FOXWELL NT530 Review Specially For BMW & Short Comparison

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FOXWELL NT530 Review
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Foxwell NT530 is an upgrade from the previous NT520 Pro scanner. The NT530 scanner has an improved hardware system, greater speed, and compatibility with all OBD I and OBD II. 

The multi-system scanner is capable of special service features like Abs scan and reset, EPB scan, SAS, TPMS, and many other scans to ensure the vehicle system runs properly. Usually, the device comes with no predetermined car software and needs to be updated to car specifications.

NT530 scanner scans display and clear error code found in all compatible systems. The device comes in 11 different languages for easy use by non-English users. It also allows the user to freeze time data to know when the code was registered. 

Find out if your vehicle is compatible with Foxwell NT510. An NT530 comes with one device, a USB cable, a nylon bag to store the device and other components, and a user guide on how to use the device.

Why do I like Foxwell Nt510 the most?

Here are the top reasons to get a Foxwell NT530 scanner for your car diagnosis.

  1. Conduct OBD II Scan: The NT530 allows users to conduct a full OBD II, which includes pulling out live data to check the vehicle’s current performance, freezing data to know when the code was registered, and many other functions.
  2. Multi-language: Foxwell NT530 comes in 11 different languages to allow non-English users to have a friendly user experience. It also means a wider audience for the Foxwell device.
  3. Scan And Reset Generic codes: Users can scan vehicles’ car diagnostic software system for any error code and reset those codes. This makes the vehicle perform more efficiently.
  4. OE Level scan: NT530 offers users an OE level diagnosis for many brands and features. Its new hardware and system upgrades offer code readers a more efficient method for solving the vehicles’ software problems at a system’s fast vehicle speed and with more accurate results.
  5. Lifetime Free Updates: Users of the NT530 have access to lifetime updates on their devices. These updates can be found on Foxwell’s official websites and can easily be downloaded.
  6. Compatibility: The device is compatible with many OBDII devices and car brands like land Rover, Rolls Royce, and more.
  7. Bi-directional controls: Users can initiate bidirectional control tests with the NT540 scanner. This feature includes resetting the brake function, controlling the vehicle window, doors, and many others.
  8. Cost-effective: NT530 offers users a more cost-effective method of fixing code errors and diagnosing their vehicles. They can be pi]urchase from any automotive store at an affordable price.

Limitations find in my eyes

Like all devices, there are cons associated with them. One major con of this device is its lack of compatibility with the F Chassis BMW Mini vehicle.

Another con of the device is its inability to change the type of battery used. However, it allows the registration of new batteries.

Main Features Of Foxwell NT530

  • Read and clear code: Foxwell NT530 can be used to scan through vehicles’ generic codes and reset errors found in the software system. This method is more cost-effective as a diagnosis from a mechanic can cost a lot. Users can now read codes on the display screen, and clear codes for errors
  • Live data: The life data is enabled by live sensors that allow users to access historical freeze data, which allows them to know when the code was activated. The sensor will also show vehicles’ performance and software system health through live sensor graphs.
  • Compatibility: NT530 is compatible with all OBD I, OBD II, and EOBD vehicles. It can run diagnoses on vehicles developed from 1996 to the present time, hence is popular among users.
  • Anti-lock Braking System Scan and Reset: The NT530 can use the device to conduct an abs scan and diagnosis on their vehicle. They can also perform a reset of error codes on the vehicle. Once the error is fixed, the warning light will go off.
  • Supplemental Restraint System(SRS): This relates to the system code of the airbag. When you see the airbag warning sign, it means there could be a system error. NT530 can be used to erase and reset the vehicle system.
  • Live Sensor: Users of The NT530  have access to life signals and graphs showing the system software’s current health performance.
  • Injector coding: The injector code, also known as an IMA Code, is responsible for accurate and efficient control and injection within the ECU. There is an error within the code; NT530 can reset the error.
  • Battery Configuration: While the NT530 cannot be used to replace batteries, it can register new batteries and configure them.
  • Durable and rugged design: The Foxwell NT530 is made with durable and rugged material; hence it will last longer and can survive a fall of reasonable height.
  • ECU Retrieval: The device can be used to scan through the Engine Control Units, retrieving and resetting errors found in the systems for the proper performance of ECU. The Engine Control Unit is a system that controls a series of actuators responsible for engine functions. The NT510 can scan through codes and reset codes in case of errors. This helps the ECU perform properly.
  • Display freeze data: NT530 offers users with display freeze of historical data. Thiletsws the coder/user know when the code was registered and other details.

Advance Features

  • ECU Retrieval: The Ecu is responsible for controlling a series of engine software functions. Users can use the NT530 to scan and reset errors found in the ECU units.
  • DFP regenerator: The DFP helps to regenerate and fix the DPF system. DFP stands for diesel particulate filter, which allows regenerating the filter. Once this is achieved, the warning light will go off, and the car will run smoothly.
  • Record and replay function: Users can now record as they carry out scans and diagnoses and later playback for documentation or reference.
  • SIR Setup: The NT530 can also be used to set up or reset the supplemental Inflatable Restraint. This is necessary for the safety of the occupants of the vehicle.
  • Software and updates: The Foxwell NT530 has access to software installments and updates software scans for vehicle information. Such software updates allow for easy updates of vehicle codes by clearing, resetting, and updating codes/ software of OBD I and OBD II vehicles.

Difference Between Foxwell NT530 VS. NT510

Foxwell NT510 and NT510 are popular OBD II vehicle scanners available for vehicle users. They both work similarly, offering OBD II diagnoses, multi-diagnoses, and reset functions.

Even at that, there are notable differences among these products.  They include:

  • Design: The Foxwell NT510 elite has a more complex design due to its functionality. It has more keys(Arrow keys), and its screen resolution is high for better display of graphs and many II functions. The NT530 is made with simple designs, a less complex look, and keys. 
  • Functionality: The NT530 provides only OBD 1,2, and EOBD vehicle scans from 1998 vehicles to the present. The Foxwell NT510 elite offers more scans, including OBD I and OBD II vehicle scans.
  • Use: NT530 does not come pre-installed with a specific brand of vehicle. It does not have a VIN lock. The Foxwell NT510 elite has wide support for vehicles also.


Is Foxwell NT530 good for DIYers?

Yes, the NT530 is very easy to handle and understand. It user friendly and comes with a manual to guide users through its use.

Which systems can Foxwell NT530 access?

The NT530 gives you access to your vehicle’s body, Chassis, and main system. It also allows users to access and retrieve ECU information.

How can I update the software?

You can download updates for Foxwell software from Foxwell’s official website. Also, the website offers access to materials, manuals, and other helpful information here.

Can I use Foxwell NT530 to diagnose different car brands?

Yes, it can be used for other brands. The NT530 does not have a VIN lock or BMW software, so this enables it to be compatible with more than 20 different car brands. Although some functions are originally designed for BMW, the device nonetheless works well with other brands.

Does the NT530 work on the Mac system?

No, the NT530 software is only available for Windows systems. You can borrow a window system from family or friends to make installments.

Final Word!

We conclude by saying that the NT530 is a user-friendly and reliable device that allows you to run software diagnosis of your vehicle at a very affordable price.

This is a great bargain for the numerous services it offers. Despite being initially built for BMW cars, its lack of a VIN lock allows it to be compatible with other brands of vehicles. Find out more on the Foxwell NT530 scanner.

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