
  • Unlimited cloud memory space 
  • Very versatile; works on any vehicle
  • Provides 
  • Battery powered system
  • Super expensive

$820 – $840

MAOZUA V7.7 Creator C310

  • BMW-specific; works on all BMW series except series 8
  • Portable and compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Limited advanced diagnostics functions
  • Random connection errors
  • No live data information

Currently unavailable

Buying Guide

As much as all the OBD II scanners on our list are the best for BMWs, the most suitable for you depends on your preferences and needs. If you buy an excellent OBD2 scanner that cannot serve your purpose, that’s a waste of money and time. Here are some factors you should consider when purchasing an OBD2 scanner for your BMW:

  1. Your financial budget
  2. What features are most vital for you, and are there features you want to avoid or don’t need?
  3. Are you an expert with vehicles? How difficult will it be to operate the scan tool?
  4. Do you have just a BMW, or do you have many other vehicles you manage?
  5. Practically, does the tool meet your need? Size, weight, and accessibility. You don’t want a scanner that would need a computer extension when you don’t have a laptop.


Different scanners are more compatible with some models than others, even within the BMW range of cars. Some OBD scanners have particular vehicles that require an add-on to work with. Also, some vehicles made before 1995 have OBD1 standards running in them. So, OBD11 scanners with no OBD1 abilities will not work on them.

Additionally, some scanners will have difficulties carrying out some advanced functions on specific models of vehicles. Therefore, ensure you have checked well the compatibility and functions of the scanner to avoid waste of resources.


All OBD2 scanners for BMW have the essential functions to read engine fault codes. Asides from this, every scanner has unique features and functions. Some OBD2 scan tools are limited to simply an engine scan, while some others, such as the Foxwell NT510, can do all car system full-check.

Meanwhile, some OBD2 scanners like the Autel MaxiDas DS808k are designed to do more advanced functions. These scanners are designed for experienced car owners and auto-repair shops to help manage their vehicles.

Lastly, another set of scanners is able to receive information from the vehicle and send back reprogramming instructions. These are called bi-directional control OBD scanners. 


After deciding your budget and recognizing what you need, you should have a price range at heart. Note that the cheapest scanners will have the primary function of performing an engine scan. But asides from that, only a few or no advanced features. The more expensive the scanner is, the more advanced function capacity it bears. However, you need to know which feature is vital at this point.

Fundamentally, the best OBD2 scanner for you should save you money. Unnecessary trips to the auto repair shop and faults that could have been managed earlier should reduce.


How do I know what OBD2 protocol my BMW uses?

There are two ways to find out what OBD2 protocol your car uses:

  • The BMW specified protocols:
  1. 1996 – 2001: ISO 9141/2
  2. 2002 – 2006: ISO 9141/2 KWP 2000
  3. 2007 – 2009: ISO 9141/2 KWP 2000 CAN
  • The connector pin 

The number of pins in use on your OBD connector will give you an idea of what protocol your vehicle uses. You might need an OBD2 protocol guide to identifying each pin.

How do I read my BMW fault codes?

Visit your OBD2 scanner user manual to see if provisions are made for fault codes and their meanings. If not, visit the official website of the scanner to get help.

Does my BMW have to be running to use an OBD2 scanner?

Usually, this depends on the type of OBD2 scanner you are using. Some scanners need your car battery to power it to start working. The ignition must be In a run position for your OBD port to be connected and activated.

Final words

After all, said, the Foxwell NT510 remains the best OBD2 scanner for BMW owners. Its capability to diagnose all systems, including the transmission, ABS, EGS, EPB, airbag, and so on, makes the scanner unique. Meanwhile, the FIXD tool seems promising too, but it’s just like a constant health monitor installed on your vehicle. 

Many more BMW OBD2 scanners are on the market, such as Carly for BMW, BMW scanner 1.4, INPA, and many others to choose from. Overwhelming right? That’s why we have made efforts to research and use some of these scanners to help you with the best of them. 

That will be all! We hope this article on the best OBD2 scanner for BMW will help you make the best decision based on your budget and needs. Let us know if you ever find another excellent OBD2 scanner for BMW that is not on our list.

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