Best OBD 2 Scanner With Live Data

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Best OBD 2 Scanner With Live Data
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OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics. An OBD scanner is a unique tool used to plug into a computer system linked to the car to read fault codes and other helpful OBD scanners are essential diagnostic tools that can help you save money and keep yourself safe on the road by helping you find out any problems about your car before they become more serious.

This way, if there is a problem with one of the sensors in your vehicle, you can prevent significant damage from occurring.

Most cars manufactured before 1996 don’t come with an OBD port, although automakers produce adapters that can be easily installed aftermarket to add this functionality to older cars. There are many different scanners available for OBD II, with some being better than others depending on your needs. Here are five different OBD scanners that you can purchase to help diagnose problems with your vehicle.

Best OBD 2 Scanner With Live Data Review

1. Launch CRP129E OBD Scanner


Autel MaxiDAS DS808
Autel MaxiDAS DS808

The Launch CRP129E is an OBD2 cable. This can be used to connect your laptop/PC or android device to your vehicle so that you can clear the engine fault code for any of your Check Engine light problems. The Launch CRP129E is a relatively new product at this time, but it has already become prevalent due to its convenience of use and high-quality software.

The Launch CRP129E is compatible with all OBD2-compliant vehicles. It can be used on later model cars such as petrol and diesel engines, hybrid models, motorcycles, ATVs, motorhomes, and marine craft up to 25 meters.

1. Launch CRP129E OBD Scanner

The Launch CRP129E comes with PC software, which can diagnose and erase engine fault codes for all makes and models of vehicles. In addition, it can display on-screen vehicle data, including RPM, Speed, coolant temperature, intake air temperature, oxygen sensor voltage/activity (for supported vehicles), onboard fuel management, throttle position, intake manifold pressure, airflow rate, barometric pressure, and battery voltage. It also includes a graphing function that allows you to view graphs of the above parameters over time


  1. Support a wide range of cars from different brands
    The second-generation Launch CRP129E can support OBDII/EOBD protocols, which can read and diagnose all Asian, European, American, and Chinese vehicles. It detects engine conditions such as temperature, pressure, volume, etc., manual or automatic, no matter petrol or diesel.
  2. Support live data function.
    The Launch CRP129E scanner displays the real-time sensor data of your car in numbers and graphs. Graphs show you engine condition at a glance;
  3. High scanning speed & high precision
    Launch CRP129E OBD Scanner can read and display live data and show trouble codes in a fraction of a second. It can receive and analyze data from the car ECU quickly and indeed, without damaging your vehicle’s computer system;
  4. Comprehensive diagnostic functions
    Launch CRP129E covers all standard OBDII/EOBD diagnostic functions such as Coding, Oil Reset, DPF Removal, etc. It offers complete access to ECU parameters and lets you adjust parameters one by one;
  5. Powerful functions supported
    Other powerful functions such as Actuators, ABS Bleeding and Injector coding, etc., are also supported. Launch CRP129E OBD Scanner covers airbag, powertrain, and body systems diagnosis for most cars. It makes it easy to do factory-level diagnostics.
  6. Perfect design
    Launch CRP129E is a perfect diagnostic tool, compared to Launch X431 Series and other Chinese-made scanners on the market at present. It has a bigger screen with higher resolution, a more practical infrared mini keyboard, easier update via USB port, and many other new functions such as battery test, etc.


  1. High price.
    Launch CRP129E OBD scanner is at a high price, which makes it out-of-reach for ordinary customers.
  2. It cannot be updated online.
    It cannot be updated via the Internet, and all updates have to be done with a USB flash drive. So please make sure you’ve got a USB flash drive ready when yours crashes.
  3. It cannot be updated via Bluetooth.
    It cannot connect to a laptop or computer wirelessly, another “inconvenience” for customers.

2. BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scanner

Autel MaxiDAS DS808
Autel MaxiDAS DS808

The BlueDriver Pro OBDII scanner is a complete, all-in-one solution to your car’s ongoing performance and fuel economy issues. The main advantage of the BlueDriver is that it requires no additional pieces or adapters to be purchased to properly diagnose your vehicle. This is because it uses the same Bluetooth 4.0 technology that your smartphone does, allowing it to communicate with all 1996 and newer cars.

2. BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scanner

The BlueDriver app is available for iOS or Android devices on iTunes or Google Play. Simply download your preferred version, pair the device to the BlueDriver, and begin scanning.

Here are a few reasons which make BlueDriver a best OBD Scanner:

  1. A clear color display with backlit LEDs makes it easier to read in any environment.
  2. Unlike other scanners on the market, our tool will work on your smartphone or tablet. No additional purchases are necessary!
  3. Manipulate your scan data by toggling between PIDS, graph, DTC definitions, and vehicle specifics.
  4. Easily switch units of measure so you can read pressure in PSI or degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Receive real-time error code alerts directly on your phone if the check engine light comes on.
  6. Keep track of your recent trips, costs, and even MPG data.


  1. The BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scanner makes it easier for you to monitor your vehicle’s health and get the most accurate data on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Detects Instantly
    This powerful scanner quickly identifies issues with the engine and saves you from costly repairs. It checks for trouble codes and turns them into easy-to-understand error reports that can help you correct problems in your car.
  3. Reliable Results
    The BlueDriver OBDII scanner offers fast and accurate results, which you can trust for all your car maintenance tasks. Using Bluetooth technology, the device can connect wirelessly to Android devices with no need for additional cables or readers.
  4. Convenient Data Transfers
    You can share the results of your engine diagnostics with friends and fellow car enthusiasts. Simply share access to your reports through email, text messaging, or social media, letting everyone know that you are running at peak performance.
  5. Easy-to-Use Interface
    The BlueDriver OBDII Scanner is designed for complete convenience, getting you access to the data you need in just three simple steps.
  6. Multiple Uses
    The BlueDriver isn’t limited to car use. You can also utilize its functions for testing various types of engines, including motorbikes and boats. This scanner is even suitable for light trucks, SUVs, and RVs, allowing you to get the most out of your device.


  1. Lack of OE replacement makes it impossible to use for critical diagnostics:
    The Blue Driver OBDII Scanner is not designed to be a diagnostic tool that can assist in determining the components that need to be replaced. Instead, it’s just a basic data reader and recorder.
  2. Poor customer service:
    Many owners reported having trouble getting in touch with Blue Driver’s customer service department.
  3. Lack of durability:
    The Blue Driver OBDII Scanner has a flimsy construction and an even worse battery life. It can easily break, and when it does, you obviously won’t get your money back!

3. Foxwell NT301 OBD2 Scanner

Autel MaxiDAS DS808
Autel MaxiDAS DS808

The Foxwell NT301 is a handheld vehicle diagnostic scanner, OBD 2/EOBD compliant. It allows users to scan and retrieve any available information from their car’s computer (DTCs) and display live data stream values on the screen. Fix your car troubles within minutes by checking engine trouble codes and reading Data Streams.

3. Foxwell NT301 OBD2 Scanner

By reading Data Streams, you can see your car’s sensor data fluctuation in real-time. This allows you to see precisely what is going on under your engine’s hood. Using the TFT color screen, all parameters are well displayed for easy viewing and readability. With its compact design, you’ll be able to carry it around easily. It can also reset MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) for most U.S, Asian, and European vehicle makers if you are looking for a very affordable yet durable OBD 2 scanner that enables you to read live data stream values.

Foxwell NT301 OBD2 Scanner is the best scanner that you can use for diagnosing your vehicle. It has a full range of capabilities to give your vehicle a complete diagnosis, and it is very simple to use, especially with its user-friendly interface design.OBD2 scanners are not new, but Foxwell NT301 is a new brand for this product. However, its popularity has been increasing lately because of its great performance and affordability.


  1. Resistant to water and dust
    The Foxwell NT301 is resistant to water and dust, making it a great choice for professionals who need a scanner that can survive the outdoors. Professionals will also appreciate how quick this scanner is in providing accurate results that are easy to read.
  2. Lightweight at a mere 0.5 pounds
    The NT301 weighs only 0.5 pounds, making it easy to handle for anyone who doesn’t want something too heavy to carry around. It will fit into the palms of most hands and slip easily into any bag or toolbox.
  3. Works on certain cars from the ’90s or newer
    The Foxwell NT301 is compatible with vehicles from the 1990s or later. It can read and clear all OBD2 trouble codes on cars made by General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan and Toyota. But it works well with many other makes and models as well.
  4. Well-organized, with easy-to-follow instructions
    The Foxwell NT301 is well designed and very accessible. It’s so user friendly that even those who aren’t familiar with modern technology will be able to use it. Instructions are clear, and there is a quick start guide to help beginners get started as soon as possible.
  5. A large display screen that displays all data in full color
    The NT301 has an extra-large screen that can display problems in six different languages. In addition, it offers a clear and easy-to-read graph so anyone can interpret the results. Also, since it’s color coded, you’ll never have to guess at what the code means, whether it’s flashing, on constantly or off.


  1. Operating system not compatible with MACs or Apple products
    The cable that comes with the product can only work on PCs. Installing software to make it work on a Mac is not easy. Even after installing, it will work slower than usual.
  2. No online videos for tutorials
    The manual is provided with the product but lacks the most basic steps for those new to this scanner. This can make you give up and choose another one to buy.

4. Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Scanner

Autel MaxiDAS DS808
Autel MaxiDAS DS808

The Autel MaxiCOM MK808 is one of the best OBD II scanners on the market today. It has a large 8-inch touchscreen that makes it easy to use, especially when compared to other less expensive models that are smaller or require multiple buttons for you to operate them.

4. Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Scanner

It also includes the ability to detect problems that you would normally need to take your car to a mechanic for, which means that you can diagnose and fix most issues yourself. This is a distinct advantage over its smaller screen competitors, as it allows you to look at data from different aspects of your car’s performance. And if you’re not 100% sure what’s going on, the device will hook you up to a phone with an expert almost instantly.

This model’s scanning and diagnostic capability make it especially useful for both veterans and newcomers alike who want quick and easy access to all their vehicle data but don’t know exactly how to interpret it.


  1. This tool will help you save more time and effort by allowing you to pinpoint your car’s problem immediately. It also comes with a user-friendly interface for added comfort and convenience.
  2. Easy to use:
    The Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD II ​Scanner is very easy to use, and that is one of the most lauded features of this scanning tool. It has a straightforward design for its controls, buttons, and display. It can also detect your car’s trouble codes in just three steps: connect the unit to the car, turn on its engine, and initiate a scan. All you need is to go through the manual to use this device, as it is self-explanatory and very intuitive.
  3. Comprehensive Display:
    The Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD II ​Scanner has a high-quality color display that shows codes, live data streaming, freeze frame, and enhanced mode parameters. It also indicates the status of monitors with different colors, which makes it easier for you to read trouble codes.
  4. Save more time:
    The Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD II ​Scanner gives information about your car’s problems right away. Thus, expect less time to check and analyze codes from the ECM, ABS brakes, airbag sensors, and BCM.
  5. Full of features:
    The Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD II ​Scanner is a professional tool that combines the capabilities of many top-of-the-line scanners in one package. It has built-in Wi-Fi, which you can use to update the unit’s firmware. It also has a code library that is very useful when tracing OBD II codes. You will also enjoy its quick test function that lets you know your car’s status in just two
  6. Affordable price:
    The Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD II ​Scanner is a great value for your money. Considering a large audience putting their interest in the device because of its affordability.


  1. Cannot be updated :
    There is no way to update the software or firmware on this scanner, so it will become obsolete as new technologies are introduced. For example, Car manufacturers are already moving away from OBD II.
  2. Cannot read live data :
    The diagnostic scanner will not let you view real-time sensor data or ECU information, so you cannot do vigorous testing to verify the proper operation of the vehicle’s systems.
  3. The PC software is weak :
    The Autel MaxiCom diagnostic scanner includes a USB cable that allows you to connect it directly to your laptop or desktop computer. However, the contained diagnostic tool suite displays its age and looks the same as the software the scanner was released with years ago. This means it can’t be displayed on high-resolution monitors and doesn’t support touchscreens.

5. Innova CarScan Advisor 5210

Autel MaxiDAS DS808
Autel MaxiDAS DS808

The Innova CarScan OBD II Scanner was designed to make the process of working on modern vehicles easy for mechanics, technicians, and other professionals. The device can be used to read trouble codes, erase codes, display current sensor data (such as RPM), detect pending DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes), and display I/M readiness status. Innova CarScan OBD II Scanner is the best scanner available in the market for its price.

5. Innova CarScan Advisor 5210

Such a feature that makes it stand out from other tools are: Inexpensive In-car diagnostic tool I/M readiness code checker Reads and clears all generic, and some manufacturer-specific, DTCs USB powered -. Innova CarScan OBD II Scanner is a scan tool that lets you save time and money on auto repairs. It makes checking out the condition of an engine easy for all levels of professionals.

It is a small device connected to a laptop or PC via a USB cable. It can be used to read and clear trouble codes, display current sensor data (such as RPM), detect pending DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes), and I/M readiness


  1. Wireless:
    The Car Scan Advisor 5210 is a wireless scan tool like all other Innova scanners. This means it can communicate directly to your laptop or PDA without any wires.
  2. Fast Access:
    Innova CarScan gives you fast access to any problems your vehicle may have. In addition, it tells you exactly what’s wrong, which makes it much easier to find a repair shop.
  3. Convenient readability
    Innova carscan advisor has a function of convenient readability that helps the user read and clear codes, check performance, test sensors, etc., and maintain the car’s condition accordingly.


  1. Cannot be Updated
    The major Drawback for Innova CarScan is it cannot be updated to the latest software, Which compels the user to purchase the upgraded version for better readability,
  2. Complicated User-Interface
    Innova’s diagnostic interface may be pretty advanced and user-friendly; it has several issues. In particular, sometimes default menu options are difficult to understand or use correctly.

OBD Scanner  Launch CRP129E  BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro Foxwell NT301  Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Innova CarScan Advisor 5210
Price  $259.00 $170.00 $ 77.98-$ 90.0 $479.00 $449.47
Our Take With exclusive features it helps your car work more effectively The advanced technology helps you monitor your car more accurately . An economical scanner that is designed for compact yet spontaneous outcomes This scanner helps you track your vehicle maintenance more professionally An end to end guide for a new driver or mechanics looking for an ultimate solution.
Rating (out of 5) 4.2 4 3.5 4.5 4
  • Wi-Fi compatible.
  • Automated email engine reports
  • Support nine languages
  • Include oil reset, steering angle calibration, and throttle position reset
  • Responsive high-definition touchscreen
  • Five-year warranty
  • Detects Emissions Problems
  • Works with Android and iOS devices
  • Improve Fuel Efficiency
  • Displays Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
  • Key programming for Immobilizer systems
  • Convenient Data Streaming
  • Read and erase airbag codes
  • Oil service light reset- Notification
  • Full System Scan and Readiness Monitor with Freeze Frame Data
  • Automatic Vehicle Locator
  • Data Interpretation and Editing Capabilities (DICE)
  • Data Recording
  • Flash Code Reader
  • Multilingual Capabilities
  • Stealth Mode
  • Compatible with    Brake Controller
  • Comprehensive Data Support
  •  Language Support
Box Includes
  • Creader Professional 129 E handset
  • OBDII diagnostic cable
  • 5V DC charging cable
  • User manual
  • Carrying bag
Only the charging cable, and a smartphone to connect this OBD2 scanner. The Foxwell NT301 includes a USB cable that lets you connect the device to a computer to transfer data and download updates.
  • Mini USB cable
  • USB external power adapter
  • Main cable
  • Carrying case
Only a scanner, Owner’s manual will be provided through email after you reset your Innova CarScan Advisor 5210.

What are OBD 2 Scanners?

OBD 2 stands for On-Board Diagnostics Level 2. These are devices that are used to test a car’s internal systems. They were created because, in 1996, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started requiring car manufacturers to create a device that could test an engine’s health. Unlike similar scanners (OBD1), OBD2 devices are connected directly to the car rather than plugged into its diagnostic system.

OBD 2 scanners are utilized by many to diagnose or inspect their car. The acronym OBD means Onboard diagnostic, and the 2 part simply implies this is version two of these devices. They were created primarily to check for excess emissions.

Nonetheless, they also can assess performance capability and check the car’s security system. The following reasons hold great importance for OBD 2 scanners in impacting your vehicles.

They assist with the diagnostic process.

Mechanics use OBD2 scanners to collect data from your vehicle. There is a port beneath the steering wheel that vehicle owners can use with the scanner, which will then upload information into a computer that a professional mechanic can access.

They can help save you money.

To get your car functional, mechanics might have to do a lot of work after diagnosing what’s wrong with it. However, there are times when they will be able to narrow it down to a few potential causes and then solve the problem by replacing only certain parts without doing much else.

They help keep your vehicle in good condition.

It’s important to make sure your car receives the right amount of care to ensure that it doesn’t break down while you’re driving. OBD2 scanners are an essential part of the diagnostic process because they allow mechanics to assess your vehicle’s fuel economy, emissions levels, and performance.

Buying Guide: OBD 2 Scanners

As a vehicle owner, you may be looking for ways to improve your driving experience. For example, in the US, an OBD 2 scanner is frequently used as a tool that can help determine engine problems. This article aims to advise what you should look out for when buying one of these devices.

You should first understand the standard features of an OBD 2 scanner. In most cases, the device will have a port to be plugged into your car. A microprocessor usually makes the calculations for determining engine problems in the tool itself.

You may find that some of the devices allow you to connect via a Bluetooth or wireless connection to a smartphone or tablet. The OBD 2 scanner will usually tell you the trouble code and resets automatically after a few minutes. There may be several different modes included with your device:

The OBD 2 scanner will usually come with a manual that contains instructions on using it. Before using the tool, you should ensure that your vehicle is compliant with Federal regulations.

Five important factors to consider while buying an OBD2 scanner:

Price of a Bluetooth Device

A Bluetooth device is a single-button scanner that you can use from your smartphone. Newer versions of these devices have additional features like a signal booster and a downloadable diagnostic library. The OBD 2 standard was created in 1996, but it wasn’t until 2010 that smartphones were widely available. As a result, Bluetooth devices for OBD2 were only introduced and popularized in the last few years.

Number of Vehicles it Works on

OBD 2 scanner that works on a number of vehicles is regarded as phenomenal. Before buying a device, check and see if it will work with your car’s make and model. A Bluetooth device that connects over Wi-Fi can find more cars than those using Bluetooth or USB cables.

This technology also runs under the same OBD 2 standard created in 1996. Most Bluetooth devices look almost the same, but there are some differences. One difference is if they have a USB cable or not. Some also come with an AC adapter to charge your device while you’re driving.

Price of the Device

The device’s price is a crucial factor to consider while buying an OBD 2 scanner. Most of the time, you can expect to pay between $30 and $100, with some costing as much as $300 for one that does more than just check your car’s diagnostic codes.

Another way to spend less on a device is by buying used ones. A big plus to buying used devices is that they often still come with a warranty. Be sure to check and make sure the device you buy is functional before leaving the store with it.

Check for Accurate Results, Uninstallation, and Good Customer Service.

While buying an OBD 2 scanner, one should know how accurate the device is. You want to buy a scanner that can read your car’s diagnostic codes to give you accurate results.

Unfortunately, some scanners don’t have the right selector switch to pair with your car’s ECU, so they’ll be less accurate than others. Even if they do have the correct selector switch, it still might not be able to pair up with your car.


What are the advantages of using an OBD2 scanner?

The main advantage of using an OBD2 scanner is that it allows you to monitor the performance of your car. In addition, it lets you know when your car’s servicing is due and provides a warning to prevent any major incident with your vehicle.

What are the disadvantages of using an OBD2 scanner?

Scanners are only capable of monitoring the performance of specific components. They cannot repair your car. Also, even though scanners can detect issues with your vehicle, it is up to you to get the necessary repairs made.

Who should use an OBD2 scanner?

While anyone can purchase the device, many people recommend using it by a certified mechanic or automotive expert. This is because they are trained to determine the source of issues with your car.

How do you use an OBD2 scanner?

Plugin the scanner into the OBD2 port and press “read.” The scanner will then display the codes causing your car’s malfunction.

Does the OBD2 scanner give commands to your vehicle?

OBD2 The scanner only monitors your vehicle malfunction and reads codes for better prevention. The live streaming option helps to indicate the issue promptly.

Final Words 

Transportation is as crucial as considering your healthy life as it carries tremendous risks and consequences in your daily life. Analyzing the condition of your vehicle is as important as going for a follow-up checkup with your doctor.

OBD2 scanners are the most convenient method to track your vehicle performance before any consequences you might encounter with some obstacles or uninvited problems in the middle of the road.

The above-listed OBD 2 scanners are the best tools highly regarded in the last few years among automobile experts as it has decreased the more significant percentage of incidents just by sending codes to prevent it to their owner or mechanic. Furthermore, it has been an exponential method to reduce the risk for cars.

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