How To Fix Error Code P0218 (Transmission Over Temperature)

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How to Fix Error Code P0218?
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You will find that this code will appear when you scan the vehicle after your Check Engine Light comes on. This will be done using a diagnostic tool. We will look at how to diagnose this problem and how to fix it. Stay tuned to learn all about error code P0218.

Definition of Error Code P0218: Temperature is raised in the transmission.

What Does Error Code P0218 Mean?

This means that the transmission has a rising temperature higher than what the manufacturer has allowed. The manufacturer will put a limit on each vehicle. Once this limit is hit, the code will appear as the Check Engine Light.

What Does Error Code P0218 Mean?

Your temperature will need to exceed this limit for a certain amount of time before the Check Engine Light appears.

OBD-II Code P0218: Symptoms, Causes & Fix

What Causes This Error Code?

You will find that this code will occur for many different reasons. The list is quite long. Here are some reasons this error code could appear.

  1. There is a leak in the transmission. This could be in any part of the system. Including pans, lines, and the radiator.
  2. There is damage internally that makes more friction between the moving parts.
  3. There is a faulty sensor in the transmission.
  4. The PCM or Powertrain Control Module is faulty.
  5. If the engine is overheating, the transmission could, in return, overheat.

It is important to realize that a vehicle will have a cooler in the transmission or a radiator. They will not have both.

What Symptoms Will I Notice?

If you have found that P0218 is your error code, you may find a few symptoms. Sometimes you will have a vehicle that will not run properly. The transmission is having issues. This could include a lack of response or hard shifting.

If your vehicle has a failsafe mode, this will engage. This is going to be built into your transmission. This will allow the vehicle to operate with this code safely until you can pull over. Once the vehicle is shut off, you may find it difficult to restart it due to the code.

Diagnosing Error Code P0218

You will first need to gain access to a scanning tool. You want this tool to help you generate the error code. Make sure when you generate the code, there are not any other codes. If there are other codes, you will need to address those as well.

  1. Scan the vehicle with the scanning tool. Determine your code.
  2. Inspect your transmission. Ensure that all wires are good and where they should be. You want to ensure that there are no leaks either. Repair all leaks and connections.
  3. Ensure that your transmission fluid is full. Keep in mind that if you get this error code and your transmission levels are low, the fluid will start burning. This does not mean that your transmission has internal damage. However, if you find no leaks and a burnt smell, it could have internal damage.
  4. The last thing that you can do is test your temperature sensor. This sensor will be the one indicating the Check Engine Light to engage. It is also this sensor that will turn on failsafe mode. If this is not working properly, it could cause many issues.

Commonly Made Mistakes When Diagnosing

One of the most common mistakes is when people are told they have a P0218 code, they fix one issue. They do not address anything else.

You may also find that your transmission is leaking. This is a problem that happens, and the level of the fluid will go down. The fluid will eventually burn, and that could cause internal damage.

Make sure you are inspecting all parts of the transmission before fixing it. Ensure you are addressing the problem.

Is Error Code P0218 Serious?

Many people find that this is the most serious code you can get. That is because you are dealing with the most expensive parts of a vehicle. If your transmission is failing, you will notice that a replacement would cost thousands of dollars. This is not something that can be fixed easily.

You should ensure that you look at the vehicle as soon as possible. Avoid driving this vehicle to avoid any further damage. This is a serious problem. Always avoid driving the vehicle if this error code is present.

How to Fix the P0218 Error Code?

How to Fix the P0218 Error Code

There are many ways that you can fix this error code. Again, it will depend on the actual problem. You need to determine where the issue is and fix it. Here is a list of things you can do to help get rid of the error code.

  1. Repair all leaks in the transmission. You should replace the radiator, coolant lines, gasket, and other parts. You want everything to work properly. Nothing should be leaking.
  2. Make sure you are replacing the temperature sensor in your transmission.
  3. Replace your PCM or Powertrain Control Module.
  4. Replace/rebuild your transmission.


If you want to avoid this error code, ensure that you are checking your transmission fluid when you change your oil. Make sure that the fluid is always topped off. If you notice that the fluid is not lasting as it should investigate. Investigate before the problem worsens.

Wrapping Up

When this error code appears on your vehicle, take the time to address it. You do not want to continue driving your vehicle with this error code. It will cause a lot of damage to your vehicle if you drive with this error code. You are taking the time to ensure that there are no leaks in your transmission. You also want to take this code seriously.

We have told you what you need to look at and what you can fix to help the error. However, it is best to find the specific problem and fix that. If you do not have to replace everything, do not. This could be expensive if you are not careful. All in all, taking the time to address this error code is essential.