Launch CR529 OBD2 Scanner Review

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Launch CR529 OBD2 Scanner Review

Launch CR529 is a OBD2 scanner loaded with multiple features. It can be used for remote diagnosis of a vehicle which is helpful for the motor mechanics who want to offer their service online.

It can also reduce hassle of the car owners by preventing them from going to repair shops more often for minor problems. It has many advanced features.
You can see 15 graphs at a time which makes the identification of errors and problems easily online in real-time and even you can freeze data for easy analysis.

There is a launch scanner. You can use it to reset the service light. But this feature might not work for many of the vehicles.
There is another good side of the device that it doesn’t need to be updated every year making it remain functional and useful for a long time.

The company doesn’t offer personal recommendation to manipulate your choice. You will get authentic reviews that will help you find the best Launch scanner tools according to your need.
Launch CR529 supports common diagnostic modes available for OBD2 and supports most of the vehicles released after 1996 in the market of USA, after 2002 in the market of Europe and Asian models released after 2003. But you should check the list/specifies before buying it.

There is a high quality display which feels good in eyes. The setup process for the device is easy. You can get full report of your car if you use it correctly for some days. Comparing the functions it can compete with the devices worth more than thousand dollars.

Main Features

  • Can read and remove codes.
  • Has ability to check engine light faults.
  • Can detect and monitor faults.
  • Can run a quick test by going to “Readiness Test Status”.
  • Easy software update using USB cable.
  • Vehicle reports can be printed.
  • Triple LED system for showing vehicle condition.


  1. LAUNCH CR529 is filled with various advanced features.
  2. Lifetime free software update.
  3. Easy to use interface.
  4. Supports multiple languages.


  1. A bit expensive than other counter-parts.
  2. Only 2 years of warranty.
  3. It doesn’t contain any ECU coverage like ABS or SRS.
  4. It doesn’t have any reset functions available.

Personal Experience

The scanner was tested with a few vehicles. Firstly, it was tested with a Dodge Grand Caravan of 2006 and the device didn’t connect. An upgrade was performed as instructed but no result was shown.

But after a few days people from customer support contacted to solve the problem and it’s really great.
These types of active customer care service are rare these days from any company. Then it was tested with a Volvo and it worked fine. It showed various data, some of which were seemed a bit weird to understand.

That’s because it’s stuffed with so much functions that it shows many data for a simple test which might feel hard to understand for new users. But overall, it worked fine.

The LED lights indicates vehicle condition as needed (Green for no fault codes, Yellow for pending fault codes, Red for permanent fault codes. It works just great analyzing the fault codes and diagnosing problems.

The mechanics charge a lot just to check the problems and sensors without even fixing them.

Considering that this device is a great value for money. You will find functions more than enough to use. The interface is easy and pretty much self-explanatory. And if you face any problem the manual might help.

The absence of battery is a plus point for this. Because none will use it without a car and charging a battery is another hassle for many as there will always be a power source (the vehicle). Fault codes can be easily searched in google or the provided manual for understanding the problem.

The main essential vehicle parameters can be seen and easily transferred to the PC using USB port which helped a lot for analyzing data later.
The design of the product is rugged. But it feels cheap and not premium. The weight is too much light. It doesn’t affect the performances but a better finishing would obviously be a plus point.

The physical buttons was needed to press hard for making them work. A touch screen display could be a better option.

How LAUNCH CR529 Is Different from LAUNCH CR319?

So if it works for your vehicle then Launch CR529 is a good option for you.

When & How to Update

There isn’t much necessity of update for the device. If you ever face any problem, you should try updating to fix them. There’s no need to update without even using it.
You can update easily via USB cable with a PC by downloading the update tool and registering there.. Make sure to have a working internet connection and turn off the anti-virus before updating.

How to use Launch CRP529 Obd2 Scanner

  • First of all, plug in the device with the vehicle. Without plugging in it won’t turn on as it doesn’t contain any battery and gets power directly from the vehicle.
  • Then, boot up the device.
  • Navigate the menu using the button and go to ‘Diagnose’.
  • You will find multiple data regarding your device. After checking them you can continue by pressing OK.
  • There you will find “Read Codes”. By entering there you will be able to see fault codes and take necessary actions.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Q: Can I leave the scanner connected while driving?

A: Yes, you can keep the Launch CR529 scanner connected and it’s sometimes better for having the better understanding of engine condition.

Q: Can I use German as the device language?

A: Yes, Launch CR529 supports 7 different languages including – English, French, Portuguese, Deutsch, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese.

Q: How often do I need to charge the scanner?

A: Launch CR529 doesn’t has a battery. It uses direct power from the vehicle. So, you don’t need to worry about charging the device.

Q: Can I directly upgrade the scanner using the device itself?

A: No, you have to connect the scanner with the PC using USB cable to upgrade it and an upgrade tool is also required to be installed in the respective PC.

Q: Can I print vehicle report from the scanner?

A: Yes, you can printout a vehicle report data from the scanner using a PC.

Q: Does the scanner has a touch display?

A: No. you will get physical buttons to navigate through various options in the menu.


In a word, Launch CR529 OBD2 scanner is a great device for diagnosing your vehicles. It is handy, compact, and light-weight. It contains facilities more than enough for a normal person.

Even though the price seems high for many people and also having some drawbacks like, absence of ECU coverage and reset functions, it is one of the best overall.
A normal car owner can use it to check their loving vehicle on a daily basis and a mechanic can use it for professional purposes even find out problem online which makes it a wonderful device. It can make everyone’s work easy related to these.

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