OBD-II Code P0222: (Circuit Low Input In Throttle Position)

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How to Fix Error Code P0222?
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You will find that this is a very common code that people experience. We will talk about this p0222 error code and how you can diagnose and fix it.

Definition of Error Code P0222

This is a problem with your throttle position switch in the B circuit. There will be voltage sent from the TPS or throttle position sensor will be sent to the PCM or powertrain control module. When this voltage is too low, it will cause the error to appear.

Keep in mind that the throttle position sensor and pedal position switch are located on the body of the throttle and accelerator. They work together. The system will change how open the throttle is depending on how the driver presses the gas pedal.

The powertrain control module will send signals to the throttle position sensor as well. When the pedal is pressed down, the throttle position sensor will rotate from resting to voltage mode. The voltage will indicate how open the throttle will be to the powertrain control module.

It is essential to have proper voltage readings from the throttle position sensor so that the powertrain control module can make proper adjustments as needed. The powertrain control module will use different voltage signals to make changes to the engine timing and even the fuel to air ratio. It has many different effects on emission systems. All items will work together to ensure that the engine is running smoothly.

What is the Meaning of Error Code P0222?

There is an acceptable throttle position sensor voltage range. This range is set by the person making the vehicles. The lower end of the limit could be anywhere from .17 volts to .20 volts. If this code appears, the voltage has dropped below the limit.

What is the Meaning of Error Code P0222?

This means that the powertrain control module found that the voltage was below the limit set by the manufacturer. You will find this problem when there is a ten percent difference in the anticipated value.

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What Causes Error Code P0222?

There are many things that can cause this error code to appear. You will see that it could be something as simple as a faulty sensor. However, it could be that the wires are old or not connected properly. If wires are not connected properly, this error code could appear.

You may also have shorts or bad connections in your circuit. The throttle body is dirty and needs to be cleaned. The throttle position sensor could be mounted improperly. While uncommon, this error code could appear due to a faulty powertrain control module.

Symptoms of Error Code P0222

You will find several symptoms when you have this error code on your vehicle. The first problem will be a check engine light. You will then notice that your vehicle does not want to go forward. It has issues with acceleration. You will now find the car does not want to start.

Plus, when it does start, it idles terribly. It has little to no power. The gas pedal is almost nonexistent. The last thing you may know is that the smoke from your exhaust could be black after you start your engine.

Diagnosing the Problem

You need to find a scanning tool. This tool will bring up the codes that tell you what is wrong with your vehicle. This tool can be used at your house if you purchase one. Make sure that you are taking care of all codes that appear. Once you have this, you can continue.

  1. You want to inspect the components of the throttle position sensor. You will also check the mount during this time. Be sure to look for damaged wires and shorts. Ensure all wires are properly attached to the other.
  2. If everything seems right from number one, you can now test the voltage. Test your throttle position sensor to ensure the voltage is proper. If you find that you are not getting what you need, you will need to replace this sensor.
  3. If you do steps one and two, then you need to check your powertrain control module. This could be faulty.

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Common Mistakes with Error Code P0222

Most people will replace the throttle position sensor as soon as they see this code. However, this is not the only thing that it could be. There are many things that could cause this error code to appear. You need to check out everything we have discussed before you replace the sensor.

No matter what happens, you have an error with voltage and that is what you need to determine. Where is this error happening?

Is Error P0222 Serious?

You will find that this error code will make your vehicle hard to drive. Your functions are limited. You do not have a lot of acceleration power. Plus, it could cause an accident. Your car likely will not stall; however, you will not be able to gain speed quickly. You are going to have the most issues with acceleration.

Fixing the P0222 OBD-II Code

Fixing the Code

You will often find that faulty circuits are the problem with this code. It is a simple fix. However, that is not always the case. Make sure that you are fixing your wiring.

If you notice that it is not connected or tight enough, fix it. Take the time to ensure everything is aligned properly, especially with your throttle position sensor mount. This amount needs to be perfect and cleaned properly.

Wrapping Up

You will not notice the symptoms right away. However, when they occur, it will not be on and off. You will experience these issues until you fix the voltage issue. You will always have a difference from vehicle to vehicle, however, the symptoms are common. If you are not careful, this error code can lead to injury and further engine expenses.

Ensure that you are driving carefully if you must drive this vehicle with the error code present. Always be sure to attend to the problem when you know about it. Do not let the problem sit around. You will have more damage to the engine if you continue to ignore the problem.