Best Obd2 Scanner For Honda

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Best OBD 2 Scanner For Honda
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Every car manufactured after 1996 is legally required to have an onboard diagnostic (OBD) system. This system monitors the performance of various car components and can aid in detecting abnormalities before they become serious problems. The OBD system has four major elements:

  1. The On-Board Diagnostics System, or computer
  2. Sensors on various engine parts
  3. The check engine light, or MIL
  4. A diagnostic connector

The OBD system is designed to keep a track of the functioning of a vehicle’s major systems: engine, transmission, anti-lock brakes, instrument panel cluster, and airbag system. The car owner can use an OBD scanner to read any trouble codes that have been set in the computer and, if equipped, erase them.

What are OBD 2 Scanners?

OBD 2 Scanners are devices that allow you to read all of the information on your car’s onboard diagnostic system. On-Board Diagnostics, or OBD, the system provides continuous access to data about how well your engine is running.  

OBD II is a standard fitted to all cars and light-duty trucks in some countries (notably the United States) since 1996, that continually monitors aspects of the operation of the vehicle’s engine and emissions control system, and when necessary, provides feedback to the driver utilizing indicator lights on the dashboard. 

Many auto manufacturers have used OBD II devices to diagnose engine problems in both new and older vehicles manufactured since 1996. OBD II can help you find out why your Check Engine light is on, check for stored diagnostic trouble codes or “DTCs,” measure how well your emissions system is performing, and show you if the performance of your engine is optimal.

Those who own a Honda can rejoice that their model is one of the best when it comes to reading trouble codes. The carmaker does not build its models with “check engine” lights; instead relying on thorough readers and is able to deliver correct information. Furthermore, mechanics will find that this range of cars is the easiest to work on of all Japanese manufacturers.

Impact of OBD 2 Scanners on Honda Automobiles 

There are many benefits to having an OBD 2 device for Honda Cars. Mainly, you will be able to pay much less when it comes to insurance fees. In addition, it is known that Honda cars have a black box installed in the vehicle. This helps monitor how the engine performs while different drivers operate it to provide the most accurate rating possible.

As many people know, Honda vehicles are some of the most reliable cars on the road (their average rate for maintenance after 100,000 miles is only 1%). That said, like all other modern vehicles, they require an OBD2 scan tool to extract diagnostic information. Mechanics can use this to pinpoint problems quickly and accurately and by enthusiasts to tune their cars and make them perform better. 

Honda has been using this system for quite some time now, and it is known to improve the value of your car over time. However, there are some things about an OBD 2 device that you should be aware of, such as:

  1. You can’t disconnect it yourself without damaging the car
  2. Your insurance company can’t remove it when you want them to
  3. It takes away from the resale value of your car

Below are the most effective OBD 2 Scanners that have proven best for the automobile industry of Honda.

1. Foxwell NT510 Multi-System

Foxwell NT510 is an efficient and most influential professional Multi-System diagnostic scanner designed to facilitate technicians working in the automotive industry with code troubleshooting, live data, actuation, and other required information instantly. This handheld scanner will allow you to access the OBD diagnostic codes for all systems on cars manufactured from 1996 to 2014 within minutes so that you can get your repair or service work done quickly and efficiently.

Foxwell NT510 Multi-System

However, the NT510 is a very stable and easy-to-use tool in Honda. It allows you to read the trouble code, clear the malfunction code and display live data in real-time. Also, this professional scanner supports all Honda models from 1996 till date and supports many other vehicles manufactured from 2000 till date.


  1. Easy to use Foxwell NT510 is easy to use and will guide you through the functions step by step with its clear menu buttons and display. For example, you can finish a diagnostic check in just a few minutes, and it will show you precisely what the problem is and its location.
  2. High-quality product with reasonable price Foxwell NT510 Scanner has a rugged metal alloy body that ensures high quality and special treatment to prevent rust; it also has a reasonable price that is especially suitable for those who demand high-quality results.
  3. High read accuracy Honda cars are known for their reliability, efficiency, and affordability, but they are still complicated when it comes to what you need to maintain them. This is why the Foxwell NT510 OBD2 Scanner is so valuable. It can quickly diagnose what's wrong with your car without having to take it to a mechanic or an automotive shop.
  4. High-End Features The Foxwell NT510 is an inexpensive OBD2 scanner for Honda cars. However, the device has valuable features that make it a significant investment, including freeze frame data, onboard diagnostics testing, live monitors, and diagnostic trouble codes. It also includes CANBUS support for various modules on the vehicle's body.
  5. Flexible This scanner is compatible with all Honda vehicles from 1988-to 2022, meaning it will work with most modern Hondas. It also has a reasonable price tag so that it won't break the bank. In addition, the NT510 has several advanced features, including code definitions, read/erase DTCs, drive cycles, and so much more!
  6. Supports all OBD2 protocols The Foxwell NT510 OBD2 Scanner is a tool that can be used to diagnose various problems with your Honda car. This scanner will allow you to see what the issue with your vehicle is and how you should fix it.


  1. Not Support Live Data Streaming. Foxwell NT510 comes with a few cons as it does not support live data streaming, which makes this device fall out of consideration for a traveler demanding prompt results.
  2. Lack of Compatibility Although the device is highly user-friendly, it does not support specific models of Honda cars that run on Batteries (Hybrid ), making it a limited device to particular models.

2. Autel Maxidas DS808 

The Autel Maxidas DS808 is an affordable option for Honda owners who want to scan their car to check the engine’s health. The device is equipped with a wide range of diagnostic features that can be used for both automatic and manual readings. It can do everything you need to know about your vehicle with functions like OBDii live data, ABS test, TPMS diagnosis, DPF filter check, and catalytic converter monitor. The best OBD 2 scanner for Honda cars is the Autel Maxidas DS808. It was created by a formidable company called Autel which has a reputation for making quality diagnostic equipment.

Autel Maxidas DS808 

Autel Maxidas DS808 is an excellent choice for Honda owners looking for an inexpensive but reliable scan tool. This handy tool can be used to diagnose powertrain, body, chassis, and data system issues on most Honda models. It’s also an affordable substitute to the more expensive diagnostic tools available. It’s constructive for those just getting into automotive repairs or needing a hand with their car troubleshooting.



  1. Easy to Use Interface It's Easy to use and set up. Just plug it into a OBD II USB port, and it is ready to use. It is 12 inches x 9 inches deep and weighs about 3 pounds. It has a large LCD screen which makes it easy to read. In addition to the ease of use, the scan also includes various other features such as standard diagnostic tests, freeze frame data, and more.
  2. Reads all OBD II and OBD I codes from all vehicles and provides a visual readout. This makes the device distinctive among other OBD 2 Scanners. In addition, with the affiliation to Honda automobiles, it gives access to vehicles with OBD I Scanner and offers detailed documented codes.
  3. Fast and reliable. The scanner is prompt in analyzing the codes and giving accurate results on its diagnosis on Vehicle malfunctioning.
  4. No proprietary cables are needed. Autel DS808 is wireless and does not need any Proprietary cables to scan your car thoroughly, and it functions entirely through Bluetooth connectivity
  5. rks on all vehicles, including Diesel and Gasoline Engines. Unlike other OBD 2 Scanners, Autel DS808 does not categorize its services to limited Honda models. It functions even on heavy Diesel and Gasoline Engines.
  6. High sensitivity It is essential to have a safe, efficient, and highly sensitive scanner in terms of functionality. This means that there is a need for good maintenance, including checking the engine and the vehicle's functions. Another way is using a scan tool, such as the Autel Maxidas DS808 OBD 2 Scanner for Honda vehicles.


  1. High Price The Autel Maxidas DS808 comes at a great price of $490. Such a price might put a tremendous burden on your pockets, but with significant advantages, it would be an excellent deal to make for your Honda cars.
  2. Lack of Older Models Autel Maxidas DS808 is a great choice to check the efficiency of all Honda models, but it lacks in older models, especially with the OBD I scanner affiliated models.

3. Total Car Diagnostics TOAD-Pro OBD2 Scanner 

TOAD is a scanner that allows you to use a device to read and diagnose your Honda vehicle. It does not require a subscription for the service, and it will work on any car made in 1996 or newer. Operators can diagnose an automotive problem using the TOAD’s intuitive interface, which provides a step-by-step guide to diagnose your vehicle without prior experience.

TOAD is a self-diagnostic scanner that will allow Honda owners to see if their vehicle’s OBD2 system is functioning correctly. This can save time and money by knowing if a car needs a new catalytic converter before the check engine light comes on.

The TOAD OBD2 scanner for Honda is a hardware-based device that allows for reading and clearing trouble codes in your car. It also does advanced diagnostics such as fuel pump testing. The TOAD is compatible with all Honda models from 1996 to the present and can be used on most other makes and models. It requires Android 7+ or iOS 11+.


  1. Supports ECU Remapping With Honda being your priority, it is often hit by engine alteration that could compel you to make trips to the nearest mechanics. Still, with TOAD-Pro, the User can quickly diagnose ECU tuning codes making it convenient for the driver to prevent any malfunction.
  2. Compatibility TOAD-Pro is a highly Compatible OBD 2 Scanner that works in all Honda automobiles, irrespective of the model and heavy engine.
  3. Data Streaming TOAD-Pro allows the User to witness real-time data streaming. The User can analyze and collect relevant data for the car's functionality before any error with such a feature.
  4. Upgraded Softwares TOAD- Pro is not only user-friendly but has a high-end interface that makes it convenient for the User to stay informed about their car's performances with a prompt response. It has inbuilt 17 software that keeps on updating when needed.
  5. Wireless Connectivity TOAD- Pro is wireless as it allows the User to diagnose the car's performance by just connecting it to any device through Bluetooth or a code. Such convenient features allow mechanics and drivers to analyze problems from a certain distance.
  6. One-Year Warranty TOAD-Pro comes with a one-year warranty, Giving the Honda owners leniency to claim for better functionality of the OBD 2 Scanner if hit by any specific problems within the device.


  1. Complicated for Auto Enthusiasts TOAD-Pro device demands excellent counseling for a beginner driver and auto enthusiast as it is incorporated with high-end features that can thrill you to use it conveniently.
  2. USB Cord Connectivity With many advantages come a few disadvantages. For TOAD-Pro, such a CON would not be considered primary, but the USB cord is relatively short to connect due to its wireless feature.

4. Launch CRP123 OBD2 Scanner

The Launch CRP123 OBD2 Scanner is a new device on the market that has been designed to offer a high-tech way to diagnose a vehicle’s engine, transmission, and chassis. With the highest level of diagnostic capability, it allows drivers to access their car’s data through their smartphone without making an appointment with a mechanic.

4. Launch CRP123 OBD2 Scanner

The CRP123 scanner is a device that attaches to your car and reads live data from your engine. You can scan the data with the CRP123 scan app on your phone for more information. The CRP123 scanner monitors essential engine functions such as fuel, air intake, temperature, and voltage.

The best thing about the CRP123 scanner is that it will automatically monitor and report any errors or malfunctions in your car’s engine. CRP123 is a new scan that can read and clear engine codes and data, including ABS and SRS (airbag) codes. The scanner connects to the OBDII port in your car, and you insert the appropriate module for your needs. Once connected, you can access the scanner at any time. It provides specific diagnostic data on hardware and software levels with a single glance.


  1. Compact and Lightweight Launch CRP123 comes with a sleek design that gives it an elite look, and diagnosing the malfunction errors of your accord through a compact and lightweight designed scanner would captivate your attention.
  2. Easy to Use - Launch CRP123 is convenient for enthusiasts, Honda drivers, and mechanics to find this device easy to interact with. It is incorporated with software that helps you find the DTC codes to analyze engine fuel efficiency and chassis.
  3. Real-time Scanner Launch CRP123 allows the User to diagnose real-time updates in Honda cars. Data reporting and live scanning features conveniently give Honda enthusiasts an easy platform to analyze the contemporary and upcoming malfunction problems to prevent before time.
  4. Intuitive Menu For a brief overview of the car functionality, the Launch CPR123 allows the User to interact through an Intuitive menu screen that helps diagnose the existing and predictive problems with ease. So the owner could quickly analyze the codes related to the problem.
  5. Tracking for Internal parts Honda owners need to analyze the functionality of their car before time as it could give a tremendous burden on pockets if hit suddenly. With such consideration, Launch CRP123 notifies the owner of the malfunctioning of internal parts of the cars, including engine, fuel efficiency, etc.
  6. Large Screen CRP123 is built with a wide screen that allows the User to have a detailed look over the codes to get a better review.


  1. Speed Launch CRP123 lacks in speed, takes time to read codes, and might not give you a prompt response for the problems faced by your Honda. Due to this, it does not fall onto the consideration of mechanics or Drivers.
  2. Registration for the product Launch CRP123 is regarded as the oldest version to support Honda cars due to which it lacks in speed and efficiency, which resulted in late registration of the product for use. It might take more than 24 hours

OBD 2 Scanner

Foxwell NT510 Multi-System

Autel Maxidas DS808

TOAD-Pro OBD2 Scanner

Launch CRP123





$196.00 -$215.00

Our Take 

Foxwell NT510 falls best in every aspect, be it the device’s functionality or the scanner’s cost, to make sure that your Honda is running smoothly and well. Choosing Foxwell would be a win-win game for Honda owners as it compliments both the price and the quality. 

Although Autel Maxidas DS808 falls higher in the budget, it complements your cost through live scanning, data streaming, and prompt reports notification, making the device dominate other OBD2 Scanners for Honda Automobiles.

TOAD-Pro is an excellent choice for Honda and Acura users as it gives highly accurate and reliable results for diagnosing the codes. In addition, this user-Friendly device helps in making your car diagnosis efficient.

This OBD 2 Scanner is compact enough to diagnose problems in seconds. The advanced technology helps the mechanics and owners to scan codes conveniently. A handy device is recommended for DIYers. 

Rating (out of 5)






  • This scanner lets the user diagnose a Honda car with high accuracy.

  • With this product, vehicle systems checks take only minutes to complete.


  • The Foxwell NT510 can be used in extreme weather conditions with relative ease.


  • It is the perfect tool for the traveling mechanic
  • Have full diagnostic ability with live scanning.

  • Comes with a built-in rugged tablet for easy navigation around the car.

  • Has integrated apps to make your vehicle service needs quick and convenient.

  • Tuned at ease of use, but also to ensure compatibility with all OBD II compliant vehicles
  • Save time and money by troubleshooting issues with your car

  • Get the information you need to make an informed decision about repairs or modifications

  • Automatically receive updates when new DTCs come out, so you’ll always have the newest data available.

  • Read engine management codes and diagnose them at home
  • Easy to use- No experience necessary.

  • LCD Screen- Clear display of engine, transmission, and other internal system status.

  • Live scanning and data reporting- Get real time updates on your car’s health

  • Malfunction notification- Stay informed of any potential issues with your car.

  • Peace of mind- Avoid costly repairs down the road

Box Includes 

1x NT510 Multi-System Scan Tool

1x User’s Guide

1x Memory Card

1x USB Cable

1x CD Software

1x Nylon Carry Pouch

1pc x USB External

1pc x Power Adapter

1pc x USB External Power AdapterUser

1pc x ManualQuick reference guide

1pc x Main cableCarry case

1pc x Mini USB Cable

1pc x User Manual

1pc x Quick Guide

1pc x For Honda-3

As TOAD-Pro is a software it functions through connecting adapters and cables and operated through a software. 

1xLAUNCH CRP123 OBD II Scanner

1xUSB Cable

1xOBD II Cable

1xCard Reader

1xUser Manual

1xInstallation / Registration Instructions


  • Do OBD2 Scanners support Honda?

The OBD2 automotive scanner supports Honda and can check, monitor, and fix problems in the body, chassis, powertrain, or other control modules. It can also perform coding/programming.

  • Which Honda Cars does OBD 2 Scanner support?

Since 1996, updated and modernized cars and trucks have used OBD2 scanners. The exception to this would be any vehicle made before the year 2000, as these vehicles will require an OBD1 scanner.

  • What Diagnostic system of Honda runs OBD 2 car scanning? 

HDS is the software that covers all vehicles from 1996 to current and includes the necessary items to monitor, diagnose, and reprogram Honda. This software can be used on models that are 1994 or newer. Depending upon the system they are affiliated with.

  • What are the most common problems found in Honda?

The problems in Honda Cars vary as per the model, but the following problems were found to be very common as per the recent diagnosis. 

  1. Excessive Oil Consumption.
  2. Vibration When Braking.
  3. Transmission Failure. 
  4. Power Lock Problems.
  5. Dashboard Display.
  • How does OBD 2 Scanner help in Cars Efficiency? 

OBD 2 Scanner does not resolve cars’ efficiency, and it will just help you diagnose malfunction problems and how effectively your engine is operating. These tools analyze the problems and report to you before time. 

  • How to choose a good scanner for Honda ?

Selecting a good OBD 2 scanner is always tricky as each scanner holds different and exclusive features. OBD 2 scanners are designed as per the brands. BMW, Honda, Mercedes, Ford, etc., are some famous brands supported by the OCD 2 Cars scan feature. Other factors to consider while choosing a Scanner are accuracy, compatibility, and user-friendly software. 


The importance of regularly checking your vehicle’s engine light has increased in recent years with environmental regulations. OBD 2 Scanners are available for a wide range of cars and can help determine if a vehicle is meeting emission standards, but it should be noted that not all scanners are accurate. In addition to performing regularly scheduled maintenance on our cars, we take other steps to keep them running smoothly throughout their lives, such as changing the oil and replacing components when needed.

OBD 2 scanners are valuable tools that can be used to check for specific errors in a car’s computer system. This is important because these errors can drastically affect how a vehicle runs. This article will teach you what to look for in an OBD 2 scanner, what features they may come with, and which one would best suit your needs.

If you own a Honda, you know how expensive it can be to take the car to a mechanic for repairs. Scanning your vehicle with an OBD scanner on your own can save you time, money, and stress. You can buy an OBD scanner for as little as $30, and they are relatively easy to use. However, before purchasing one, you should consider what type of vehicle you have and what features your OBD scanner needs to have. 

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