P0213 OBD-II Error Code (Cold Start Injector 1 Malfunction)

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What Does Error Code P0213 Mean?
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You will find that this article will inform you about error code P0213. We will talk all about it, so you are educated. Let us begin!

When you are diagnosed with this error code, you have a malfunction on Injector 1 Cold Start. So, How to fix the P0213 OBD-II Error Code? Before seeing fixing, we take a look at’s full meaning.

What Does Error Code P0213 Mean?

This error code will happen when there is a signal sent to the ECM or Engine Control Module. This signaled states that on a cold start, the fuel injector has an issue. More specifically, injector number one. When the vehicle detects this, your check engine light will turn on.

You will find that diesel engines will have more trouble with this code than those who have regular gasoline vehicles. That does not mean that this error code cannot appear on your vehicle.

What Does Error Code P0213 Mean?

The Powertrain Control Module will detect abnormalities. This is when your vehicle will have the check engine light appear. The Powertrain Control Module will allow the vehicle to have proper air intake when starting the engine. However, when the injectors are not working properly, you will have an error code.

You will find that the vehicle will have some problems once this happens. Once the vehicle determines there is a problem, you will have problems until it is fixed.

Error Code P0213: Symptoms, Causes & Fix

What Causes this Error Code?

You will find that there are a few reasons why this error code may appear. You will find that if injector one fails, this code will appear. Another reason this could happen is due to a shorted wire harness. Lastly, you will find that when wires are in poor condition, they do not have a great connection.

Symptoms My Vehicle Faces

When you have error code P0213, your vehicle will have a Check Engine Light on. However, this light will not go away. Do not ignore it. Your vehicle is now in failsafe mode to protect the engine. Here are a few things you will notice when you have a malfunction on your cold start injector 1 (Best OBD2 Scanner )

  1. Your vehicle will run very poorly. Overall, the vehicle will sound terrible. It will not run as it once did.
  2. You will find you are adding gas more frequently. This is because you are getting fewer miles per gallon.
  3. You are going to have either rich or lean fuel.
  4. Your vehicle will not want to turn on if it is too cold.

Diagnosing the Problem

You will need to ensure that there are not any other codes appearing when you utilize the scanning tool. You want to ensure there is only one code. The codes should be dealt with accordingly. If you are down to error code P0213, you can go to the next step.

You will want to determine a few items that happened when the sensor triggered the indicator light. You will want to determine how fast you were going, the RPMs, and the coolant temperature. You should do a test drive to see if the error codes come back after wiping them away. See if the code pops up under the same conditions or different conditions.

Visual Inspections

When you are diagnosing something, you always want to look at it. This means looking at wiring, harnesses, and other items to ensure they are in proper order. You want to look at everything before you start fixing it. Diagnosing properly can save you a ton of money. You may even choose to invest in a few special tools to help you diagnose codes easier.

Common Diagnosing Mistakes

Many people make mistakes when they are dealing with error code P0213. This is because many people will simply replace their injectors before they test what they have. Just make sure to test the injector you have. It might be as simple as fixing the wiring. Do not go buy a new injector if you have not looked at other problems it could be.

How Serious is Error Code P0213?

You can drive your vehicle a few more miles if you need to get to a safe area. It is not something that is going to be very serious. Remember that it does not happen that often. This code will not appear on vehicles often. With that said, do not hold off on fixing the issue.

Fixing Error Code P0213

Fixing Error Code P0213

You will need to ensure that you are inspecting all your connections. You want them to be tight. Make sure all wires have a home and are tight. They should be secured.

The next thing you want to do is ensure that all wiring harnesses are in excellent shape. If they are not, replace them.

If you have done the above to no avail, then try replacing the injector itself. Keep in mind that the injector should be the last thing replaced.

Extra Information

Your car may not work properly without a working injector. If your cold start injector is working, you will have proper air and fuel mixed when the engine is cold. Your vehicle will start working better if the injector works properly.

Pro Tip: Take the time to allow someone to help you. If you have another set of eyes, it could help you find a potential issue faster. It is also safer to work on a vehicle with a partner than on your own. If you have help, utilize it.

Wrapping Up

This error code is not something that needs to be addressed right now. However, you should not let it go too long. It could cause you issues and damage to the engine if you let it go too long. It is best that you diagnose the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

You should always ensure that wiring is done properly and connections are secure. If you do not feel comfortable doing this on your own, you can take it to a local mechanic. This will ensure that the problem is fixed without issues.