The Top-Rated Innova Scanners for Advanced Automotive Troubleshooting

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Best Innova scanner
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Innova claims to be the most popular brand of diagnostic tools in the United States. Innova, which began operations in 2003, is a leading provider of cutting-edge diagnostic equipment. All of its creations are developed at Irvine, California, its headquarters. Innova’s products are made in China before being shipped to the United States and Canada.

This article includes some Best Innova Scanner products that you can consider, buying guides, informative sections, and frequently asked questions about the brand. Generally speaking, we’re checking out their user-friendliness, compatibility, and overall cost-effectiveness. 

Getting OBD2 auto repair solutions with Innova Scanners

If you buy an Innova OBD2 code reader, you’ll get access to the Repair Solutions 2 app at no additional cost. It’s an exclusive bundle app that provides repair solutions. Repair Solutions 2 app shows the cost of repairs, the parts that require replacing, and any other information that will help you get the most out of your tool.

Repair Solutions 2 app, which can be found in both the PlayStore and the AppStore, adds functionality to your Innova scanner that is unmatched by other scanners. It works both as your professional auto advisor and assistant. 

Used in conjunction with the Innova scan tool, the app can help you diagnose problems and fix the major systems in your vehicle. Let’s see how we can actually use it. 

  • Get the RepairSolutions 2 app from Google Play or the App Store, whichever OS you use. 
  • Then, using the in-app prompts, connect it to your Innova OBD2 Code Reader and follow the instructions. 
  • The third step is to upload the data so you can receive the reports and then the solutions for the corresponding problems. 

You might expect a couple of different things to happen after these three phases. To the extent that your SRS code is one with a known repair, you will be informed of this. In the wake of this, an SRS report component will be crafted automatically.

This means the software can quickly provide a report detailing the required components and the associated repair costs. If a solution isn’t already out there, then you can relax. The data you provide will be included in the section of the report labelled “Needs Attention.”

From then, Innova’s technicians will dive into your problem and work to find a solution. It’s possible that you’ll have a solution to your problem within ten business days once they begin looking into it.

Types of Innova Scanners

Unlike Autel or Launch that specifically categorize their products, we can barely see categorization on Innova scanners. However, Innova scanners are always top-notch in their class. If we take a look closer, there are at least three major types of Innova scanners currently available in the market.

One-hand operation scanners

best Innova scanner one handed

This kind of scanner actually dominates Innova’s product line and covers some of its best-selling products. Innova has designed these scanners for one-hand operation. You can literally operate them with one hand which improves the flexibility when diagnosing your car. Some of these products include Innova 5110, 5210, 5310, 5410, 5510, 5512, and 5610.

They already have a built-in screen display but don’t go beyond three inches wide. These scanners are functional products that help users to perform common diagnostics.

Tablet Scanners

Innova table scanner

Tablet scanners typically have larger built-in screens and support touchscreen operation. Innova doesn’t have many tablet scanners but Innova 7111 is undoubtedly one of the best tablet scanners currently available in the market. The interface allows you to access the menu more flexibly. The main advantage of these tablet scanners is obviously their big screen where you can view graphing and data presentation better than one-handed scanners.

Bluetooth dongle Scanners

best innova scanner

Innova also has Bluetooth dongle scanners where it comes as an adapter and you can use your smartphone or tablet device as the interface. Currently, Innova 1000 is the dongle scanner currently available on the market from the scanner. You can practically access all the functionalities and features from your phone or tablet device.

Those dongle scanners are more practical for those who prefer to use their mobile device to operate the diagnostic tool. These scanners offer more flexibility and could save you money from purchasing built-in hardware that performs the same functionalities.rd

Top 9 Innova Scan Tools Review

1. Innova 7111 OBD2 Tablet Scan Tool

The Innova 7111 scanner is priced for a niche market of more advanced customers. If all you want to do is reset reminders and diagnose the check engine light, there are a few cheaper methods available to do-it-yourself mechanics and customers.

This In Particular scanner has various extra features and functionalities that allow more experienced users to do complex maintenance activities and diagnostics on a wide range of vehicles.

While not a diagnostic tool at the level used by manufacturers or authorized dealers, the Innova 7111 nonetheless provides a wealth of features. Oil, engine, and filter service resets are also possible. 

You can collect live data from your car and run customized scanning, in addition to reading codes.

Most inexpensive OBD2 scanners will provide a description of DTCs. Taking things further is the Innova 7111OBD2 tablet. The smart diagnostic tablet includes essential features that help you fix auto problems. 

In addition, while your car is operating, you can view data on the corresponding systems in real time, which is especially useful for car enthusiasts. 

The Innova 7111 allows you to clear out or reset the lights once you’ve made the necessary repairs or taken care of any root cause with adjustments or replacements. 


  • Scan and diagnostics
  • Network Scan Capabilities
  • Liva Data Streaming
  • Selected module scan and test
  • Read and clear DTCs
  • Extended Tests
  • IPT Capable
  • Service Reset Functions


  1. Complete functionalities
  2. Comprehensive OBD2 capabilities
  3. Wider coverage
  4. Extensive service resets
  5. More features


  1. Need better storage case

2. innova 5210 obd2 scanner

The Innova 5210 is capable of reading DTCs and disabling the warning light, just like every other device in its class. The error codes will be shown, and the RepairSolution2 software can be used to locate legitimate solutions.

Using the features provided by the code reader, do-it-yourselfers and in-house mechanics may make speedy repairs.

Oil temp, RPM, and speed are just some of the live statistics that may be displayed on the Innova 5210. The freeze frame data from the time the engine light is turned on is also displayed, making even the simplest problems easy for novices to diagnose.

You can use the code scanner to inspect the charging system, including the battery and alternator.

Find out how you did on your smog check in advance with Innova 5210. It will tell you if your car will pass the state’s smog check. You won’t need any prior knowledge because the device provides step-by-step instructions for performing the smog check.


  • Check Engine Light
  • Code Reader and Eraser
  • ABS Diagnostic
  • Live Data
  • Check Engine Light
  • RepairSolutions 2 App
  • Freeze Frame Data
  • Battery System Test
  • Code Severity Level Info
  • LED Indicators for Smog Check


  1. Wider compatibility for US, European, and Asian vehicles
  2. Battery system tests supported
  3. Supporting live and freeze frame data
  4. One-button operation, easy to use
  5. Best connectivity
  6. Good value for money


  1. Live data graphing isn’t supported
  2. Functions are limited

3. innova 5610 OBD2 Scanner

Our most advanced pick for a pro-grade scanner category is the famous Innova 5610. It can be used for everything that the preceding goods can, plus a lot more besides.

Professional auto mechanics and experienced do-it-yourselfers will find the most use from it, although anyone can purchase it for use in their garage.

The Innova 5610 is singular in its class because it’s already capable of bi-directional communication.

Your vehicle’s actuators, sensors, and other parts can be controlled and monitored with its help. This allows you to address any potential issues with your car before they become noticeable to the naked eye.

It was simple to establish a connection with the RepairSolutions 2 app. Unfortunately, the app didn’t provide any additional information on the error codes beyond what was already available from the scanner.

Predicted repairs based on your vehicle’s mileage are also included in the app’s maintenance recommendations. Recalls and technical service bulletins are also included in the app.

Live data from systems like engine, transmission, ABS, and SRS can be streamed to the INNOVA 5610. It can also be used for other types of reset procedures, such as DPF regeneration, resetting SAS and so forth.  


  • Special Reset Functions
  • Active Test
  • Live Data
  • Network Scan
  • Battery Reset
  • Oil Light Reset
  • TPMS
  • RepairSolution2 App


  1. Bi-directional control capability
  2. All system network scan
  3. Sophisticated data stream
  4. More special reset functions
  5. Ultimate connectivity
  6. Highly accessible


  1. Costly code reader
  2. Slightly more advanced to use for first timers

4. innova 6100p OBD2 Scanner

Compared to its predecessor, the INNOVA 6100P is a more feature-rich and advanced tool. The engine, transmission, SRS, and ABS may all be diagnosed with the OBD2 scanner. You can get back on the road quickly and safely thanks to its ability to read and erase DTCs as well as ABS-related codes.

The INNOVA 6100P also has a feature that lets you check the condition of your alternator and battery to make sure they are functioning properly and are neither over or under the safe operating range.

Additionally, you may view all the information you need to repair your car on time, including the ability to reset that oil light. The device essentially unlocks your engine’s full potential.

The Innova 6100P can perform functions typically reserved for more expensive devices because of its ability to function as a reliable OBD II scanner and connect to a mobile app.

As you might have known, RepairSolution2 app does more than just reset the oil change indicator and check the battery; it also provides repair recommendations and a list of necessary components.

Being below $200, the price tag is well worth it, as it includes everything a home user might want in a scanner. If you’re a DIYer, this would be a valuable investment for auto maintenance.


  • Complete OBD Functions
  • RepairSolution2 connectivity
  • Live data
  • Freeze Frame Data
  • Smog Test Check
  • Code Severity Level Information


  1. Enhanced system diagnostic capability
  2. Wider compatibility
  3. Extensive special service functions
  4. Free lifetime online update


  1. Not a multi-language scanner
  2. Repair Solution2 app isn’t an option

5. Innova 6030P OBD2 Scanner

The INNOVA 6030P is an affordable scanner that outperforms its predecessors and competitors in a number of ways. It covers 10 OBD2 modes and can diagnose ABS on most domestic and Asian automobiles manufactured in 1996 and later.

Furthermore, see if your car has passed the emission test with the help of the data from the On-Board diagnostic system monitors.

DTCs can be read and deleted with the INNOVA 6030P. Also, the software RepairSolutions2 can be used to show the tool’s severity rating and provide recommendations for remedies that have been tested. With Bluetooth, it can pair wirelessly with it.

Live data can be viewed on the INNOVA 6030P’s 2.8-inch color display panel. The engine’s RPM and other diagnostic statistics are all shown in real-time. It can also graph the real-time data from the sensors for analysis on a screen.

When it comes to OBDII scan tools, the INNOVA 6030P is among the best on the market because of its high-end capabilities and wide range of supported vehicle makes and models. That’s why this machine is perfect for any home repairman or garage-based auto service.

Any car, domestic or foreign, manufactured after 1996 will have its engine code found. Advanced users will appreciate the in-built battery and ABS testing functions. The ability to pair with an app and exchange data wirelessly over Bluetooth is a fantastic bonus.


  • 10 OBD II Modes
  • Check engine light plus ABS
  • Live Data
  • Battery and Charging System Test
  • Smog Check
  • Severity Level
  • Bluetooth Connectivity


  1. Easy to use
  2. Read and Clear DTCs
  3. Complete diagnostic functions
  4. RepairSolution2 app connectivity
  5. Applicable solutions
  6. Better presentation
  7. Great value for money


  1. Limited Diagnostic Power and functions
  2. Special reset functions are fewer

6. Innova 3020RS OBD2 Scanner

The Innova 3020RS is an inexpensive, beginner-level code reader that may be used to quickly check and clear DTCs, turn off check engine light, and perform other OBD2 activities. Its compact design makes it easy to bring along for road trips.

The INNOVA 3020RS barcode reader ensures that you may keep working at a high level even when away from the office. It’s convenient in size and weight, and both novices and pros can use it successfully.

Auto trouble codes can be read and deleted with INNOVA 3020RS. There’s also a feature that rates the severity of the problem. The answer to that question will tell you if you can safely continue driving or if you should stop as soon as possible for further action.

The Innova 3020RS scanner also provides advanced notice of your vehicle’s emission condition. The device can be used to see if your car is ready for the smog check. It’s also already capable of resetting your vehicle’s ABS error codes.

In addition to its other standout qualities, the INNOVA 3020RS is equipped with the proprietary app, RepairSolution2. This provides you with reliable solutions, access to appropriate replacement car components, and the ability to service your vehicle yourself.



  • Check Engine Light
  • Repair Solutions 2 App
  • LED Indicators for Smog Check
  • Severity Information
  • Patented Interface
  • ABS Diagnostics


  1. RepairSolution2 app connectivity
  2. User-friendly, easy to operate
  3. Robust construction
  4. Great value for money
  5. Informing severity level


  1. Slightly slow processing
  2. ABS functions aren’t universal

7. Innova 3125RS OBD2 Scanner

Innova 3125RS is a Bluetooth scan tool adapter that offers the full functionality of diagnostic tools. It also has amenities that most Innova scanners have including some advanced capabilities.

Using the RepairSolutions2 app, you may find trustworthy solutions, the specific components needed for repair, preventative maintenance programs, technical info, recalls, etc. Learn the ins and outs of auto repair so you can do the job correctly the first time.

Real-time information about your car (RPM, oil temperature, coolant temperature, etc.) can be viewed on gauges that may be customized to fit your driving preferences. You can view it from your smartphone or tablet which also improves the convenience.

Whether your car needs attention right away or can wait till you get home can be determined in a flash. It is able to read and clear error codes from all ECU modules, not just the major systems. 

With the Innova FixAssist 3215RS, you may use your phone as a high-tech OBD2 diagnostic scanner. Vehicle vitals (RPM, oil temperature, etc.) can be monitored in real-time, improving diagnostic accuracy.

You can leave the dongle installed in your car and access information on its status, error codes, and maintenance needs from anywhere with an internet connection. Quickly combine with RepairSolutions2 to provide the best possible service, from diagnosis to repair.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • RepairSolution2 access
  • Live Data
  • Wide Diagnostic Coverage
  • Network Scan


  1. Support iOS and Android
  2. Working OBD II scan tool
  3. Complete functionality
  4. Broad compatibility
  5. Practical
  6. Wireless operation


  1. The app is only downloadable in the US
  2. Crashing issues on iOS
  3. Buffering Issues

8. Innova 5310 OBD2 Scanner

Innova CarScan Inspector 5310 OBD-II car diagnostic scanner is an improvement of the 5210 thanks to its ability to reset the oil-related indicators while maintaining its compatibility with both Bluetooth and wired connections.

The access to RepairSolution2 as the proprietary app already makes Innova Inspector 5310 a winner in the competition. Not only fixing solutions but you can even get quotations for the components. 

Although this scanner is missing some features, its low price of less than $150 means that it should be sufficient for most weekend mechanics who are short on time. This OBD-II scanner is certainly the best value for your money. 

The CarScan Inspector 5310 by Innova is an OBD-II diagnostic scanner that displays information from the vehicle’s computer and makes suggestions for maintenance and replacement parts. Any DIY auto technician should be able to afford and put to use its versatile set of features.


  • Check Engine Light
  • ABS and SRS
  • Oil light reset
  • Live Data
  • Freeze Frame Data
  • Patented Interface
  • Battery and Charging System Test
  • LED Indicators for Smog Check


  1. Great value for money
  2. RepairSolution2 access
  3. Resetting oil maintenance service


  1. Confusing interface
  2. High-end features are still limited

9. Innova 5110 OBD2 Scanner

The Innova CarScan 5110 is our favorite because of its straightforward design and limited feature set. The scanner can quickly read the error message and then reset it. You may pair your smartphone with this scanner by Bluetooth, and the scanner can then be connected to your vehicle via the cable.

Because of its four buttons, the device is easy to use. I found the monochrome screen to be very bothersome. Since the scanner can be controlled remotely, it didn’t feel intrusive at all.

Data storage is made easier by the scanner. You can save it to your computer, and then print it out or play it at your convenience. The lack of real-time data is problematic and a serious shortcoming.

Don’t stress over compatibility issues or missing updates. The Repairsolution2 software is the ultimate problem-solving tool. In addition, the software on your phone will alert you as soon as it detects a problem with the code. Good as a whole, yet lacking in several key areas.


  • Check Engine Light
  • RepairSolution2 Acces
  • Severity Levels 
  • LED Indicators for Smog
  • ABS


  1. Easy Operation
  2. Simple set functions
  3. Good value for money
  4. Can be updated
  5. Spanish and French also supported
  6. Supporting Playback


  1. No advanced functions at all
  2. Oil service features aren’t available
  3. No live data and freeze frame data
  4. Monochrome display, can be confusing

Comparison Table

Pro Tips to consider while buying an OBD2 scanner

Still confused with the Innova scanner you want to choose? You can visit for further information but we’ve also summarised a buying guide that you can use to specifically choose an Innova scanner that suits your needs best. Let’s have a look and follow the guide below.

Main Functions

When purchasing an OBD2 scan tool, what are you hoping to accomplish? You don’t have to spend a lot of money if all you want to do is figure out what your check engine light(CEL) on the dashboard means, or if you want to verify the information given to you by a repair shop and possibly turn off the light if it’s on because of something as simple as dirty components or replaced parts. 

If you’re willing to spend $100, you can travel wherever you need to go on a consistent basis. Once the issue has been resolved, an OBD2 scanner is still useful if you or a friend are in the market for a cheap used vehicle.

Specialized Features

It’s worth purchasing more expensive scanners if you’re a consistent Auto DIYer and/or who helps other drivers or car owners to solve their problems. More makes and models may be supported by more expensive scanners that have specialized functions.

A high-quality OBD2 code reader will allow you to investigate the inner workings of a vehicle’s control systems, identify the source of any issues, and decide whether repairs are necessary.

One with more functionality will allow you to examine vehicle performance, enhance efficiency, and learn how the vehicle operates better. These are typically covered with an extent of specialized functions in the corresponding scanner.


A few years ago, professional-grade scanners cost $3000-$5000, but now scanners with lower prices can perform the same things. The best ones are sufficient for use if you want to make a drivable automobile. However, in the long run, a high-end professional model will be required.

If you only ever read and clear error codes sometimes, there’s no need to shell out hundreds of dollars for an OBD2 scan tool. Innova has cheaper products that work on basic needs and requirements.

Pricing varies depending on the desired features and options. Typically, a higher price tag indicates more features. In order to get the most out of your money, it’s important to focus on practical requirements.

Again, there is no need to purchase a diagnostic scanner equipped with OEM-level capabilities if you do not intend to perform any repairs on your vehicle.

Innova’s multi-brand scanners can read the data from all OBD II systems, including those in cars made in the United States, Europe, and Asia. You can get your money’s worth with these scanners, especially as you deal with multiple makes and models of vehicles.

Intended Usage

Consider why you want to use a certain scan tool from Innova. Is the condition of your vehicle the only thing on your mind? Perhaps you’re wary of letting just any auto shop overcharge you. DIY auto repair often involves sourcing high-quality replacement components.

Before buying an Innova scanner, it’s important to know exactly what you’ll be using it for. The capabilities and data made available by various gadgets are vastly different. Although Innova’s basic scanners can detect and clear DTCs, they may not allow you to reset certain systems. 

Information To Obtain

There are several parts and systems in a car, including the engine, gearbox, electrical, and brake systems. You probably need a scan tool as you’ve noticed problems in your vehicle. 

However, not all OBD II scanners provide data on all of these subsystems. You need to ensure that the diagnostic scanners’ specifications can provide you with the corresponding information. These include their generic and specialized functions. 


Innova’s multi-brand scanners are compatible with several vehicles makes and models. Yet, you should still check the scanners’ readability by year, manufacturer, and model.

 A multi-brand scanner will give you the most bang for your buck if you own a variety of automobiles from different manufacturers. However, some manufacturers and models like Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, or even BMW might require a specific platform.


Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are Innova scanners made?

Over the past three decades, ASE Master Technicians have been working in California to perfect the design and development of Innova products.

Are Innova OBD scanners any good?

We have found Innova to be the most reliable manufacturer of vehicle scanners. While more expensive and feature-rich OBD2 scanners are available from Innova, some cheaper models are already great value for the money.

Does Innova have free updates?

If you purchase an Innova scanner, there is a one-year warranty, free upgrades for life, and free help from Innova. 

How Much Should I Spend on an Innova diagnostic tool?

Innova scan and diagnostic tools are built to last. Every time you quickly lift the lid of your premium product, you will be rewarded with higher speed, improved quality accuracy, and a more pleasant viewing experience. A brand new Innova scanner can set you back between tens and hundreds of dollars, on average. 

What is FixAssist?

Whether you’re looking to diagnose a check engine light or an ABS warning, or just make sure your car is road-trip ready, the Innova FixAssist scanner is an excellent choice for a first scan tool. It works wonderfully for pre-purchase checks on used vehicles.

Final Words

Our reviews and buying guide of the Best Innova Scanner products should provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about the product that you want to purchase. We have provided reviews covering a wide range of products in a variety of categories. You should know at this point which category you need to consider if you want to find the best tool for your needs in terms of both your finances and the features and functionalities you find most important.

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