Fix P0742 Obd2 Code: Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Stuck

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How To Fix P0742 Obd2 Code?
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If you are driving and your car suddenly starts to shake, there may be a problem with the transmission. One common code that may show up is P0742. This stands for “torque converter clutch solenoid valve circuit performance.”!

Definition of P0742 Code

When you are driving, and suddenly the car shakes, it means one thing – there’s a problem with the transmission. More specifically, if you see this message: “P0742 Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Performance,” it means that there is a problem with the transmission control system. A TCC solenoid is mostly controlled by a duty cycle, and the oil flows into the torque converter clutch circuit.

P0742 Code Meaning

P0742 Code Meaning:

Modern vehicles with automatic transmissions use an actual torque converter. If you have a P0742 trouble code, there is a problem with the transmission control system. The most common issue is the torque converter solenoid or faulty transmission solenoid. 

Now that we know the definition and meaning of the p0742 code, let’s learn its causes and symptoms.

OBD-II Code P0742: Symptoms, Causes & Diagnose

Causes of p0742 Code

Here are a few of the causes of the p0742 code:

  • TCM failure
  • Damaged wiring or connector
  • Torque converter clutch solenoid valve harness
  • Dirty transmission fluid
  • Faulty torque converter clutch circuit stuck on.
  • Mechanical failure of the lockup clutch
  • Blocked pressure passage
  • Valve body issue
  • Malfunctioning torque convertor clutch solenoid or TCC solenoid

P0742 Symptoms of Transmission System Malfunction

Here are a few of the symptoms of p0742 TCM: OBD 2 Scanner With Live Data

  • Transmission Slippage and overheats: Most transmissions will overheat because the torque converter is not locking up. Usually, this can be caused by a bad torque converter clutch solenoid.
  • Low transmission level: When the fluid level is too low, the TCM cannot sense this, and it will send a message that you need to add more fluid.
  • Fluid leaking from the transmission: If you see fluid leaking from your transmission, there’s a problem with the seals. You might have to change your transmission or repair it before using it again.
  • Check engine light: If you are getting this error, your transmission has a problem. You may have to diagnose and fix it before using your vehicle again. 
  • Startup acceleration: If your car is not accelerating properly, the transmission may not be coming up to speed fast enough. This is called a “dual-clutch” transmission system or “twin-clutch”. Also, if you are driving a manual transmission car, the vehicle might shudder, and the engine shuts off. 
  • Lower MPG: If you notice this problem, you should try to check your transmission because it could be due to a failure.
  • Shaking: If you are experiencing shaking or harsh shifting while driving, this could be because of a failure with the transmission. Moreover, at highway speed, you feel the transmission slipping.

How to Diagnose P0742 Error Code?

The best way to find out the problem with your car is by finding a code reader. With a code reader, you will read out several diagnostic trouble codes and know what you need to repair your vehicle. 

Once you find a code reader and purchase it, you need to download the special software for your computer to find out transmission issues. Next, plug your code reader into your computer’s USB port, turn the ignition off, and then connect it to your car’s OBD II port (usually located in front of the fuse panel). You will then read the error codes and check them against your car manual.

Common mistakes you must avoid when diagnosing P0742 code

You will make the diagnostic process easier, and your work shall be done more efficiently if you follow these rules:

  • Never replace any part just because you have a code. Always follow the car manual to diagnose the problem correctly. 
  • Always write down all error codes before replacing any part of your car. This way, you will know if there are other issues with your car. 
  • Make sure that you get the same error code or a similar type of error code before proceeding with any repairs.

How to fix the p0742 obd2 code?

How to fix p0742 obd2 code?

You can fix the p0742 obd2 code yourself. Just follow these steps:

  • Install a rebuilt or remanufactured transmission.
  • Replace the torque converter/clutch.
  • Replace your torque converter clutch.
  • Change transmission filter.
  • Repair damaged wiring harness.
  • Repair damaged connectors.
  • Replace TCM or ECU.

If you don’t know how to fix the p0742 OBDII code, you can contact a car mechanic to fix it for you. 

Tips to avoid the p0742 OBDII code

The best way to avoid the p0742 code is to maintain your car properly and follow the manufacturer’s manual. Here are a few maintenance tips for your car:

  • Keep your fluid level full – check your transmission filter with a dipstick regularly and replace it when needed. 
  • Do not drive cars with low fluid levels – this can cause damage to your transmission. 
  • Always turn off your car when you are done driving. Do not run it until the drive engine has cooled down. 
  • Always have a full tank of fuel – this will help prevent low fluid levels. 
  • Make sure that your ignition system and wiring are of good quality. 
  • Have your transmission serviced at least every 12,000 miles or every year to ensure that it’s functioning correctly and keeping your mileage running at peak efficiency level.


What are the tools you need to diagnose the p0742 code?

There are several scan tools available in the market today, but you can use DVOM or OBD code scanners to diagnose error code p0742. 

How much does it cost to fix the p0742 code?

The cost to Fix the p0742 error code depends on what exact part you need to replace. The code will only give you an idea of the problem and what you need to fix. 

Can I Fix P0742 Code Myself?

Yes, you can fix it yourself after proper code p0742 reading. However, it’s best to leave this error code and all others to auto repair professionals. They have the tools, knowledge, and experience to fix it correctly and efficiently.

In some cars, you may replace parts by yourself, but you will need a professional service in most cases. So if you are not comfortable with auto repair work or don’t know how to fix car problems, find a reliable mechanic who can fix this error code.