P0496 Obd2 Code: EVAP Flow During a Non-Purge Condition

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How To Fix P0496 Obd2 Code?
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It’s never a pleasant sight to see your check engine light turned on due to some malfunction in the car’s system. Well, there can be multiple reasons behind checking engine lights. A specific trouble code is displayed on your car’s odometer in modern cars.

The other way to find the reason behind the error is by reading the DTCs ( diagnostic trouble codes) by connecting an OBD2 scanner. If it displays the p0496 code, your car has an evaporative system emission issue.

P0496 OBD2 Code Meaning:

P0496 OBD2 Code Meaning:

P0496 code is defined as the “EVAP Flow During a Non-Purge Condition.” In simpler words, purge flow/condition is the final part of the fuel-burning process; when fuel vapors exist, the charcoal canister moves towards the engine for burning. If any unexpected process/error occurs, such as purge valve malfunction or any other error that disturbs the Evap flow. It triggers the P0496 code. It turned on the check engine light.

EVAP system controls the fuel vapors released into the atmosphere. Car emissions rates are set by the regulatory authority to protect the environment and increase the fuel efficiency of vehicles. But in case of any malfunctioning in the system, it disturbs the balance of the evaporative emission control system and vehicle fuel efficiency.

PCM( power train control module) sends information regarding EVAP systems to the mainboard computer in most modern vehicles. If any error or trouble arises during the process EVAP system reports it to the PCM or ECM, which further reports it to the mainboard computer. 

The central computer analyzes the error and generates the Diagnostic Trouble Code. These codes further indicate the nature of the problem. P0496 code is expected in GM vehicles, Mazda vehicles, and Hyundai vehicles.

Signs and Symptoms of P0496 Code:

Various signs or noticeable symptoms lead to code P0496; all these signs give the idea of the error. The exact information is obtained by connecting an advanced scan tool, OBD ii scanner. Following are some common symptoms that your GM vehicle shows in case of po496 code:

  • Check Engine Light: Check engine light is the first sign you come to know that there must be something wrong with the car systems. It lights up for multiple reasons, but it clears the picture when coupled with other symptoms.
  • Trouble Starting Your Car: Another sign that indicates code p0496 is trouble; it causes when you start your engine. Again engine trouble is due to multiple factors, but it can be one reason behind EVAP system error.
  • Car Running Rich: Running a rich car was also a symptom of code 0496. When all these three symptoms happen simultaneously, then it’s pretty clear that your car has a troubled EVAP system.

Causes Behind P0496 Code:

There can be multiple causes that lead to P0496 code, but the most common and known are as follows:

  • Fuel Cap: Missing, untightened, and damaged fuel cap.
  • Vent/Purge Valve: A fault in the vent or purge solenoid valve and the charcoal canister purge valve also causes the p0469 code.
  • EVAP System: A plugged Evap canister, damaged fuel pressure sensor, defective hose/leaking, and malfunction in the EVAP system.
  • Electrical Wiring: Often neglected, the reason behind the P0496 is faulty electrical wiring that shorts the electrical circuit. A blocked canister or faulty purge solenoid valve also causes it.

Code Severity and Potential damage:

P0496 code is not regarded or prioritized as a high-risk code, but it doesn’t mean one should completely ignore it. If you have trouble starting your car, your check engine light is ON, and fuel efficiency is disturbed that you should take this seriously.

In the long run, your car running rich not only damages your engine but also costs you heavy repair bills. It also results in your vehicle’s catalytic converter damage and restricts it from working properly. 

Steps to Fix OBD ii P0496:

Steps to Fix OBD ii P0496:

Before reaching any final result and replacing the components and starting preparing them without knowing the root cause of the problem, it’s always better to start with the diagnostic phase; it helps identify the root cause and saves money and time.

The most common fix and method to start the diagnostic phase is attaching the OBD ii trouble codes scanner to your vehicle and analyzing it. It will show and indicate the exact codes or error that causes the malfunction in most vehicle systems.

Following are some steps to follow to get rid of code P0496:

  1. Attach or connect the OBD 2 connector with your vehicle. It will start scanning your car’s system, gather all the data and save it to the DTC’s. The next step is to clear the Code P0496; it will also turn off the engine check light. After clearing it, switch off your engine and start it again; if the OBD 2 scanner shows the P0496 again, it confirms the code diagnosis.
  2. Once you get the confirmation, start checking your gas cap to ensure tightly secured.
  3. Now move towards the EVAP system check all the seals, especially the seal/purge valve function. Monitor fuel pressure sensor; if the readings are higher than the regular, it is a clear indication of a fault in the EVAP canister, purge solenoid valve.
  4. If the fuel pressure sensor consistently shows inconsistent readings, it also needs repairs or replacement.
  5. Don’t forget to check all the sensors’ wiring and connectors, including the fuel tank pressure sensor faulty purge flow sensor. Sometimes neglecting common mistakes small/everyday things lead to more significant problems. If any connectors or wiring is damaged or defective, change it or repair it as required.

Final Thoughts

The vehicle system combines different components and processes synchronized in perfect harmony to run efficiently. Any cause affects the efficiency or can bring severe damage to the car components, which costs both money and time if not taken care of quickly.

P0496 code triggers by the PCM after sensing that fault in the EVAP system due to irregular flow of fuel vapors in the fuel-burning chamber. This diagnostic trouble code is repairable and removable after knowing the root cause by attaching OBD ii connector.

It is advisable to start the diagnosis in any authorized vehicle workshop; professional help is beneficial. It’s a bit tricky and extremely difficult to know the root cause in some cases, and it is necessary to prevent it from happening again and damaging your vehicle in the long run.

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