ANCEL FX6000 Review: Your Go-To Scanner for Accurate Diagnostics

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OBD2 scanners such as ANCEL FX6000 and Foxwell Nt634 are getting the spotlight lately. Because of their functions and importance to vehicles, they are now considered essential gadgets to buy for your car. All of these scanners are used to troubleshoot vehicle issues and errors.

They come in a tablet-size display and feel. It has all sorts of mechanical tools, features, and solutions that might be the turning point in fixing a car. No doubt, there is still the traditional way to get your vehicle checked, and that is by visiting the workshop or mechanic, but that sort of way is now slow, requires a lot of money, and is a waste of time.

ANCEL FX6000 Review

I had done quite some research when buying these products. I knew it was a professional diagnostic tool for my vehicle, but I wanted something discreet, austere, and longevity in nature. That is where I came up with buying ANCEL FX6000. It is a specific device with all of the features in it.

I can easily connect it with Bluetooth, and I do not need spare wired pieces inside my car floor mats. It is one of the essential gadgets I bought for my car, and it helped me save a ton of time and money. I know instantly what is wrong with my car and what is the solution for it.

I recommend that many drivers who drive regularly and for hours buy this mechanical tool. It will not only help them save their money but also save so much time they spend parking their car in a workshop.


Some of the crucial benefits of this tool are listed below:

  • Easily connected through Bluetooth.
  • Has a larger battery of 6000mAh. That helps in longevity.
  • Updating software is free for a lifetime.
  • Has a warranty of nearly 3 years.
  • 1 to 1.3 inches of display screen size.
  • Supports up to 22 languages.
  • It can be run and installed on the Android operating system.


Some of the drawbacks of this tool are as under:

  • It was a little bit expensive.
  • Plastic is used a lot in the body, which feels not that much like premium devices.
  • It has a rubber coating body and around the edges.

Main features

ANCEL FX6000 is packed with some fantastic main features, just like Innova 7111 innovative bidirectional scan tool. Some of the features are discussed below:

1. Live data stream

It can keep feeding and accessing the information about the car and directly stream itself for accurate and precise data shown to the user. It is a must-have feature for modern cars because it lets the user/driver foresee incoming issues or possible errors. This way, those errors, and problems can be solved before getting serious.

It has ignition switch timing, an airflow sensor for reading, fuel trimming data information, and much more. For example, fuel trimming data information can indicate and reveal whether there is a vacuum leakage or not. Also, the fuel can be delayed into the engine’s central hub by this scanner.

2. Design

It has a modern-day tablet-size design that is unique and super easy to navigate. However, design is not its main feature; it gets the job done easily and flawlessly. Although the body is made up of a mixture of plastic and rubber and contains a reinforced glass screen, this device can quickly adapt to tiny accidental drops.

This devil works perfectly in daylight, as well as in the dark. Also, this device has so much battery packed within it that it can efficiently function for about 8 to 10 hours.

3. Compatibility

It is compatible with every car manufactured in 1996 or after this year. It has covered and works perfectly on 78 car brands throughout Asia and Europe. By exploring this area, this mechanical tool has an extensive range.

However, the new update for security and system rolls out after then and now to cope with new car brands. These updated services are free for a lifetime, so you never need to worry about paying for this premium service again.

4. Warranty

Many products available in the market come with no warranty, some of which come only with 6 months or 1 year of security, but ANCEL FX6000 comes with 3 years warranty.

So, if your ANCEL FX6000 starts to give you trouble before or within 3 years of the warranty, you can get it checked and replaced right on time.

5. Software update

ANCEL FX6000 and LAUNCH X431 PRO 3S+ have lifetime security and software updates. These software updates contain minor and significant fixes for your vehicle, such as bug fixes, new features, the availability to function on recent car models, and so much more.

The team behind this mechanical tool is working day and night to provide the best they can. They are making everyone’s life easier and keeping you safe while driving.

6. Android

The device, irrespective of its nature, which runs on android, has proven its efficiency from time to time. It is a relief to see and experience that the android operating system can easily power and function the ANCEL FX6000.

Talking about its specification, it has 64GB of ROM preinstalled and 4GB of RAM by default, so this mechanical tool is, without any doubt, pretty fast.

7. Tire monitoring

This mechanical gadget can fully analyze and examine the health and condition of your vehicle tires. This feature is super useful and one of the most important ones too. We often see road crashes, accidents caused by a burst of tires due to high pressure in them or low pressure.

But with this device equipped, it will let you know everything about your car tire. How much health they are on, what is the pressure on them, the rubber condition, and so much more. These sensors do all the work.

8. Engine control

This mechanical device can also control some of your car’s engine functions. It has a built-in module known to be an engine control module. It can read errors directly from the central hub of the engine and provide relevant information on the display screen.

From there, the mechanic-based error code solutions appear. Adjustments are also part of this module, such as fuel injection, ignition, airbags, etc. Also, you can fine-tune your car quickly with this feature, also available on Creator V6.0 C110.

Advance features

Some of the critical advanced features that ANCEL FX6000 has listed below:

1. Battery check

It has a built-in battery checking system that gives you all the essential information needed according to your battery, such as battery health, state, and performance.

This is an essential feature because it will engage you in helping to change your battery right on time. It saves you time and money.

2. Anti Theft Alarm System

Who doesn’t want this feature in their car? It is the most important and must-have feature for any vehicle. This is handy when your preinstalled alarm in a car is broken or not working.

This feature is enabled automatically once you install ANCEL FX6000 in your car. It is also used to give some rest to your key.

3. ABS

The diagnostic is preliminary and can read error codes independently from the anti-locking braking system. ABS is crucial and much more advanced than a traditional braking system.

This device can pinpoint an accurate and precise reading and location of the problem or error in ABS so that you can fix it right on time.


Is ANCEL FX6000 an excellent scanner to have?

Yes, it plays as an all-rounder, given that it has every basic and essential function needed in a car. Moreover, it has 3 years warranty which is satisfying and problem accessible.

What errors and issues can this device detect in a car?

It can detect and analyze all of the error codes, problems, and issues in cars. Also, it provides accurate diagnostics and solutions.

How can ANCEL FX6000 measure the tire pressure?

It has scanners that can measure a tire’s current pressure. Also, it can give a precise reading on the health and conditions of the tires.

Does this fix the AC problem as well?

No, it doesn’t fix the AC problem yet.

Does this work on Hino?

No. This scanner is adequately manufactured to work and diagnose on 12v cars or 12v trucks.

Final verdict

One thing is for sure no matter what brand you go after to buy a mechanical device; they are a bit expensive. So we always recommend researching or visiting different places in a market to suit your price range. Because this is only a one-time investment in your car, it has extended benefits. It has so much to deliver not only for your vehicle but for your time, money, and life as well.

These products have a very balanced and good reputation in the market. Judging by the user experiences and reviews, many people are in love with this product. ANCEL FX6000 and Actron CP9690 Elite are the most famous mechanical tools in the markets in the quality, performance, popularity, and longevity.

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