Foxwell NT510 Review

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Foxwell NT510 Review
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Foxwell NT510 Scanner is a multi-diagnostic full system scanner capable of rendering a  full software system scan including Abs, Srs, door control, Esp Suspension, and other code searches.

Foxwell NT510 OBD2 Scanner


NT510 is a cost-effective tool for anyone who wants to run a full software diagnostic scan on their vehicle and is compatible with OBD I and OBS II vehicles.

The Foxwell NT510 elite is compatible with many car brands, including but not limited to BMW, Toyota, Benz, Ferrari, and many others. Find out if your vehicle is compatible with Foxwell NT510.

Foxwell NT510 OBD2 Scanner

A purchased NT510 comes with 1 unit of the device, a USB cable, a bag to store the device and other components, and a guide on how to use the obd2 device.


  1. Compatibility with all OBD I and OBDII vehicles. OBD II vehicles were made in 1987, including the 2020-2021 cars.
  2. Cost-effective tool for all car users. Users can purchase this device for as low as $189 and get s full vehicle software scanner at their disposal.
  3. Offers a quick and effective test for your vehicle.
  4. You can easily download new updates easily. Getting one of these devices gives you a lifetime free update.
  5. Comes in multiple language choices and is thus functional to a wide range of people. Non-English users can now use the device with ease.


  1. NT510 scanners only come with a BMW pre-installed software. For others, you need to install it on the device manually.
  2. Another con of the device is its design. Many people would prefer a more fashionable design rather than hard buttons.

Main Feature of the Foxwell NT510

Main Feature of the Foxwell NT510 

1. Read And Clear Code

Foxwell NT510 allows the user to scan the vehicle’s software, read the obd2 codes and display them on the screen, and clear cache or generic codes.

The freeze time feature allows you to see selected historical shots, especially details of the codes. Its live sensor feature allows you to see the current performance of your vehicle.

2. Live Data

The live data means that you can access current info of your vehicle software, health, and conditions. PID data about vehicle software are more reliable and current.

Also, the Actuator test feature allows vehicle owners to temporarily access the vehicle system, even after you exit the scan.

Some scans may require you to perform a physical check. For example, you may be required to press your brake down or pump it during the check. It is important to note that this test checks for software errors, not physical damages, so ensure that the components under check are in good condition.

3. Compatibility

Foxwell NT510 elite device is compatible with both OBD I and OBD II vehicles. These vehicles include cars developed from 1987 to 2021.

Also, the device can be used for many car models and brands, like BMW, Toyota, Rolls Royce, and many other cars. Check for Foxwell NT510 compatible vehicles.

4. Anti-lock Braking System Reset

The device allows users to control and reset the anti-lock braking system temporarily.  The Abs is an important part of the vehicle, and when properly reset, allows smooth driving and reset of brake pads.

5. Supplemental Restraint System

The Srs pertains to the airbag, and they must work properly. The SRS warning signal comes on, this could be a software problem, and NT510 could help reset the Srs codes.

6. Steering Angle Sensor

The Steering angle sensor can be rest using the obd ii scanner to scan and reset error codes.

7. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TPMS concerns the tire and the balance of the vehicle. The NT510 helps you reset the code of this system to enable smooth driving. There may be a need to check the tires physically.

8. EPB Scan

The device allows its users to easily scan the electronic parking brake software for errors and fix those errors.

9. Lifetime updates

Purchasing a Foxwell NT 510 gives users access to lifetime updates of software. This will allow the device to tackle new problems that arise in the future easily.

Advance Features

Advance Features of Foxwell NT510

1. Engine Control Units

The Engine Control Unit controls a series of actuators responsible for engine functions. The NT510 can scan through codes and reset code in case of errors. This helps the ECU perform properly.

2. Diesel Particulate Filter Scan

The NT510  helps to regenerate and fix the DPF system. Where the DPF regeneration is faulty or down, a warning light indicated in the car OBD II will help regenerate the filter, and the warning light will go off.

3. Steering and Suspension:

The NT510 can carry out some OBD II scans to fix error code from Steering and suspension in a vehicle. The scan does a full calibration, and once successful, old memories are erased.

4. Oil Reset

Where there is an error in oil, the oil warning sign will automatically turn on. Usually, this may result from low oil in the engine . An oil change should solve this problem.

This is maybe a software error if the oil persists, and an OBD II oil scan can be done and reset. Once the error code is fixed the oil service light reset.

5. Active Test

The NT510 can be used to carry out active tests such as throttle body adjustment, brake deactivation diagnostic trouble codes, and many others

6. Software and updates

The Foxwell NT510 can carry out a full software scan and update vehicle codes by clearing, resetting, and updating codes/ software of both OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles. The device usually comes with BMW software.

Difference Between Foxwell NT510 VS AUTOPHIX 7910

Foxwell NT510 and Autophix7910 are popular OBD II vehicle scanners available for vehicle users. They both work similarly, offering OBD II diagnoses, multi-diagnoses, and reset functions.

Even at that, there are notable differences among these products.  They include:

  1. Design: The Foxwell NT510 has a more complex design due to its functionality. It has more keys, and its screen resolution is high for better display of graphs and manyOBD II functions. The Autophix 7910 is made with simple designs, a less complex look, and keys. 
  1. Functionality: Autophix provides an Obd-ii scanner for vehicles from 1998 vehicles to resent. The Foxwell NT510 offers more scans, including OBD I and OBD II vehicle scans.
  1. Use: The Foxwell NT510 has wider support for vehicles than the Autophix 7910. While most of the advanced features of Autophix 7910 apply to vehicles made from 2001. Its counterpart could go as far as 1987.

Comparison Table

Foxwell NT510

Autophix 7910

Protocols(Supported) OBD I and OBD II OBD II
ECU reset No yes
Weight 1.4 pounds 1.3 pounds
Bi-directional control Yes No
Dimension 7.87 x 1.5 x 3.9 inches 9 x 4 x2.5 inches
Vehicle support Wider (including OBD I vehicles) More limited


How do I register and update Foxwell NT510?

Firstly, visit Foxwell’s official website and search for your device model on the top bar. When you find your model, download and install the software. Next, plug your Foxwell device into your PC, register the device, or make updates. You will be required to open a Foxwell Id.

How do I reset my Foxwell Nt510?

After you run diagnoses, you still see errors in your vehicles. Such errors can be reset by scrolling to the erase errors/ code option on your NT510 and clicking on it. Once this is done, your device will reset, and the errors should disappear.

How do I download Foxwell software?

You can download Foxwell software and update it from Foxwell official website. You can also access materials, manuals, and other useful information here.

Can Foxwell NT510 support Porsche?

Yes, The Foxwell NT510 scan supports the Porsche brand and models. See a list of NT510 Porsche-supported models.

Does the NT510 support Mileage corrections?

No, the NT510 scanner does not support mileage correction. It is mainly used for diagnostic functions. It offers software diagnoses to both OBD I & II vehicles.

Final Word!

The Foxwell NT510 has distinguished itself by offering test checks on OBD I and II vehicle diagnoses. This is not limited to the BMW vehicle. The device supports other car brands and models, making it a popular choice among car users.

This may require you to change the software or purchase a configured NT510 for your vehicle.  The Device also comes with one year warranty and is built with rugged and durable materials.

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