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Innova 5610 review
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When you have a problem with a vehicle in your care, a scan tool is necessary to detect immediate and imminent issues with the vehicle. Even if you are an expert auto technician, you can benefit from a tool that can detect issues with any vehicle without you getting dirty. The Innova CarScan Pro 5610 is one of the well-known car scanners that you can utilize to detect problems that need fixing in a vehicle — and know its working condition.

Innova Pro 5610 devices like many other brands are not running a monopoly in the car scanner market. But the Innova Pro 5610 is one name that keeps coming up as a decent choice for DIY automobile owners.

Innova 5610 Obd2 scanner In-Depth Review


The Innova 5610 Pro Scanner is an OBD2 device that has been carefully made to detect general problems within automobile systems. You might think it should help pinpoint exact problems but it won’t. That’s because this line of Innova car scanners was designed for less advanced individuals who are just curious to know what’s going on within their vehicles. In fact, the device is merely a simple device that comes with a connection cable and a portable guide to help users navigate the basics of the device.

You’re probably familiar with more advanced car scanners abundant in the market if you’re an expert in automobile tech. The Innova 5610 could still be an impressive piece to detect and confirm vehicle systems that have faults and need repairing. The scanner doesn’t single out the parts to be replaced if any. The goal is to help you run general diagnoses on your automobile and can help with fixing simpler problems. Here are some examples of issues that scanners can detect:

  • faulty sensors
  • bad battery alternators
  • among other things

We figured that pointing out the pros and cons of this device can help you quickly decide whether you want to go on or not. The pros of this device might outweigh the cons but what follows will help you make a decision. For instance, the Innova 5610 comes with a  guide but would have been better with a comprehensive manual for the absolute beginners in automobiles. By doing this the user would be able to master the use of the device and not have to feel short. To overlook this deficiency, you can look up the online manual which comes in a pdf format.

When you make you decision to go with the Innova 5610, you’ve also decided to pick up one of the easiest car scanners. The buttons are intuitive and the functions are clear for you to navigate. Also, it’s most likely made for less experienced folks, it does more than just read engine codes. And with a free companion app, you can see preferred schedules for maintenance concerning your vehicle. This is usually based on the mileage of the vehicle


  1. Comes with the Repair solutions 2 App which is a free companion app on mobile app stores
  2. Is easy to navigate using intuitive buttons
  3. User friendly and helps you understand the problems at hand.


  1. Is without a pouch

Main Features

innova 5610 basic features

Read and clear code

Reading and clearing codes is an important feature in the Innova 5610 because it helps get a clue to an issue with your vehicle. To read and clear codes the procedure is simple:

  • Turn your ignition. You don’t have to turn on the engine except your reading requires the engine to be running.
  • Connect your obd2 cable to the appropriate port, usually beneath the dashboard and steering wheel
  • Once you’ve connected and there’s feedback on the device you’ll be able to read codes. Usually, a red button allows you to clear the codes after recording what you need.

For example, the P0462 code means that the fuel level sensor in a vehicle has low input.

If by any means you don’t know what a code means, you can search the code on the internet to get more expansive definitions of the problem. Clearing the code helps you to check whether an issue is recurring or not. So say you attempted to fix the problem, the code showing up again means that the problem hasn’t been resolved.

Live data

Viewing live data on an Innova 5610 car scanner is one of those situations where you need to turn the ignition so that the car engine is running. The live data helps to read o. Live data diagnoses are faster for diagnosing problems that occur when the engine is running. For instance, you can see the vehicle’s sensors and switch and relay data as they happen on an Innova car scanner.


Innova 5610 car scanners play an important role in having a database of many vehicles. After plugging the code into the appropriate port, the device can autodetect your vehicle.

If it doesn’t that is not a problem still. You might have to select the car make and model within the Innova 5610 car scanner. Also, there are five standard obd2 protocols. And the Innova 5610 supports all of them. So the chance that this device won’t work with your vehicle is quite unlikely.


To be safe on the road means that your abs are in good order. An Innova 5610 car scanner does a good job to read the abs codes. The abs is a system within the vehicle that functions so that your vehicle doesn’t cause an accident even when you brake abruptly. By carrying out an abs test you can prevent possible accidents from your braking system. The ABS can also analyze the level and need for transmission fluid in your automobile.


Supplemental restraint systems can prevent you from getting injured in the case of an accident. Are your SRS bags serviceable and still functioning? The Innova 5610 can also show how your SRS airbag has been deployed over time.

Other features of the Innova 5610 are:

  • Repair solutions 2 App
  • Transmission Fluid temperature
  • Cylinder Performance Test
  • Battery Tests

Advanced Features

innova 5610

Some advanced features of the Innova 5610 are that it is also capable of detecting the status of Diesel particulate filters, EGR systems, and electronic control units.

  • ECU
  • DFT
  • EGR Systems

Software and updates

The Innova 5610 car scanner can be updated using a PC. Also, the vehicle car scanner can be connected to the vehicle and your mobile device at the same time. Connecting to a mobile device allows you to see extra information like how soon your vehicle is due for a checkup and maintenance procedure.

Difference Between Innova 5610 and Innova 5160RS

The Innova 5160RS is one car scanner from the same manufacturer that comes close to the Innova 5610 in terms of its features and price. These are some of the things they share in common:

  • Live Data reading
  • Reading and clearing error codes
  • Affordability


Can the Innova 5610 detect problems in my vehicle?

The Innova 5610 can detect a wide range of issues going on with your vehicle. The best way to detect problems that might be wrong with your vehicle is to read the codes that the scan brings up. Usually, the Innova 5610 scanner shows the codes as well as their description.

Who is the Innova 5610 designed for?

The Innova 5610 is designed for anyone interested in knowing what is going on with their vehicles. However, the complexity of the devices makes them easier to access for beginners. One of the main features of this device is its intuitive design and the fact that it’s easy to maneuver.

Is the Innova 5610 worth the price?

Although we can’t tell the exact price of the Innova 5610, there’s a range. And is the Innova 5610 worth that range of prices? Somewhat. The Innova 5610 is not the best and most advanced car scanner you can lay your hands on. But it can do a pretty good job of detecting what area of your vehicle is experiencing problems.

Can I upgrade the Innova 5610 Scanner?

In the Innova 5610 scanner, you can upgrade the device to the latest firmware if it’s available. You don’t have to get it to any shop or repair center to get it done. And when you’re ready,  all you need is a pc and your connection cable.

Connecting the device to the PC,  you can pay for the upgrade and get the details necessary to upgrade the device. Enter the details where the upgrade is required and begin the procedure.

How can I read the error codes on the card scanner? 

The Innova 5610 usually comes with descriptions for its error codes. However, if you’re not clear about the codes you see, you can check how to use the obd2 scanner easily.


When you have an Innova 5610, your vehicle troubleshooting inevitably becomes more defined. Even if you do not have advanced knowledge of automobiles the simplicity of the Innova 5610 helps you diagnose your vehicle conditions accurately. When it’s time to get a car scanner for your vehicle, the Innova 5610 is one that you should give great consideration to as it makes your vehicle and the roads you ply to be safer.

Not having a functional and intuitive scanner like the Innova 5610 can undermine how much you care about the well-being of your automobile. No matter how sure you are about the issues going on with your vehicle, the lack of a car scanner can mean that you might overlook delicate problems going on in your car. Don’t let that happen. Grab an Innova 5610 car scanner if it suits you

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