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obd2 scanner with tpms reset
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When buying the OBD2 scanner with TPMS reset, it’s usually a daunting task for most of us as it is one of the most expensive investments. Choosing the best OBD2 scanners is a great task as there is a wide range of OBD2 scanners available in the market for buyers. TPMS diagnostic tool keeps you safe and is a legal requirement for most vehicles.

We have scoured through hundreds of products to pick the best possible products available on the market. To save your time and help you make an informed decision, we have listed down some of the best OBD2 scanners with the TPMS reset.

Best OBD2 Scanner with TPMS Reset

1. AP7610 Car Code Reader for VW Audi Skoda Seat

Autel MaxiDAS DS808
Autel MaxiDAS DS808

This diagnostic scanner transmission is a great choice for users who want to check any engine error or more. This is a great tool for brake pad reset and oil service. It works great for different translations like ABS, EPB, and SRS.

The best part about this OBD2 scanner is battery-powered and comes with a 2.8inches screen.

That’s not all!

With this scanner, you can check all electronic controls, including engine, transmission, oil reset, throttle learning, throttle position adaption, and brake pads. Reset tire pressure, oil reset, injector adaptation, BMS reset, fuel pump, battery registration, and much more!

The powerful features of this OBD2 scanner include steering assistance, lock electronics, display control, bleeding immobilizes. Driver identification, air conditioning, and so on.

It offers complete diagnosis, including vehicle information, data stream, I/M readiness, read codes, battery check, helping you determine the car repairing needs saving time and money.

Enjoy wide vehicle coverage with this scanner. This stunning scanner works well with all 12V card plus light trucks manufactured since 1996. Erase and quickly reads DTC over all OBD2 vehicles. It also supports around 10 languages like Russian, Spanish, English, and many more. You can easily use this scanner in various countries.

What else!

This incredible scanner features reliable quality with high efficiency. This scanner features a 2.8″ LCD screen indicating the test results featuring a silicone keypad for immediate access to users. You can easily understand this scanner which features around 2 years of warranty.


  1. Convenient
  2. Highly efficient
  3. Comes with reliable quality
  4. Offers wide vehicle coverage
  5. Comes with 2 years of warranty


  1. You might suffer some error codes

2. Ancel Vd700 Obd2 Scanner

Autel MaxiDAS DS808
Autel MaxiDAS DS808

Next in our list of best OBD2 scanners is this ANCEL all-system OBD2 scanner. It features eight special functions for vehicle diagnosis, and it comes with a code reader, including oil, EPB, TPS, injector adaptation, PDF scanning tool, and steering angle.

It comes with a windows 7 operating system with 2.8 inches screen size. The best part about this stunning scanner is that it comes with a full diagnostic system. This stunning scanner works well for all VAG vehicles working easily on 12V cars plus light trucks.

This scanner comes with OBD 6 modes for most vehicles. With VD700, you can read display fault code definitions by turning off the check engine light data stream, read and retrieve the VIN information with much more. Enjoy this easy-to-use scanner that auto-detects the vehicle. It is an ideal choice for auto repair shops and individual use.

With VD700, you can perform all system diagnoses. It can easily perform basic functions like access authorization with adaptation for all VAG vehicles. The special functions include brake pad reset, oil service reset, DPF reset, and so on. That’s not all!

This VD700 scanner comes with a 2.8inch screen with a dual-color theme. You can choose from 11 different languages for displaying the test results. The special feedback functions with lifetime free software help you fix the latest bugs.

Overall you can use VD700 for eight common maintenance functions.


  1. Powerful diagnostic tool
  2. Perfect value for money
  3. Easy to use
  4. Offers several functions


  1. The functionality of uploading diagnostics to the computer is not available

3. Launch Obd2 Scanner New Crp129e Scan Tool

Autel MaxiDAS DS808
Autel MaxiDAS DS808

Now, use this scanner tool for SRS, ABS, ENG, and TCM code reading. You can use this diagnostic tool for throttle body reset, SAS, TPMS, and so on.

You’ll love this scanner because it comes with AutoVIN Wi-Fi updates. This stunning scanner comes with a 5″ touch screen and one-click Wi-Fi updates. This stunning scanner features 16GB of memory with a battery voltage test.

Enjoy using this four-system diagnostic tool which features live graphing data with playback and record. You can now reset the engine using it for SRS, and ABS with a warning light switch off and on. The next stunning feature of this mesmerizing scanner is that it auto records diagnostic data with recorded data played in graph and text format.

That’s not all! This amazing scanner has five reset services with battery voltage testing and full modes test. What else! This amazing scanner features a lifetime of free updates. It works well on all vehicle brands with real-time battery graphing and monitoring. Enjoy using this scanner on more than 57 vehicles featuring around ten different languages.

.the multi-language support in this scanner is a great feature. Use this scanner now for everything you want without paying extra costs.

Fix all bugs and upgrade it for all 2021 models like SUVs, cars, minivans, light-duty trucks, and so on.


  1. 3.5-inch touch screen
  2. Lifetime Free Update with Computer
  3. Comes with 10 modes and full functions
  4. Support for 9 Languages
  5. Five reset functions


  1. It’s not a USA model

4. Mucar Obd2 Scanner

Autel MaxiDAS DS808
Autel MaxiDAS DS808

This latest CS6 scanner is a great choice for ENG, TCM, SRS, ABS, and BCM. This six systems diagnostic scanner works well for light reset tool, PDF, ABS, ETS, TPMS, SAS, oil, and so on. It features AUTO-VIN technology with the latest one-click WI-FI updates.

This uniquely designed scanner is perfect if you are a mechanic or a DIYer. Every car owner loves this scanner which features seven reset functions. It is a full OBD2 function that adapts well with all car models.

MUCAR OBD2 scanner lets you easily diagnose the car systems in a home setting. It comes with six systems. Immediately get the health report of the car and diagnose all problems using this scanner. This scanner helps clear code lights by re-recording the parameters after maintenance or repair.

Overall, this amazing scanner supports ten different modes with 4 in 1 live data streaming of PCM stream data, engine coolant temperature, fuel system status, and engine speed. Moreover, it also detects O2 sensors, EVAP tests, car information, and so on.


  1. Nicely designed.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Fast response.
  4. High functioning.
  5. Comes with extra options.


  1. No dedicated hardware buttons, only touchscreen.

5. Launch Crp129x Obd2 Scanner

Autel MaxiDAS DS808
Autel MaxiDAS DS808


This scanner tool is a great choice for detecting engine, SRS, ABS, transmission, and check engine code reader. This scanner works well with Android 7.1 and features auto VIN technology with a lifetime of free updates, making it a stunning choice for users.

You need to know about this scanner because a rechargeable battery powers it. The screen size of this amazing scanner is 5 inches which makes it a wonderful addition to your garage. This perfect scanning tool is a great choice for car owners.

The best part about this scanner is that it has more than five reset functions and four system diagnoses programs, making it a great choice.

This scanner comes with high hardware with one-click updates and 16G RAM giving you an incredible user experience. Enjoy five years of warranty with a lifetime of free updates using this scanner.

Use this scanner for five reset service functions, including oil reset, electronic parking brakes, steering angle calibration, throttle adaptation giving you multiple choices. Identify the year, model, and car type within minutes using this scanner as it comes with Auto VIN technology.

Lastly, this scanner comes with nine different languages with complete support to 2 or 4 PID graphs.

Overall it works great for 57 vehicles by different brands with a lifetime of free updates. This scanner is a great choice for a DIY beginner, mechanic, automotive engineer, backyard mechanic, and many more!


  1. Lifetime.
  2. One-Click Update.
  3. User-friendly.


  1. Worth buying.
  2. Won’t work with vehicles apart from the ones it supports.

6. TOPDON Artidiag600 Code Reader

Autel MaxiDAS DS808
Autel MaxiDAS DS808

Last on our list is this Topdon Scanner, which is a perfect diagnostic tool for all DIYers. This stunning scanner is perfect for engine, ABS, SRS, and Engine. It is a great choice for SAS/ EPB/ Oil/ TPMS resetting. Enjoy free Wi-Fi updates while using this great scanner.

This battery-powered scanner comes with a 7.0 Android operating system. This scanner comes with 5 inches of screen size. Enjoy using this scanner for five maintenance services. But, that’s not all. This scanner also features auto VIN technology that immediately identifies the car type, model, and brand without any hassle.

This scanner is a great choice for four system diagnoses. It is highly compatible with around 42 brands. You can display graphic live data streaming supporting data and recording. Enjoy convenient operation with this TOPDON scanner with a button and touch screen. This bidirectional scanner features diagnostics that every DIYer needs.

Whether a mechanic or a DIYer, this scanner improves your repairing efficiency. For a growing customer base, you can use this scanner.

TOPDON OBD2 scanner is highly versatile and vertical powerful making it a well-deserving choice. Overall it features a user-friendly design with functionality and affordability. Covers the entire basic needs with this OBD2 scanner.


  1. Covers all needs.
  2. Features one-click updates.
  3. Comes with a touchable screen
  4. Features Auto-VIN technology.


  1. Lacks Bi-Directional Functionality

7. Autel Scanner Maxisys MS906

Autel MaxiDAS DS808
Autel MaxiDAS DS808

This OBD2 scanner works great when it comes to detecting Oil Reset, BMS, EPB, SRS, ABS Bleed, DPF Generation, SAS Calibration, TPMS, Injector Coding, Throttle Matching, and Suspension Matching.

That’s not all. You can upgrade it with more functions to meet many other car maintenance needs.

Autel OBD2 MS906 diagnostic scanner has OE-level diagnostics for all electronic systems including Erase codes, Read Codes, Live Data, and ECU Information.

This tool can help you find out the bad parts of your vehicle using its active test function.

Furthermore, it’s compatible with Audi and Volkswagen models. If you are a technician or mechanic looking for an intuitive scan tool with reliable and accurate results, the MS906 OBD2 scanner should be your priority.

Last but not least, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Overall it works great for up to 10,000 vehicles by different brands including Ford, BMW, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, Audi, and Volkswagen.

This scanner is a great choice for both DIY mechanics and professional garage owners.


  1. Compatible with 10,000 models.
  2. Fast processor.
  3. User-friendly interface.
  4. 1-year warrantyWorth buying.


  1. No universal compatality.
  2. ECU coding is not compatible with some models.

What to looks at before buying an OBD2 Scanner that includes TPMS Reset Function

How Does It Help?

OBD2 is now the universal standardized system on all trucks and cars in the United States from 1996. The design of this system allows your vehicle to perform periodic tests of various components and to monitor emissions.

OBD2 scanners are of many different kinds, and there are various features that you have to consider. It all boils down to the overall compatibility of a device with your car.

Now, you need to invest in this scanner tool because it saves time and money. The device will let you understand the light codes of your engine, and it can also provide you with a fix. These devices can perform different functions. These include checking battery performance, key coding, EPB, and smog testing.

This device allows you to understand your vehicle better, and it also offers a variety of solutions to fix any issues that may arise. It will be a lot better to talk to the mechanic if you know and understand the issue, and it will help you save some money too.

Types of OBD2 Scanner 

Different types of these car code readers will let you know why your vehicle’s Check light is on.

  1. The basic type: The basic type can check the engine light and assist you in troubleshooting the vehicle status. As it is the basic type, it is also the cheapest and has all the basic functions, including checking engine light codes and reading or clearing DTCs. This device can only highlight the problem and cannot exactly identify what the problem is. So they don’t come with any advanced features. It can read trouble codes and clear them. Plus, it can view some basic PIDs and check or rest the readiness motors.
  2. The DIY type: These devices come with dedicated mobile applications for remote connection. Most of such devices can conveniently connect with smartphones. These devices are much better than the basic types, but they are still not suitable for professionals because they lack a few advanced features.
  3. The professional type: These are the most advanced device types that are most suitable for professionals. These devices come with various advanced features. These include key programming, ECU coding, EPB, DPF, and others. These devices are the most advanced and are the most expensive.

The Must-Have Features

As we have just mentioned, there are different types of these devices, and they all come with various features. But if you want the best bang for your buck, the device you are looking for must come with some set of features.

Some of these features are basic, while others are advanced. It is up to you which features you want on your device and how much you are willing to pay.

Basic features 

  • RPM, CEL, pressure, speed, fuel, check engine light reset.
  • Air fuel ratio, coolant temp, freeze frame data, live map.
  • Oily temp, live reading, coolant temp.
  • Fuel trim, O2 sensors, smog testing, DFP temp, fuel pressure.

Advanced features

  • Misfire counts ABS, oil change, weather check, SRS.
  • Mileage, BMC coding, battery information, battery initialization.
  • Oil reset, video overlay, supplementary restraint system.
  • Airbag problem, anti-brake lock system.
  • Online programming, ECU programming, ECU coding, key coding.
  • Transmission diagnostics, airbag monitoring, tire pressure monitoring, etc.
  • Digital display with graphics, dashboard customization, and data export.

TPMS Device Integration

For those of you who don’t know, TPMS is short for a tire pressure monitoring system. It is an electronic sensor that can transmit various data trackers, including your vehicle’s tire pressure to your vehicle computer.

The device can activate the TPMS sensor, register, relearn and balance the tire pressure. This device is also needed to reset the light on your car’s dashboard. If this device doesn’t do that, its ECU won’t take accurate readings.

This device measures the tire pressure and will alert you as soon as the tire pressures drop below the minimum level. Low tire pressures can cause accidents, and driving with low pressure can reduce the lifespan of tires and can reduce the fuel economy of your vehicle.

There are three different types of this TPMS device,

  • Programmer device: A TPMS device needs programming when you install new tires or the device itself. Therefore, you need to install a device that comes with programming capabilities. These devices can also perform other functions.
  • Relearn device: This is a standard TPMS device, and it can reset TPMS after tire replacement or rotation. But advanced work is not possible with these devices.
  • Decoder device: This device can enable inactive TPMS and can interact with TPMS. These devices can read pressure, temperatures, and various other sensor data. It can also send data to the vehicle computer.

Connectivity – Wired vs. Wireless

Wired devices come with a cable that you can use to connect the device with your vehicle. Most of these devices come with wires, but in some cases, you may have to purchase wires separately.

This is the biggest shortfall of these corded devices, but people still prefer to use them. Primarily, they find these devices much easier to use as the user doesn’t have to wait for wifi or Bluetooth signals that the device supports.

But wireless scanners are far more popular. They do the same job that their wired counterparts do but feature different technologies. You can conveniently connect these devices with your devices that run on Windows, iOS, or Android for data transfer.

Bluetooth is more efficient compared to wifi, and it consumes less power. But you will not notice much difference in terms of performance speed because these devices don’t send too much data. Some Bluetooth devices might not work with iOS devices.

Moreover, wifi adapters can be a pain when you try to connect them with the internet, particularly when you use them with Android devices. But it’s all about personal preferences. Some people prefer wires, while others prefer wireless. Some people prefer wifi-enabled devices, while others find Bluetooth-powered ones much more convenient.


Compatibility is the most important feature that you must consider when buying such a device. After all, there is no point in buying a high-end device only to find out it doesn’t work with your car.

It should also work with the fuel type that you use. Some devices also support trucks in addition to cars. OBD2 scanners are compatible with the newer cars in the US after 1996. For the older cars, you need to go for OBD1 devices.

Price Range

The important thing here is that you go for a device that falls under your budget. From a price perspective, all kinds of devices are available on the market. The most expensive ones are usually going to have more features.

They will also come with longer warranties and are pretty durable. You might have to purchase additional mobile applications with different drive models, and it will add to the overall cost of owning that particular device.


You have to go for a scanner that comes with regular updates to cover more issues in its ambit. Many devices come with lifetime software support. It is pretty important because newer vehicles come with newer issues, and consistent updates will keep you safe for longer.

You can update some scanners online while connecting others to a computer. Both types work just fine but getting a decent computer can be a problem for some users if you cannot use that computer for any other purpose.

Warranty & Additional Apps

It is always better to go for a scanner with a longer warranty. This way, you won’t have to worry if your device works with your vehicle or not, as you can send it back. Unfortunately, most scanners come with a warranty that ranges from 1 to 2 years, and in most cases, it is not extendable.

Apart from that, these devices run on different applications. Some devices come with their applications, and others run with third-party applications. You must pick a scanner that comes with its own app and should also support third-party apps, so you have the option to pay for any app or not.


How does TPMS work?

You first have to understand what this device is. It is a device with a sensor that will alert your ECU about everything associated with your car tires. There are two types of TPMS; one works with ABS while the other fits directly with the tire.

The devices that you mount directly on the tire can monitor the movement of your tire and report it to the ECU. For example, your dashboard light will come on if the pressure drops below the minimum line.

The device is connected with the ABS, and the system compares the data from the speed sensor and the standard data. If there is any difference between the two data sets and the difference exceeds a certain limit, your dashboard light will turn on.

What are the benefits of a TPMS device?

These devices save you a lot of time and money. It will prevent your tire pressure from falling below a certain level. It means that you can keep running your vehicle without having to worry about reduced traction or fuel efficiency.

Another advantage of using this device is that most of your trips to technicians will be avoided, so you will be able to maintain your tire pressure on your own. This way, you can avoid many other problems that result from reduced tire pressure. It can help you increase your overall fuel efficiency, and it can also improve the lifespan of your tires.

What should I do if my OBD2 scanner is not working while linking?

If your scanner is not working, try relinking it to your vehicle. If your scan tool is not responding when you plug it in, a communication error may have occurred.

You have to check if your ignition key is in the ON position. Also, look at the connector and see if it is firmly connected to your car’s DLC port. Confirm that your vehicle is compatible with the device you are using. Now, turn your vehicle off and wait for up to 10 seconds. Turn it back on and then try again. Also, make sure that the device is not broken.

What if my device is failing during operation?

Maybe your car is connected with your device, but you are experiencing an error during the operation. This might be occurring because your device is experiencing slow reading times or running. You will have to reset your scan tool, turn your ignition off and then wait for about ten seconds. After that, you can try again.

If your scan tool doesn’t start, it might have serious problems. First, check to see if the connector is secure in the port. Also, look inside the DLC port and check your vehicle’s battery.

Can TPMS sensors malfunction?

These sensors can malfunction like any other electrical component. But that doesn’t mean you cannot drive your car anymore. However, you will have to make sure that your tire pressure is a-okay, as you will miss the warning or alert that you will normally get with your working TPMS sensor that your tire pressure is low. It is highly recommended that you change the sensors with your next tire change.

Final Words

Lastly, we would like to conclude that the OBD2 Scanner with TPMS reset technology is a great addition to your car needs. It features complete features to repair and maintain the car systems ranging from SAS, ABS, brake pad resetting, and many more.

To conclude, our favorite OBD2 scanner is the AP7610 Car Code Reader for VW Audi Skoda Seat. This incredible tool is great for brake pad resetting, EPB, and SRS. ABS and many more. The best part about this tool is identifying the driver, air conditioning, and much more. Complete diagnosis with this scanner is effective for different car models and supports more than 10 languages.

So, without further delay, get your hands on the best OBD2 scanner.

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