How To Fix Code P0169 (Incorrect Fuel Composition)

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Code P0169 is defined as the “inappropriate fuel proportion” or, “incorrect fuel composition.” So, How to fix code P0169? First, we take a look at’s meaning, causes, and symptoms then fix it.

P0169 meaning

The powertrain control module (PCM) has identified a reference output power via the fuel performance sensors/fueling thermostat gauge that shows an excessively high quantity of contaminants or ethanol in the gasoline, resulting in the reserved code P0169.

Because flexible automobiles may operate properly although when ethanol percentages are excessive, undesirable ethanol ratios are expected to surpass 85%.The gasoline compositional detector and the fuel thermostat gauge are normally housed in the same enclosure. It is a tiny computerized gadget that, while identical to a carburetor, is meant to assist the PCM with the correct air/fuel ratio and therma evaluation.

P0169 Code Meaning

The fuel balancing sensor is responsible for examining both the temperature and composition of the fuel. The information that is sent to PCM acts as an electronic impulse containing contaminants and the temperature of fuel that is used to evaluate fuel contamination. Irrespective of any impurities, the fuel compositional detector evaluates the concentration of ethanol produced from the combustion.

A P0169 code can be saved as well as a malfunctioning indication lamp (MIL) may activate if the PCM senses a fuel efficiency detector information that signals fuel impurity surpasses a specified limit.

OBD-II Code P0169: Symptoms, Causes & Diagnose

 Causes of P0169

  • Presence of moisture or water in
  • Fault in sensor detecting water in fuel (WIF)
  • Wiring is exposed or reverses biased
  • Circuit with moisture in fuel detector has bad electricity source
  • Toxins are constantly entering your fuel engine. This might be responsible for cleaning and draining the device even if you’ve never done so recently. Water slowly entering the container is a special
  • Zone segregation occurs when ethanol consumes moisture and becomes denser, sinking to the ground. As a result, you’ll obtain much of an ethanol/water liquid solution throughout time, which will result in this
  • Fault with the powertrain control

Symptoms of P0169

  • Ironically, this code may trigger serious harm to your fuel injection tank and engines, yet it typically comes with no warning indications. Across various circumstances, the check engine light is the sole indication that your fuel is
  • P0169 codes are frequently
  • There may be alternative fuel percentage regulations.
  • Gradually, the MIL will automatically switch
  • Considering P0169 frequently occurs without notice, it emphasizes the significance of utilizing an OBD2 scanner to diagnose powertrain problems as promptly as feasible. If individuals wait for longer, they can end up with massive repairs

Factors responsible for code P0169

Establishing this code could be for a variety of factors.

  • Fuel pollution to an immense amount
  • The proportion of gasoline and heat detector are both malfunctioning.
  • Sockets and electrical wires that are unsecured, shorted, or corroded
  • Coding mistakes in PCM or PCM

Techiniques for detection and restoration of code P0169

  • Checking the Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) for your specific automobile is generally an excellent initial
  • The difficulty might be a well-known condition with a well-known company cure, which potentially saves your valuable effort and expenses during
  • A diagnosing sensor, a digitized volt/ohmmeter (DVOM), an oscilloscope, an optical temperature gauge, and an automotive information feed book are all necessary tools for diagnosing the P0169 code (DIY)
  • A portable analyzer and a diagnosing sensor featuring constructed DVOM will
  • To maximize the probability of a favorable evaluation, begin by carefully evaluating any relevant integrated circuits ( ICS) and interconnections.
  • At the fuel composition detector connection, evaluate the power supply
  • At the PCM interface, utilize DVOM to examine the necessary connections.
  • Unless a voltages analog is found, close the gap connecting the device with the
  • Assuming there are no voltages indication, investigate a malfunctioning PCM (possibly coding inaccuracy).
  • By using an NTC thermistor, calculate the exact fuel
  • If the fuel sensor connection has a baseline and grounds, use an oscilloscope to examine actual information in graphical format.
  • When the fuel temperatures are indicated upon an oscilloscope differ from the temperature obtained with a thermometer, anticipate a faulty

Blunders to be avoited when troubleshooting P0169

  • The blunder to be eliminated is presuming a detector or cable that hasn’t been devastated is still functional. This doesn’t guarantee they’re in excellent shape only unless items don’t appear to be damaged.
  • Individuals won’t be capable to determine the measurements if they aren’t experienced in operating a DVOM or oscilloscope. Users must therefore ensure that they have a quick referencing handbook to evaluate the detectors to ensure that they are functioning

Relevant codes

Codes that are relevant to p0169

  • P0180 – The fuel temperature circuit is not working properly.
  • P0182 – Fuel temperature circuit input is too insufficient.
  • P0168 – The temperature of the fuel in the engine is too excessive.

Driving with code P0169 error

Fuel proportion is crucial for determining fuel injection system technique in flex automobiles, hence OBD code P0169 must be handled seriously. Fuel contamination can potentially cause problems with fuel distribution including inner automotive parts.

What fixes can you make to get rid of the error?

You’ll have to update the sensing devices or the PCM if they’re the problem. However supposing your thermometer was functional, still may need to replace this because the intense surface temperature could

harm various systems. When the user reboots the ignition switch light, the detector may generate unreliable data.

You’ll need to do an automobile cleanse when any fuel is polluted. Rebalance the code and replace the fuel in the engine after it is completed. Please make it entirely clear the indicator will not turn on again, drive a vehicle for a short moment.


The majority of car owners do not even cleanse vehicle gas engines, which leads to deterioration and difficulties like code P0169. To maintain the fuel operating well, one should use cleansing chemicals at least once a year. The proportion of flex fuels (gas/ethanol blends) is considered highly important because P0169 is linked to them. Beyond all else, do not even disregard the warning signal upon the vehicle dashboard.