Autel AutoLink AL319- Is it worth buying?

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Autel AutoLink AL319 Featured
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Autel Autolink al319 maintenance scanner is an excellent tool for the typical user. It is ideal for personal usage and compatible with any automobile built in 1996 and later.

This device is the best but least expensive obd2 scanner available today, performing a diagnostic test at a rapid pace.
Owning your automobile diagnostic scan tool is extremely important and can help you save money.

The other two well-liked versions of this brand are Autel Autolink al619 and Autel al519 scan tools. The most affordable scanner available is this one. Learn why you should get this OBD II and CAN device at a low price by reading our Autel Autolink al319 review.

Autel AutoLink AL319 review

The affordable Autel Autolink al319 is nearly the most refined Autel product. Users can efficiently use this scanner because of several of its robust features. Any domestic and imported vehicles built after 1996 can be repaired using this program.

It also includes special features like a tone, the ability to read a PCM data stream in real-time, a bilingual menu with DTC definitions, free online software updates, and upgrades, to name a few.

These and other characteristics greatly enhance this vehicle scan tool’s performance and effectiveness. It can recover all available producer codes, DTCs, and pending codes.

A diagnostic tool might be able to help if your engine is not operating at its peak efficiency. The plug-and-play simplicity of this product amazed me. Since I first got it, this unit was simple to update. It appears to work with almost any OBDII, including initial Ford models.

When the protocols weren’t yet standardized, after eradicating all the previous faults in my car and performing several tests, I identified an unidentified problem with my gear position sensors not being calibrated and receiving an additional boost during the workout.

This Bluetooth device is quite dependable, and unlike specific models, you may use it without a phone.


  1. logical user interface
  2. I/M monitor buttons provide quick error code inspection.
  3. small and robust design
  4. An international menu
  5. Broad vehicle coverage
  6. Frame-free data
  7. simple to use thanks to the plug-and-play feature
  8. a year-long warranty


  1. Since it lacks a battery, it relies on the vehicle’s power to function
  2. You must purchase the latest version of Launch X431 V+ or the Foxwell NT624 PRO tool if you want more sophisticated features
  3. Attempts by some users to upgrade the scanner have run into problems
  4. The cable size is short
  5. Some users complained about updates

Autel AutoLink AL319 Main features 

Autel AutoLink AL319

This can be a cheap solution if you’re searching for an OBDII device for your vehicle. After you start using the car scanner, you will realize that it saves a lot of money from your bank account.

Easy to use

Though the device is priced lower, that doesn’t mean it’s hard to use. It has a simple user interface having a large TFT screen. The only thing the user needs to do is just read the user manual.

Compact Design

This device is easier to handle. Almost anyone can use this. The manufacturing company designed the machine to keep it easily anywhere in your car.

Integrated Speaker

The most distinguishing characteristic is its integrated speaker. Whereas elsewhere, everything is done within the display, this gadget uses the speaker to deliver an audible and visible tone for ready essential verification. This exceptional feature enhances the device’s use.

Upgrades And Updates

The top-tier diagnostic scanners available today have been updated and improved. Given the rapid advancement of technology, this factor is crucial. The manufacturer offers free software upgrades and updates via the USB interface for a whole year.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The rapidly expanding company Autel is well renowned for its excellent scan equipment. Autel Autolink AL319, the automobile engine code reader, comes with a manufacturer-provided one-year guarantee. This convinces consumers of the support of the equipment developing a problem.

Multilingual Menu

Only a select few diagnostic tools offer this unique functionality. It can be challenging when a user can’t understand the language used on the car diagnostics scan tool. An individual can choose from the languages offered by this Autel model: English, French, and Spanish.

How to Update Autel AL319

Autel AutoLink AL319

1. Download the updated software for your PC.
2. Start your computer’s MaxiLinkII Tool Kit.
3. Use the USB cable to connect the scanning device to your computer.
4. Press the ENTER/Exit button after selecting Update Mode on the System Setup screen of the scan tool using the SCROLL button.
5. Decide which programs on your computer need to be updated. Operating system programs and DTC libraries are the two categories of programs.
6. Select update in the MaxiLinkII Tool Kit box to start updating.
7. The scan tool shows a notice during the updating process.
“Refresh Program. Kindly wait.
8. The scan tool will announce “Program Update has been done!” when the update is complete.
9. To complete the full upgrade, restart the scan tool.

Comparison between Autel AutoLink AL319 and Autel AutoLink AL519


Would Autel Al319 Scan Tool Indicate the Readiness of the Drive Cycle?

Autel Al319 features an I/M ready mode that may provide specific information on each primary emission monitor’s readiness.
Even the scan tool has a button that allows you to select this option without using the options. n addition, a lamp on the scanner indicates whether any emission monitors are prepared.
Note that states may have different criteria for I/M readiness for every car.

Is There a Reset Function on Autel AL319 Scanner?

As a simple scanner, it lacks reset features like the airbag, SRS, or electronic parking brake. You must choose a more expensive scanner if you want a code reader that can perform these tasks. There are many of them available at Autel.

 Does this scanner shows the code and explain what is the actual meaning of the code?

It does, indeed. This scan tool explains the meaning of the OBD2 code in addition to reading and erasing error codes. However, you will need to conduct an online search if you want further clarification on what to do with the code or which specific item to fix.


Although the Autel AL319 Autolink troubleshooting scanner is offered at a low price, it provides more than you might anticipate. The AL319 is incredibly strong and works with all 1996 and current automobiles.

Including OBD2 and CAN vehicles from the US, Europe, and Asia. Additionally, it has a small shape, is light in weight, and is simple to use. Find out why your engine light is just on by keeping it in your car.

The Autel Autolink AL319 scan tool on most vehicles will help you read and clear both universal and manufacturer-specific codes. This tool won’t break the bank because it’s reasonably priced,

but it will help you understand why the CEL light is on and what you need to do to turn it off. You can look up the meaning of the code and a fix online if you don’t want to go to the technician.

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