FOXWELL NT630 Plus Review

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FOXWELL NT630 Plus Review
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Accurately diagnosing your vehicle for possible issues can be challenging and money-consuming. Interestingly, you can save yourself the money, time, and stress associated with car diagnostics by using a car diagnostic scanner. And this is where the importance of FOXWELL NT630 Plus comes in.

FOXWELL NT630 Plus is an easy-to-use and reliable OBD2 scanner used for the timely identification of issues in multiple car models.

However, this poses a bigger question for many persons seeking the best car diagnostic scanner to use: is FOXWELL NT630 Plus a trusted option?

We have carefully analyzed this tool in this article to answer this question. Our complete FOXWELL NT630 Plus review discusses its main and advanced features, functions, pros and cons, and every other thing you must know about this scan tool. Without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

FOXWELL NT630 Plus Review

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Before deep-diving into the review, let’s take a quick swipe at the product’s overview to know what precisely this diagnostic scan tool has to offer.

FOXWELL NT630 Plus offers live data, aiding proper diagnosis of multiple car models. Its design makes it very easy to use, thanks to its timely identification of problems and offers solutions as quickly as possible.


FOXWELL NT630 Plus can also be used for various test modes and options; this includes the ABS and SRS system, 02 sensor test, road test, code reader, etc.

Another essential feature is its ability to diagnose steering angle sensors. This aids full servicing, a function typically dear to mechanics specialized in debugging vehicles.

This OBD2 diagnostic scanner comes with an ergonomic and sleek design – its portability and light weight make it an excellent storage option for an extensive range of car models.

Summarily, the FOXWELL NT630 Plus diagnostic tool offers impressive features and capabilities that make vehicle debugging pretty easy.


  1. Simple and easy to use.
  2. Includes a sleek and ergonomic design.
  3. Compatible with multiple car models.
  4. Includes impressive advanced features, such as reading and clear codes.
  5. Free lifetime updates.
  6. Offers multilingual options.


  1. Some of its functions lag.
  2. Time-consuming device registration process.
  3. Poor customer support service.
  4. Doesn’t work in some vehicles.

Main Features

Main Features

1. Read And Clear Code

FOXWELL NT630 Plus features an OBD2 mode 6 function that ensures accurate reading with a single click. If you find reading or interpreting car scan tools challenging, consider using the FOXWELL NT630 Plus code, reader. It also features a 4.3-inch color screen display that makes reading error code relatively straightforward.

This advanced OBD2 mode 6 function makes this diagnostic car scanner an excellent option for reading and clearing code, troubleshooting, and getting precise results about actuators, sensors, relays, and switches.

2. Live Data

FOXWELL NT630 Plus offers users comprehensive live data in graph and text format, letting you can focus on any identified symptom-specific or suspicious data parameters.

NT630 Plus is a tool that provides an accurate picture of your vehicle and how to address them.

With two (2) parameter graphs shown simultaneously, you can access live functional data of everything going on in your vehicle, understanding how each parameter affects each other and recommended fixes.

3. Compatibility

FOXWELL NT630 Plus is compatible with various cars. Its versatility makes it ideal for mechanics working on different types of vehicles.

Working with 60+ car manufacturers, you can trust NT630 to offer you a correct and reliable diagnosis of steering angle sensor, ABS and SRS, etc.

However, you may need to update your software for new car models for a few vehicles. Nonetheless, we can safely confirm that FOXWELL NT630 Plus outperforms several other diagnostic scanners in terms of compatibility.

4. ABS Bleeding

FOXWELL NT630 Plus is designed with automatic ABS bleeding sensors to detect the bleeding process. You must bleed and cycle the pump when opening the brake system for component replacement.

However, returning the brake system without proper bleeding may affect the brakes from functioning properly.

But with FOXWELL NT630 Plus, you can be sure of doing a perfect job! This product ensures you complete the full diagnosis of the ABS bleeding process, displaying the measurements until the bleeding stops.

5. SRS

It is essential to inspect your vehicle’s airbag system. With FOXWELL NT630 Plus, you can thoroughly analyze and detect any airbag problems, including but not limited to air springs, collision sensors, circuit errors, plug loosening, etc.

Comparatively, NT630 outperforms several other SRS scanners, especially with its ability to resent the airbag control module after replacement.

6. AutoVIN

VIN includes vehicle inside information. With a VIN scanning feature, the FOXWELL NT630 Plus OBD2 scanner offers detailed information about your car via its Vehicle Identification Number.

The data provided allows users to effortlessly identify vehicle parts that need replacement. With most diagnostic scanners unable to generate this information, NT630 has proven to be a really innovative tool for car owners and mechanics.

7. Multilingual Options 

Another unique feature of FOXWELL NT630 Plus is its multilingual function. With two languages, Spanish and English, users can choose whichever language they best understand, improving its overall user-friendliness.

8. Lifetime Free Update

With FOXWELL NT630 Plus, there is a zero chance you would need to buy another diagnostic scan tool in the nearest future, especially when properly maintained. Thanks to the unlimited free update available with this product.

Downloadable via the internet, all you need is to install the SD into a card reader, login into the application on your PC, and select “Update.” Unfortunately, FOXWELL NT630 Plus cannot be updated on MAC systems when writing this article.

Advance Features

Advance Features

1. ECU Tracking 

With FOXWELL NT630 Plus, you can learn, code or match replaced ECUs, disable annoying functions, customize your car, unfold hidden car features, etc. The product also allows adaptive data reprogramming for certain components after replacements or repairs.

2. DPF

Diesel Particulate Filters are devices used to capture diesel particulates physically, preventing their escape into the atmosphere. FOXWELL NT630 Plus features a DPF function as an after-treatment to trap particulate matter, like ash and soot, in your vehicle.

Difference Between FOXWELL NT630 Plus VS. FOXWELL NT624

FOXWELL NT630 Plus is a compact, lightweight, yet rugged diagnostic scanner tool, featuring a simple, easy-to-read color screen that makes diagnosis pretty easy. On the contrary, FOXWELL NT624 is relatively less portable with a larger screen size, making it even easier to read and use sensor readings.

NT630 and NT624supports almost equal advanced features. For instance, apart from the ability to provide sensor data from SRS and ABS systems.

NT630 also conducts OBD2 diagnostics, such as oxygen sensor tests, freeze frame, I/M, etc. With NT624, you can troubleshoot problems, such as headlights, transmission, AC, etc.



Design Slim and lightweight Bigger
Screen  Simple layout Four directional buttons.
Main Features Read and clear codes, ABS Bleeding, and OBDS2 Diagnostics. All-system diagnosis.
Advanced Features ECU and DPF Tracking Function and AutoVIN EPB reset, and Oil light reset.
Compatibilities 60+ car models. 56+ car models.
Recommended Users Beginner home mechanics and car owners. Car repair professionals.


Q: How Can I Update My FOXWELL NT630 Plus?

A: Follow the steps below to update your FOXWELL NT630 Plus effortlessly.

  1. Visit their official website and download the FoxScanner Installer (the update tool).
  2. Unzip and install the FoxScanner Installer.
  3. Create your account and Sign In.
  4. Connect your FOXWELL NT630 to your computer using a USB. You can also use your SD card: remove it from your scanner and plug it into your card reader, then connect the card reader to your computer.
  5. Select the “Update” Icon.
  6. FoxAssist will automatically acquire your serial number.
  7. Select “Activate.”
  8. Click “Download” to complete your update.

Q: Do to Use FOXWELL NT630

A: FOXWELL NT630 Plus is user-friendly, featuring multiple functions that allow you to diagnose the bugs in your car very quickly. Recommended for car owners and beginner car repairers, this product has easy-to-use buttons and innovative software, reducing the workload during operation.

If using FOXWELL NT630 Plus for the first time, first connect your device to the vehicle under diagnosis using a USB cable.

The 4.3-inch display screen will switch on, showing multiple options to choose from. Navigate the screen using the front buttons to operate the device.

Q: How Often Do I Need to Update My Device?

A: FOXWELL NT630 Plus comes with free lifetime online updates for registered users. Therefore, to enjoy the free unlimited updates to ensure your device is up-to-date and supports even newer car models, ensure you register and sign in on their official website.

Q: Why Does the Screen of My FOXWELL NT630 Plus Go Blank After Upgrading?

A: This often happens when you delete your OS-Software. To fix, format the memory card and perform the software update process again.

If the OS-Software isn’t deleted, confirm you upgraded it while performing the update; otherwise, the diagnostic scanner won’t function efficiently or go blank in worst cases.

Q: Why Did My Update Stop? 

A: This often happens if you connect FOXWELL NT630 to your PC using USB. Consider updating your scanning tool via card reader instead. Also, try installing the downloads in batches.

Final Word

Have you been searching for a reliable, top-quality, and affordable scan device? The FOXWELL NT630 Plus is a brilliant option to consider.

As seen in this FOXWELL NT630 Plus review, this diagnostic scanner is easy to use, lightweight, compact and offers multiple innovative features that aid efficient and effortless car diagnosis.

Do you still have any questions about FOXWELL NT630 Plus review? Do not hesitate to ask via the comment section below.

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