Fix P0701 Obd2 Codes: Transmission Control System Range

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How Fo Fix P0701 Obd2 Codes?
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The P0701 OBD II indicates the transmission control system performance defect.

What exactly P0701 OBD II Code means?

What exactly P0701 OBD II Code means?

The Powertrain Control Module throws the P0701 code when it feels that there is any malfunction in the automatic control system of the vehicle. This code can also happen due to other trouble codes. The transmission control system is one of the main areas of the vehicle and any issue in the automatic control system affects the performance of the whole car.  

When any vehicle is in the driving mode the transmission system works and it is controlled by the Powertrain Control Module. The PCM keeps an eye on the performance of the transmission. The P0701 code appears when Powertrain Control Module was not able to regulate the transmission successfully. 

The real causes of the P0701 OBD II code

There are so many reasons that lead to P0701 OBD II which are the following:

  • The transmission fluid level is very low
  • There is any mechanical fault in the vehicle
  • The transmission fluid is burnt or dirty 
  • The pressure of shift got a problem 
  • The quality of the fluid is not good 
  • The shift timings are faulty 
  • The Torque converter is a malfunction
  • The shift solenoid got failed
  • The ECM calibration defects 
  • There is some fault in the shift solenoids 
  • The clutch might be failed in the automatic transmission  
  • Shift solenoid got any issue 
  • The Transmission fluid pump is failed 
  • Wiring is broken 

Symptoms of P0701 OBD II code

There are numerous symptoms that code P0701 shows many which are the following:

  1. Check Engine light: The first symptom would be that the check engine light will be turned on. 
  2. Shifting: The shifting of the car gets very rough and hard to handle. You will also feel some issues with the shift timing. 
  3. Engine: The engine will start to stall and there will be an issue in torque management.  
  4. Transmission issues: The transmission fluid will start to leak as well as overheating issues. 
  5. Gearbox: The gearbox will be damaged.
  6. Gear issues: There will be slipping in the gear system.  

Common Code P0701 OBD II Diagnosis Mistakes

The wrong diagnosis can affect the whole process. The most common mistake that mechanics make while dealing with code P0701 is that they do not go for other related codes that can appear with it such as P0700. If you do not have proper information about the vehicle then it can also result in a wrong diagnosis.  

Sometimes people directly change the transmission without proper check. Not understanding the code properly and repairing unnecessary parts. 

Steps to Diagnose and fix Code P0701 OBD II

Steps to Diagnose and fix Code P0701 OBD II

Tools to fix P0701 Code 

  • Scanner 
  • Digital ohmmeter/volt
  • The manual of the vehicle 

How to start diagnoses Tools to fix P0701 Code OBD II 

The misconception that only transmission will be the reason for code P0701 can make the diagnosis complicated. Never think that only one part will be responsible to trigger this issue. The purpose of a vehicle manual is that it helps you to better understand your machine before jumping to any conclusion. Here are the steps you can follow: 

  1. Scanning: Get the scanner and start scanning your vehicle. Check if code P0701 is the only issue or if other codes are also coming along with it. Other related codes can also be the reason behind its appearance. Read the data carefully from the scanner and remove all the codes.    
  2. Test Drive: The test drive will help you to better understand the issue. If after the test drive you feel that no code is appearing then you should be happy the problem has been solved.  
  3. Stored Codes: If any other codes are also present then you need to deal with them before the code P0701.  
  4. Fluid Level: The fluid might be burnt, dirty, or leaked. Check for the possible solutions and fix to see if the code P0701 disappears.  
  5. Wiring: The wiring is the most cause of code P0701 so look for broken or damaged sectors and after repair check for the code again. 
  6. Connectors and switches: Examine all the connectors and switches to see if there is any defect in this that is causing the code P0701 to come. 
  7. Advance measures: If all the above steps fail and code is still appearing then first of all do a details visual inspection to see if you missed something. Check all the related components deeply that can be the reason for this issue.  

Replace/Repair These Parts to Fix OBD Code P0701 OBD II

The right way to fix this issue is to repair all the parts that lead to code P0701. Repairing the below parts will help you. 

  1. Pressure Control Solenoid: The pressure control solenoid is sometimes ok but it is not up to mark to reach the vehicle specification that results in code P0701.
  2. Fluid leak: The fluid leak is the common cause behind the code P0701 issue so repair it immediately.  
  3. Replace PCM: The PCM can be faulty sometimes so check whether you need to repair it. 
  4. Connectors: Review the condition of the connectors in case they need to be cleaned or changed. 
  5. Switches: Often people do not pay attention to the switches but they can also be the main reason behind the code.
  6. Wiring: If all the remaining components are working fine then the wiring is the root cause of the issue and it should be replaced.  

The best thing is that during the visual inspection of the vehicle check all the components to make the repair easy later. 

The severity of P0701 code OBD II

The P0701 code should be taken very seriously because it will not let the vehicle move smoothly due to transmission issues. You will experience a very low-quality drive due to this code so it is better to prevent yourself from further damage and get it fixed on time.     

Other Codes related to P0701 code OBD II

The other codes that are related to P0701 are P0700, P0703, P0704, and P0705. They are related to the transmission control, gear, and solenoid issues.