Autel MaxiIm IM508 Key Programmer Tool Review

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Autel MaxiIm IM508 Key featured
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Suppose you are a car owner or a professional mechanic searching for a key programmer for a car. In that case, Autel MaxiIm IM508 is just for you. It is a unique key programming machine, which is also loaded with multiple diagnostic tools. Combining the benefits of both makes it a device that can make itself the first choice for anybody.

Autel is a brand of trust. Their devices are both unique and of excellent quality. They are the best for key programmers among other brands available in the market. Just like their other machines, Autel MaxiIm IM508 is also a worthy market competitor.

Autel MaxiIm IM508 Key Programmer tool review

The device is a wonderful key programming tool. There comes an XP200 key programmer with the primary device. Though it is a key programming tool, its ability to read and remove error codes of vehicles is incredible. The accuracy of it is similar to dedicated scanning tools like MK808BT. This even includes additional features like EPB, Oil Reset, SAS etc.

The device came with a J box with three USB cables. It connects with the device directly to the vehicle via the OBD port. There is a programmer that comes with it. There are different chip plates, some extra fuses and some of the other additional stuff in a package.

The build quality of the primary device is excellent. It feels rugged and solid, and it feels comfortable in the hands. The touchscreen display works just fine. The screen is protected on the edges, and the device can pass any drop test successfully.

The UI is easy to navigate. The device is Android based and feels like a regular tablet. The functions are aligned nicely in the main menu. Though Android-based, you can’t install any apps you want. But you can do some, which are necessary for the ease of fulfilling its purpose.

It has built-in Wi-Fi for connectivity. The device is also powered by a 5000 mAh battery, which helps to use it even on the go. The device can be used even if the charge of the battery runs out by taking power directly from the car. You can check live data and analyze the graphs later without connecting it with the vehicle. You can even print data using a printer.

The device was tried with a Hyundai Sonata. First, the car model was selected by going to the IMMO and going to Hyundai. The device got connected to the internet, and the ignition was put into accessory mode. Then the machine was able to read the pin code. After clicking OK, the device gave detailed information about the car model, including area, year, engine etc.

The device gave the option to select the blade key or smart key. Smart key was selected. After following the necessary steps for the first time, the device failed to read the password. But after a few trials, it was able to read it.
Following the instructions given by the device, it was quite easy to program the keys. It was tried using multiple keys, and all were programmed without any hazard. Later the keys were tested and worked just fine.


  1. The device guides through every step, makes it easier to use for newbies
  2. There are advanced key programming functions in the Expert Mode
  3. touch-screen display
  4. Android device
  5. The device is compatible with a wide range of vehicles
  6. The scanning function of the device is top-notch
  7. Wi-Fi feature


  1. Price is high for a regular user
  2. It doesn’t have any camera for diagnostic purposes
  3. The software update feature is free for only 2 years

Autel MaxiIM IM508 main features

Autel MaxiIm IM508 Key Programmer

Autel MaxiDAS DS808
Autel MaxiDAS DS808


The device is compatible with most of the manufacturers from Europe, Asia and North America. But the key programming feature might not work fully on many of the vehicles. You should check the compatibility before buying the device.


The device offers two years of software updates for free. There comes a update almost every week. No function is 100% perfect. So, company sends patches and fixes for the faults. You will be able to see a number of updates remaining by checking the number in with the Update option. Whenever you see any number just update it.
There is also a option of Firmware Upgrade in the settings. This update will help to update the background of the tool such as the Android version, MaxiIm platform etc. To perform the update-

  • Go to “Firmware Upgrade” in the “Settings”.
  • Tap “Update Now”. Make sure device is online and the device is connected to the vehicle.
  • It will get updated using Wi-Fi.

It is also necessary to perform the general update. These updates come more often than the firmware updates. You don’t need to perform each of them. Because often there are updates for the functions you may not need. To perform these updates-

  • Go to “Update” in the main menu.
  • You will get a list for available updates. First perform the system update, if available.
  • Just tap on the green download button and it will start downloading. It may take some time depending on the update size.

Most of the times after system update you should try vehicle update. There are two different sides of the that. The Immobilizer side and the diagnostic side. Each will have there own updates. Just continue performing the updates according to your need.


There is also service feature in the device. It is based on mainly the MX808 scanning tool model of the same brand. You can do Oil Reset, Electronic Parking Brake, Battery Management System etc. These are not the primary feature for the key programming tool. But having them will help a lot in various occasions.


The diagnostic tools of the device help to read and remove error codes of all modules of the car. You can see live data from the device and generate graphs. But it doesn’t have any bi-directional control in the device. There are more than 20 maintenance features. These include, oil reset, EPB (Electronic Parking Brake), SAS (Steering & Suspension), injector, brake bleed, airbag reset, turbocharging etc.
After entering there you will get to choose the model of your vehicle by selecting the manufacturer of the list. You should perform the update if available for your needed manufacturer.

There is an auto VIN feature which works with all the models released after 2006. Using the VIN or Vehicle Identification Number, you will be able to know the detail of the car model including the engine information.

This diagnostic feature is so important in key programming tool, especially for the mechanics, so that if anything goes wrong without the fault of the mechanic, he can show the car report as a proof by pre-scanning the vehicle to show its previous problems.

You can see trouble codes. There you will also get to see the detail about the code including when and what was the situation when that occurred. You should check immobilizer data from here. Otherwise, the keys will not work properly after programming if there is any problem.

XP200 Key Programmer

Autel MaxiIm IM508 Key

This part of the whole device is used to test and identify keys. This can perform EEPROM function and can be used for precoding keys. There is a com port in the side of the device to give us that access. Vehicles which doesn’t have slot for precoding can be done by this tool. This can even work as a security device by working as a secondary authentication device.

The programmer can be used to test a key. For doing so, we need to go to programmer icon on the main screen. This will automatically update each time you connect it with the main device. After finishing the update, we will be able to see an option for testing keys.

After selecting key we will see option for reading and writing key. You have to place the key in the slot of the programmer to see the type of the key. We can also check key id and key information in this function.

Key Programming

Autel MaxiIm IM508 Key Programmer

  • First of all, manually select car manufacturer name.
  • After that, if you are an expert then just can go to the system selection and start programming your key.
  • Otherwise, you can choose manual selection. Now, after selecting the maker, select the area you are in (Not to be confused with where the car was built).
  • Then after selecting the model correctly, select the key type according to the year. Then you have to read the PIN. To do that, we have to go to the “Read Immobilizer Password” and then “Password Reading”. It will ask to turn the ignition switch ON. Even if you are unable to do that without the key, click OK.
  • The device will show the PIN. You can just take a screenshot for further use.
  • Now get back and go to the “Keyless System”. If you lost all keys, just select the option telling the same.
  • Keep continuing OK. It will take some time. Then it will ask you to set functions to the key, like when to do what etc.

The device also gives relevant information about the key, which will help a lot before starting to program. It will guide you in a manner in a step-by-step process.

Paid Features

There are many tools and functions in the device, and almost all of them are free for the lifetime. But there are only three additional features for which you have to pay, and those are MQB(Beta), IMMO 4 Instrument CAN, and IMMO 4 + MQB Key.

Comparison between Autel MaxiIM IM508 vs IM608


Does the device has TPMS function?

Yes, the device has TPMS function. You often need an external tool for the job. But here the bulit-in function help your work easier for seeing tire sensor ID. You can even perform test.

Does the device has Portuguese language support?

Yes, for the ease of the customers worldwide the device is supported with major languages like English, Portuguese, Spanish, French etc.

Can the device read ECU?

Yes, the device can read and write ECU codes. You need to keep the XP200 programmer connected with your device to be able to perform the task.

Will I get any warranty with the product?

Yes, the device comes with 1 year warranty. It also offers 30 days replacement or full refund policy.

Can I use it as a dedicated scanning tool?

Yes, you can use it as a scanning tool. But it is not suggested for professional use as you might not find some of the features. Its even doesn’t worth to buy at this price for that purpose only.

Can I perform battery diagnosis using this?

There is BMS or battery management system in the device. So, you can reset battery light and even monitor battery voltage or charge using it.

How much does it cost to perform an update after 2 years?

The update costs $349.5 for a year after the expiration of free update period.


In a word, Autel MaxiIm IM508 is a great tool for key programming. The additional scanning features are bonus for the product. Though it is not a dedicated scanning device but it serves the purpose quite accurately.
The key programming feature of the device can be compared with the similar products of higher prices.

It does its job perfectly. There might be some features which are absent in this but most of people don’t need them. So, overall the product is a great value for money.
If you want a key programming device at a reasonable price then it is one of the best choices for you.

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Autel MaxiIm IM508 Key featured
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