Resolving P0357 OBD2 Code with Expert Tips and Solutions

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How to fix P0357 obd2 codes?
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The error code P0357 is a diagnostic trouble code representing the Ignition coil circuit malfunction. It triggers when PCM detects that one of the ignition coils is faulty.   

What exactly P0357 means?

What exactly P0357 means?


The main role of turning low voltage into high voltage is performed by the vehicle ignition system. The high voltage basically fires up the cylinder fuel mixture in the car. There are two circuits primary as well as secondary. Many components make up primary circuit that represents the low voltage point as well as the same goes for high voltage. Both the low voltage and high voltage have different components. 

As the technology is advancing so are the vehicles and today in modern systems many components have been changed. Now only coil pack is used and it is placed with the spark plugs. The PCM shows the code P0357 when it feels that the ignition coil circuit is not moving properly. To better understand it remembers that the last digit indicates the cylinder number such as code P0357 indicates the cylinder 7. 

The real causes of P0357 code

The most common causes of code P0357 OBD II are mentioned below:

  • There is fault in the Ignition coils
  • Wildlife damaging the wires through chewing 
  • Ignition coil driver circuit faced short wiring 
  • The coil is not up to mark 
  • A power control module is defected
  • The connection is not ok at the coil 
  • A COP driver circuit is open 
  • The ignition coils are flawed
  • The ignition coil driver circuit is open 
  • connector locks are defected 
  • there is some issue in ECM 
  • In rare cases it can also happen due to PCM failure. 

Symptoms of P0357 obd2 code

The code P0357 shows different symptoms that are following:

  • The check engine light turns on 
  • There will be lack of power 
  • The engine will not turn on properly 
  • Even in the idle state your car will start to accelerate. 
  • The engine will make noises

Common Code P0357 Diagnosis Mistakes

The proper diagnosis is the key to resolve any issue. Here are some common code P0357 mistakes that occur. 

  • The distributor is not plugged in 
  • Putting new coils without assuring they are doing fine 
  • Replacing bad quality coils 
  • Not getting identical coils and resulting into spark 
  • Replacing wrong parts the vehicle. 
  • Not examining the other parts before the insertion of the coil. 
  • OEM parts are ignored. 

In the diagnosis process always remember the type of code you are currently dealing with. There are two types of coils low impedance and high impedance and both of them show different error codes. High impedance coil will set different code while P0357 is caused by the Low-Impedance coils. A proper testing should be done to see whether the problem arising from low impedance or high impedance coil. 

Another important point while diagnosing the P0357 code is that you should look for the symptoms the vehicle showed while problem was arising. If the problem will be in the ignition coil number 2 then engine will miss at idle and misfire detected light on.    

Steps to Diagnose and fix Code P0357

Tools required to fix Code P0357

Tools required to fix Code P0357

You will need different tools to fix code P0357 which are following:

  • Ohmmeter
  • Scan tool
  • Oscilloscope

How to start diagnoses

Step 1

The first step in the diagnosis involves an oscilloscope, along with a scanner and an ohmmeter. Your mechanic will use all of these to measure the voltage that is causing issues.

Step 2

After the voltage inspection the coil will be inspected and the components related to it. Check the coil for power with the help of multimeter. I coil is not getting power then it might be due to short circuit as well.  

Step 3 

The visual examination of the vehicle will be done to look for the potential issue. In case of misfiring any other problem will be involved that should be resolved. Keep the car stationary and now slowly raise the RPMs to examine about the backfire. 

Most of the many issues get resolved in the visual inspection if it is done properly. Look for he wires and connectors associated with the coil to ensure they are working properly. 

After all of this inspection and testing do not forget to include PCM control side of the circuit. The PCM control side provides the ground to the coil so any fault in this can also effect the coil operations. 

Replace/Repair These Parts to Fix OBD2 Code P0357

These are the potential areas that should be repaired to get rid from the code P0357.

  • The ignition coils should be checked thoroughly.
  • If ignition coils are damaged then repair them.
  • The power transistor will be changed
  • Repair the wiring if that is burnt or damaged. 
  • The PCM will be replaced
  • The primary coil will be tested for open circuit 
  • Check the secondary coil for open circuit 

Fixing the code P0357 is a tricky thing so always do the job carefully. Always avoid moving the unnecessary wires like never move the one wire to another ignition coil. It can result into electrical short 

or any other issue in the engine. A good understanding is very necessary before moving any unnecessary part. Until and unless you are sure about the issue and part do not make changes to avoid additional problems.  

Codes related to P0357 

The other related codes with P0357 are P0351, P0352, P0353, P0354, P0355, P0356, P0357, P0358, P0359, P0360, P0361, and P0362. All of these codes are related to the Ignition coil control circuit. 

How serious is the P0357 code?

Any vehicle car with a P0357 should be taken very seriously. When the code turns on it prevents the vehicle from getting into the limp mode. As a result your car can stall at any stop or somewhere causing you into trouble.  

In conclusion, the P0357 is a trouble code that can happen due to issues in the ignition coil or switches. But do not take it lightly as it can stall your vehicle anywhere.