How to Fix Your Fuel Injector Circuit Malfunction

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Fuel Injector Circuit Malfunction
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We are going to look at what error code P0200 means. We will look at how to fix it as well. We are taking the time to provide you with all this information to fix the problem yourself if it arises. Let’s read on!

What is Error Code P0200?

What is Error Code P0200?

This is an error code that will make your car run terribly. It will mean that your car will not have the best gas mileage and more emissions coming from your exhaust.

Definition of Error Code P0200: The Powertrain Control Module or PCM has determined that a malfunction appears in the fuel injector circuit.

What Does P0200 Mean?

What Does P0200 Mean?

The Engine Control Module has detected a problem when you have this code. Remember that people use Powertrain Control Module and Engine Controle Module interchangeably.

This code means that the fuel injector circuit is not working as it should. You will find that the fuel injector is not putting out enough fuel or too much. This error occurs when the voltage of the circuit is not in range. The engine will go into a failsafe mode. This will ensure that the vehicle is not enduring damage until this error is fixed.


Each vehicle is different. This means that they could all experience different symptoms. However, we will talk about the most common symptoms you can experience. There are some tell-tale signs that indicate it is the P0200 sensor.

You will find that the vehicle will not run as it should. It will run roughly. The Check Engine Light is going to appear on your dash. This will be the first indicator. You may find that the vehicle will misfire. It may not even run at all. The engine could be running richer because there is damage to the fuel injector circuit. This means that you must purchase more fuel more often.

There may be other codes that are found along with the P0200. This is because your vehicle will likely misfire. There will be codes for your misfiring issue as well. You may notice that it will misfire or stall at higher speeds. This is because the fuel injector is working with more power now. You could potentially stall your vehicle on the highway at higher speeds. This could be very dangerous.


You will find that there are many causes. This error code could appear for several reasons. This could appear due to:

  1. The fuel injector is defective.
  2. There is a clog in the fuel injector.
  3. The wiring in the fuel injector is faulty.
  4. The fuel injector has corrosion.
  5. There is a short or open connection in the fuel injector.
  6. The fuel injector is working on low internal resistance. This means that the injector in the vehicle is not working within the specified means.
  7. There is a driver circuit that is grounded when/where it is not supposed to be.
  8. The driver circuit has a short in it.
  9. The wiring harness is experiencing shorts. This is found directly under the hood of the vehicle.

How to Diagnose the Problem

You will need to check to ensure that the error code is P0200 before you do anything. Ensure that this is the only code that is appearing. You will need a scanner to do this. Once you have found the error code/codes, you can follow the steps below.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is erase any error codes. This will allow you to take it for a test drive. The Check Engine Light will come on again when you drive. If it does not come one, you may have had an error.
  2. If you notice that the light has come back to the dash, you will want to ensure that there is no damage to the wire harness. This is especially important for fuel injectors. Make sure that all wires are where they are supposed to be. Make sure all parts look like they are working properly.
  3. You will get a scanning tool. This tool will allow you to test your fuel injector. It will allow you to determine if there are issues within the fuel injector itself.
  4. Make sure that you are determining the voltage of each injector. Fix problems as they arise.

Common Diagnosis Mistakes to Avoid

One of the most common things people do is replace the fuel injector before inspecting the wiring. It could be as simple as snipping wires and reconnecting them. This would save you a lot of time and money. Be sure that you are addressing the problem.

How to Fix Error Code P0200

Fixing this problem is simple. It is a process that is easy and straightforward. You found the problem when you diagnosed it. Now all you must do is fix it. Here is a list of things that you should look at when you plan to fix error code P0200.

  1. Replace the fuel injector. This should be done last to ensure that you are saving money. Make sure everything else is running properly before replacing the injector.
  2. Fix broken wiring. You want to ensure that all wires are where they should be and look how they should. Connect any missing connections.
  3. Make sure your connections are proper. If they need to be fixed, rewire them.
  4. Replace your PCM. This is something that rarely occurs. However, with that said, you should still look and ensure you are fixing the correct item.

Wrapping Up

Taking the time to diagnose the problem is important. You should ensure that you are fixing the right item. Follow the steps in the article above to ensure you are fixing the right problem. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and learn about the error codes. We hope you found the information useful. Good luck!