Best Obd2 Scanner For VolksWagen

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Best Obd2 Scanner For VolksWagen
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The modern world is a hustle-bustle environment where people are busy running to get things done. With the advancement in technology, it’s never been easier to do long-distance business, but the downside is that it’s also easy for people to get stuck in their home office or workspace. This has increased in the number of people using cars for their daily commute.

Keeping your car in good shape is essential. Not only does it help you save money and gas, but it also makes the vehicle last longer and run more efficiently.

It’s a lot easier to maintain a car than to replace one, so we recommend regularly inspecting the engine, oil, and transmission fluid for wear and tear. Inspecting the tires for wear and checking tire pressure every month will also help you avoid blowouts on the highway. 

How does OBD 2 Scanner help you maintain your car?

OBD2 scanners are very helpful for taking care of your car. It measures the car’s emissions, checks for faults in the fuel injection, and monitors the catalytic converter’s performance. Moreover, it helps you find out what is wrong with your car to get it fixed on time.

The OBD 2 scanner is an electronic device integrated into the onboard diagnostic system of cars, trucks, and SUVs. This computerized scan tool can perform various functions that include engine diagnostics, emissions testing, and retrieving vehicle data for troubleshooting. 

OBD 2 scanners can help prevent significant car repairs by providing early warning signs of potential problems. The OBD 2 scanner is one of the most powerful diagnostic tools engineers and mechanics use to diagnose any issue with your car. 

Does Volkswagen support OBD 2 Car Scanning?

Volkswagen is one of the world’s most popular car brands. For many reasons, this German company can produce vehicles that are visually appealing and provide people with a sense of belonging.

Volkswagen offers drivers the opportunity to be part of a larger community while still maintaining their unique individuality. This is something that Volkswagen has been doing for decades, and it’s managed to become one of the most recognized brands in automotive history.

Volkswagens and other European cars typically use the OBD2 protocol for diagnostics, a common standard used in many cars worldwide. The protocol communicates to service centres and mechanics all trouble codes, check engine lights, and other data related to the car’s operation, such as fuel efficiency and emissions. As a result, Volkswagen cars are known for their quality and performance.

Types of OBD 2 scanners for Volkswagen Cars 

Volkswagen cars are made with the most modern and cutting-edge technologies and features. However, as these vehicles age, it’s essential to check up on their health. Fortunately, there are several different OBD 2 scan tools for Volkswagen cars available that can be used to detect any problems with an automobile’s engine.

These tools can be used on Volkswagens from as early as 1995 onwards. Unfortunately, many Volkswagen owners are not aware of the different types of OBD 2 scanners for their cars. Some VW owners don’t even know what an OBD 2 scanner is. These scanners all have other functions. To find the best scanner, it’s essential to understand your needs. 

1. BlueDriver 

The BlueDriver Bluetooth Scanner is Volkswagen’s best OBD 2 scanner because it offers accuracy and versatility at an affordable price. It doesn’t take long to set up the scanner, which is a great time-saver, being less complicated than other models on the market.

It’s also compatible with all Volkswagen models made since 1996. Therefore, BlueDriver is the best OBD 2 scanner for Volkswagen. This device can provide you with the most accurate data, especially for Volkswagen vehicles. 


The BlueDriver is easy to use and very efficient, as it can read engine codes and troubleshoot problems on your vehicle. It will stay plugged into your vehicle’s diagnostic port at all times, which makes using this device incredibly convenient.

BlueDriver is an OBD-II Scanner that is compatible with Volkswagen. It has a clear, easy to use interface and the capability to read and clear both engine and ABS codes. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can read your codes from any location without the need to be near your car. BlueDriver’s interface also allows for access to other features such as performance information and various gauges.


  1. It's Portable The first feature that makes this scanner so versatile is portable. You can take it just about anywhere
  2. Data Capture Another great feature of this tool is capturing data from the OBD II port on your car. With a scan tool, you can access this port to get much different information, such as your car's speed gas mileage.
  3. Connectivity Because this tool is a handheld scanner, you can use it to connect to your phone, tablet or computer via USB. In addition, it can easily upload or download different types of information.
  4. Range With a range of up to 120 meters, you can use the Blue driver to scan your car even when you're in the backseat. This is perfect for checking your car's overall performance.
  5. Durable Like OBD II scanners in general, the Bluedriver is made of durable materials. It is made of high-quality plastic, which can withstand much punishment.


  1. Non -Supportive It does not support the enhanced diagnosis; System up-gradation is not supported in Bluedriver diagnosis devices.

2. Foxwell NT624 Elite

Automotive experts have revealed that the Foxwell NT624 ELITE is the best OBD 2 Scanner for Volkswagen cars. This scanner is compact and lightweight for ease of use in any situation.

VW owners will be able to diagnose a slew of problems with this easy-to-use tool, including checking engine light codes and emission readiness. The Foxwell NT624 ELITE is an OBD 2 scanner for Volkswagen. With it, you can read and clear trouble codes, check fuel economy, access vehicle information, and diagnose ABS problems.

Foxwell NT624 Elite

The NT624 ELITE can read ABS codes, check Electronic Brake Control Module status, and diagnose Anti-lock Braking System problems. Many Volkswagen owners have called the current models a “modern marvel.” Yet, they also know that these new models are filled with technology that, for many people, is difficult to understand. That’s where the Foxwell NT624 ELITE scanner comes in.


  1. Compatibility The Foxwell NT624 Elite is compatible with Volkswagen models made after 1997; Regardless of what year your VW was manufactured, you can use this device to diagnose issues.
  2. User- Friendly The ability to use this device as a diagnostic tool compliments your car. The Foxwell NT624 Elite finds and fixes problems without visiting your mechanic.
  3. Live Scanning Foxwell NT624 Elite can display Live scanning of the vehicle's information. This means that you can see all of the information you want without having to go through a series of menus—even your fuel economy, oil life, and many other functions.
  4. Convenience A single AAA battery powers the Foxwell NT624 Elite. Making it easier to make your device functional.
  5. All-in-One Featured The Foxwell NT624 Elite is a universal device that will work with any vehicle. This means that it will work with virtually any car.


  1. Non-Supportive Coding Functions Coding Functions are not supported. Diagnostic results for trouble codes are not provided.
  2. NoN Programming Feature It has a non-programming feature that does not allow the scanner to diagnose on complete programming; it provides you codes.

3. Autopix VW Scanner

Autophix is a leading manufacturer of diagnostic automotive OBD 2 scanners for VW, Audi, Skoda, and other European vehicles. Autophix has successfully partnered with other manufacturers to offer additional equipment necessary for detailed scans. Autophix VW Scanner is the best OBD 2 Scanner because it comes with a time-saving diagnosis and repair process.

3. Autopix VW Scanner

It has a built-in infrared camera that visualizes any problem areas and quickly discerns issues such as coolant leaks, air conditioning or climate control malfunctions, power steering or hydraulic problems, and so on. 

Furthermore, it also checks emission levels and types while displaying petrol consumption details. Autophix VW Audi Audi Skoda Scanner is the newest Audi car scanner on the market today. It can be used to diagnose, scan and erase errors from your vehicle’s computer system. The point of this article is to inform you about how it compares to other OBD 2 scanners and why we recommend it over all others.


  1. Convenience Autopix VW Scanner is a convenient diagnostic tool that helps you scan your car more effectively. It's easy to carry and does not require additional procedures to diagnose your vehicle.
  2. Prompt Responsive This diagnostic tool comes with a feature to give prompt results of the data analyzed through diagnosis; with such a feature, an owner is safe to tow their cars to mechanics.
  3. Reliability Autopix Scanner is the Reliable tool that reads and resolves your trouble codes accurately and provides reports that help you catch the particular area of malfunctioning.
  4. Safety Features The device will not show any change in performance but will identify what needs to be fixed or replaced. Furthermore, this scanner can also help you identify the problem area, which saves you from taking your car to a mechanic.


  1. High Price The only drawback for Autopix VW Scanner is its high price, which makes it unreachable to the audience.

4. Autel MaxiCOM

You may have many different reasons to purchase a car diagnostic scanner, but the best one for Volkswagen cars is Autel MaxiCOM. Known as the “King of OBD2 Scanner”, it works flawlessly with all Volkswagen models and even comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can confidently purchase this product. One of Volkswagen vehicles’ best OBD 2 scanners is the Autel MaxiCOM. The MaxiCOM offers a full range of capabilities in diagnosing any issues with your Volkswagen vehicle. 

4. Autel MaxiCOM

Whether it be a check engine light, ABS, TPMS, or even the red herring “No Communication” message that seems to plague VW owners in the cold weather months, the Autel MaxiCOM will pinpoint where your issue lies and tell you how to fix it. The Volkswagen Group includes some of the most popular car brands globally; the latest Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner for VW vehicles is easy to use and provides clear visuals that make diagnosing vehicle issues much more manageable. For example, using the built-in manual database can pinpoint either steering or suspension issues with ease.


  1. Fast OBD Scanner Autel Maxicom is a fast OBD 2 Scanner that allows the device to provide prompt and accurate diagnostic reports to the VW owner and mechanics. For a responsive action to prevent any significant incident.
  2. User-Friendly Interface Autel Maxicom showers its customers with user-friendly features so that they can diagnose errors more conveniently and accurately. For example, its user-friendly interface allows you to read trouble codes.
  3. Affordable Price. This diagnostic tool is easy on pockets giving their customer leniency to get maximum advantages at an affordable price.
  4. Easy to Update Software Although Autel Maxicom has introduced many variants for their customers, it also allows them to update their diagnostic software at their convenience, so they don't have to change their scanner frequently.
  5. Reliable Quality The result diagnosed by Autel Maxicom is relevant and reliable, so your Volkswagen runs with maximum efficiency.


  1. Renewal fees Autel Maxicom requires renewal fees annually for the software upgrade .This could be squinting factor for customers to fade their interest from the device .

5. Carista 

Carista is the best OBD 2 Scanner for Volkswagen because it is compatible with almost all Volkswagen models. The OBD 2 Scanner can be downloaded to your smartphone and has many advanced features, such as tracking fuel efficiency, monitoring engine performance, and even resetting the service light. Carista also comes with a warranty that will cover any damages to your vehicle.

Carista is Volkswagen’s best OBD 2 scanner because it has a Bluetooth connection for smartphone and computer data transmission. The scanner has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface and Carista Software and Smartphone App to diagnose Volkswagen models.

Carista is the best OBD 2 scanner for Volkswagen because it’s free to use, its interface is user-friendly, and you can sync your scans with the Carista app to diagnose problems in real-time. Even though it’s free, this doesn’t mean that Carista skips out on what you need for your VW. You can look at detailed readings of your engine, read error codes, see your fuel efficiency, and more.


  1. User - Friendly The Carista OBD2 scanner allows users to efficiently diagnose and repair vehicle issues without needing heavy mechanic equipment
  2. Compatibility It's compatible with most Volkswagen models. One of the most practically priced and efficient OBD 2 scan tools on the market is Carista.
  3. Supportive to all models It provides a wide range of diagnostics and troubleshooting for domestic and imported cars, motorcycles and heavy trucks.
  4. Live Data Reading With Carista, you can monitor and diagnose your vehicle's performance through live data readings, not to mention live CAN-BUS data stream.
  5. Diagnosis Reports on VW malfunctioning The Carista OBD 2 Scanner can scan and chart data on fuel consumption, engine temperature, throttle position, acceleration, etc., in various languages. Furthermore, the scanner can be used to change settings on your car.


  1. Additional cost for App Registration Carista has hidden charges for the mobile app, which makes it daunting for the Customers to avail of this scanner that comes with a low price but multiple registration costs charged annually.

OBD 2 Scanner


Foxwell NT624 Elite

Autophix VW Scanner

Autel MaxiCOM








Rating (out of 5)







  • Efficient in reading and clearing trouble codes data logging and engine’s performance
  • Reading freeze frame data, calculating fuel economy, and checking the air/fuel ratio on EFI engines.
  • It communicates with the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system, supports CAN-BUS protocol, and includes a special function to reset the Service Engine Soon light.
  • Diagnose your engine parameters, transmission parameters, ABS/airbag. 
  • It also provides you with all of the data that you need in order to diagnose any problems
  • This scanner is equipped with the latest diagnostic codes, built-in I/M readiness.
  • The NT624 Elite OBD 2 scanner is affordable making it easy to find on Amazon for purchase.
  • The Foxwell NT624 Elite OBD 2 Scanner is an all-in-one car scanner that provides diagnostics for 1996 and newer Volkswagen models.
  • The scanner reads codes, records live data, and has system information including fuel consumption.
  • The NT624 Elite comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for multiple vehicles on one scan.
  • The Autopix VW OBD2 Scanner is a great tool for Volkswagen owners to use.
  • It diagnoses the condition of the car’s engine, transmission, ABS system, airbags, body control module and other systems.
  • It accesses all of the basic functions that are needed to diagnose any issues that may arise with your Volkswagen.
  • The ability to read data from the vehicle’s onboard computer and perform diagnostic tests on key systems. 
  • It also includes checking airbag deployment and anti-theft indicator lights.
  • They have the ability to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, which is an integral part of identifying and resolving problems with your vehicle.
  • The Autel MaxiCOM OBD2 Scanner is an affordable, reliable scanner for your VW. It not only can diagnose your car, but it can also reset your check engine light for free.
  • The device includes a built-in code reader which defines the severity of any detected problems.
  • With four different languages, this scanner is perfect for VW drivers that are bilingual or multilingual.
  • Carista is efficient to provide relevant information about your VW for effective and smooth running .
  • The Carista OBD 2 Scanner is a device that can monitor different computer systems of your car. Diagnoses engine faults, check fuel consumption, brake pedal.
  • The Carista-VW application or Carista-VW.exe file, allows for checking the status of an engine, transmission, ECU 
  • The Carista OBD II Scanner is an innovative, affordable tool for monitoring your Volkswagen’s battery and other engine conditions. 
  • It also comes with a lifetime warranty, includes free software updates, and offers unlimited data logging.

Box Includes 

A charging cable  BlueDriver Adapters . a smartphone with Bluetooth will be needed to use this device through the free BlueDriver app.

The Foxwell NT301 comes with a small user manual and a USB cable that allows you to connect the scanner to your computer to transfer test data and download updates.

  • 1pc x V007 Scan Tool main unit
  • 1pc x User’s Manual

1pc x AC/DC Adapter (12V)

1pc x Adapter for VW/AUDI-2+2

1pc x Cigarette Lighter

1pc x MaxiVCI V100

1pc x Lighter Fuse

1pc x Soft Cloth

1pc x Mini USB Cable

1pc x User Manual

1pc x Packing List

1pc x Carrying Case

1pc x Quick Reference Guide

Carista Scanner and a software app for diagnosis.  


Do OBD2 Scanners support Volkswagen Vehicles? 

OBD2 Scanner is a scanning tool that can connect to a vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port and monitor the car’s performance. The OBD2 scan tool supports Volkswagen vehicles.

What to look for when choosing OBD 2 Scanner for Volkswagen Golf?

OBD 2 scanners diagnose engine, transmission, and emission problems. Volkswagen Golfs are known for having a variety of engine and transmission problems. You should look for when choosing an OBD 2 scanner is the ability to read and clear codes in the vehicle’s computer. 

How does the Onboard Diagnosis of your Volkswagen improve its efficiency? 

Volkswagen vehicles use a system of onboard diagnostics (OBD) to monitor engine performance and diagnose problems. The OBD monitors the vehicle’s onboard computer, storing information on fuel consumption, emissions, and other data.

When a problem occurs, the computer sends a signal to the appropriate components in the vehicle to be fixed.

What are the best OBD 2 Scanners for Volkswagen? 

The best OBD 2 scanners for Volkswagen are the ones that are compatible with your vehicle. The list of these scanners can be found on the VW website.


Have you ever thought about how the success of your Volkswagen depends on the health and safety of your vehicle? 

This is why many people have started to use an OBD 2 scanner. This kind of scan is a diagnostic scan that can show how healthy or sick your Volkswagen might be. You never know when you’ll notice something wrong with your car, so it is better to take precautions and at least check it once a month.

The Volkswagen is not a car that needs regular maintenance, so many people do not pay attention to the “check engine” light. However, it can be very important because it will keep you informed about any potential problems with the car. For example, if the check engine light is on, you should have your Volkswagen scanned through an OBD2 scanner right away. 

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