Autel Scanner Maxicom MK808- Is this the best Diagnosis tool?

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Autel Scanner Maxicom MK808 featured
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When seeking a budget, user-friendly, and dependable OBD ii scanner, auto shop owners or expert technicians can consider the Autel Maxicom MK808 automobile diagnostic scanner.

Most automobiles made from 1996 and beyond are covered by Autel Maxicom MK808 code reader, an entire unit diagnostic scanner.

The Autel MK808 code reader is trendy, lightweight, and capable of performing fundamental and specific complex tasks. Because of this, it makes an excellent tool for technicians and professional mechanics alike. The Autel MX808 scanner and the MK808 diagnostic tool are identical.

Some Information about the Maxicom MK808


How to Register the Device:

  • On the Autel Maxicom MK808, connect to Wi-Fi and turn it on.
  • Start the MaxiCOM app.
  • To access the login screen, click “Upgrade.”
  • To log in, enter your password and Autel ID.
  • If you don’t already have one, click “Create an Autel ID,” then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the registration.

How To Update:

  • After registration and initial use, it will immediately launch the updated interface.
  • Following that, download “OS” (operating system), “System Program,” and “AutoVIN” in that order.
  • Then, select “Update” to download car software after the device has refreshed once again.
  • If you discover a number in the red circle next to the “Update” icon on the homepage and this is not your first use, click that button.
  • Afterward, pick from the available updates. Refreshing the device is another feature of updates.

Changing Language:

Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, French, Russian, French, German, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, and Chinese are supported in addition to the default language of English.

  • Alter the language of the menu
  • Press Setting>>Language>> on the function menu.
  • (You select the language)
  • Modify the programming language
  • on the homepage, click
  • Setting>>
  • Language & Input under System Settings
  • Restart and download the desired language’s software once more.
  • Done!

This way, you can register the device, update it, and change it to your preferred language.

Autel Scanner Maxicom MK808 review

Autel MaxiDAS DS808
Autel MaxiDAS DS808

A vehicle diagnostic tool parameter identifies your vehicle’s specific engine problems. The most common incompatibilities are with the oil tanker, starting coil, gearbox, ABS and SRS, exhaust, and throttle.

Car diagnostic tests are often performed in a mechanic’s shop; however, you can use them at home. Even though it is challenging, a practical vehicle test should be completed quickly and without assistance.


  1. A large screen and an intuitive interface
  2. Fast processing power and memory
  3. Almost perfect compatibility
  4. Professional applications and more features


  1. Need to charge the device
  2. It lacks the DS808’s more sophisticated engine functionality
  3. Expensive

Autel Maxicom MK808 main features

Autel Scanner Maxicom MK808 feature

Vehicle Coverage:

Your initial impression of the Autel Maxicom MK808 scanner will be how well-versed in vehicles it is. Most OBD2 automobiles made in 1996 and after are compatible with this device. It works in cars built in the US in 1996, the EU in 2000, and newer.

Some of the automakers it covers are Toyota, Ford, Bugatti, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Porsche, Mazda, Audi, BMW, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Honda, Chevrolet, GM, etc.

Simple User Interface

This scanning tool is simple to use. Neither buttons nor cords need to be connected. It has Wi-Fi capability, and the substantial 7-inch LCD screen makes it simple to use all the features.

You can read or erase codes on the sharp screen. It also has a bilingual menu that lets you switch to a different language for ease of use.

Wireless Connectivity: This device still runs well and is a lot of fun to use even though it lacks VCI. Thanks to the wireless connection, it is simple to use, and a cable connection is also an option. Therefore, you have the choice of updating the gadget wirelessly or by attaching a cable.

Efficient and Dependable: The diagnostic scanner for Autel Maxicom MK808 is rapid and dependable. It has an Android 4.4.4 OS and a powerful quad-core cortex A-9 CPU. This forces a hectic mechanic or expert to do their task as quickly as they can pinpoint the issue.

Other Features

Autel Scanner Maxicom MK808 other

Clear and Read Codes: It gives the user the tools to study the solution and aids in understanding the issue with the car, giving the user control back.

Weight: 5.65 pounds or so, roughly. It is portable and made of excellent quality materials without sacrificing power.

Battery: Additionally, a Lithium Polymer battery has been added. Its robust, long-lasting battery makes it possible to do field diagnostics. For most users, diagnostic scanning’s speed and effectiveness are more than sufficient. On the other hand, professional mechanics might want to bring an extra fee for longer shifts.

SAS: SAS is short for steering angle sensor reset. Remarkably, the MK808 can quickly recalibrate the steering angle sensor. It improved your safety as well.

Wi-Fi: The device supports Wi-Fi. Which is handy and user-friendly.

Memory: This has 32 GB of memory to store data.


Every car built after 1996 can be used with the MK808, which also can erase challenging manufacturer error codes. It’s the scanner to buy if you want one that can work on the widest variety of automobiles and fix problems.

But at the other hand, the DS808 delivers comprehensive diagnostics that simplify the process of identifying engine issues. The DS808 is the best option if you want to monitor real-time ECU data to place an engine problem immediately.

Comparison between the Autel MK808, Xtool D7 and Xtool D8


Do Autel MK808 upgrades cost nothing?

One year’s worth of free software upgrades is included with the Autel MaxiCOM MK808. You can buy an extra year of the Total Care Program once the first one expires (TCP). Your Autel Total Care Center will keep your tool functioning and provide unrestricted access to the newest software and features for an entire year. Updating your device coverage is quick and straightforward.

Can I Program Keys using Autel Maxicom MK808?

Of course, the Autel MaxiCOM MK808 scan tool can reprogram a key to a new ECU for suitable automobiles.

Does the Bluetooth VCI connectivity on the Autel Maxicom MK808 scan tool support?

Unfortunately, MaxiCom MK808 doesn’t support Bluetooth VCI connectivity.


The Autel MaxiCom MK808 is geared toward regular car owners and auto enthusiasts. It is the best option for anyone who works with vehicles professionally due to its outstanding compatibility and simplicity of usage.

Does MK808 Supports Bidirectional Control?

Yes, this feature is available on Autel MaxiCom mK808.

Does this device have any sound features?

This scanning device does not have any sound input feature, but this has a small speaker that allows it to beep whenever you’re using this tool. You can turn it off from the setting menu.

Does this scan tool has any special features?

It does, indeed. Injectors, window regulators, TPMS servicing, brake bleeding, headlamp oil light reset, and many other unique operations are available through the diagnostic scanner.

Final word

Despite being a high-quality and sophisticated scanner, the Autel Maxicom MK808 diagnosis scanning tool is not appropriate for professional mechanics because it is deficient in several cutting-edge features like actions, adaptations, and coding. However, this is a good tool for you if you’re a starting mechanic or a DIY enthusiast.

The Autel Maxicom MK808 provides full OBD2 functionality, performs both standard and unique functions, and can be updated through the internet.

The gadget’s portability makes it simple to use outside the garage, and its Wi-Fi network adds to the enjoyment. However, make sure it is suitable with the make and model of your automobile before you buy it. Additionally, the enhancements are temporary and do not endure forever.

This scan tool is worth the price and is simple to use. Additionally, the manufacturer provides one year warranty to product purchasers. I trust that you have a clear understanding even after reading this Autel Maxicom MK808 review post.

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