7 Extraordinary OBDII Scanners for 6.0 Power-stroke

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OBDII Scanners for 6.0 Power-stroke featured
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6.0 Power-stroke engines need so much care as they are build for heavy-duty. To take proper care of these engines, a perfect scanning tool is must. Without a good scanner you won’t be able to check data precisely. But it is necessary for improving the performance of the truck.

This engine has to face many rough situations. Hence, it is always vulnerable to various issues and a good scanning tool will help to find out any problem easily. Solving the discrepancy will help to maintain the engine for the long run.

You can even know about the problems it might face in future and take necessary steps to prevent them. Solving a problem in early stage will prevent it from getting worse.

We have found out 7 of the best OBDII scanners available in the market for your 6.0 Power-stroke for extracting the best performance from it.

1. OBDII Scanner Code Reader by OxGord (Most Affordable)

If you are looking for an affordable OBDII scanner for doing basic checkup of your device then this could be the best option for you. You will not get a bunch of features with this. But as an average owner, you can definitely have one of these.

The device can read error codes and remove them. You can see vehicle information and I/M Readiness using this. You can also view freeze frame.

The interface is pretty basic. You just need to connect it using the OBD port of the vehicle and you will be ready to use. There you will get only two buttons, one for scrolling and the other one for entering.

The basic LCD display has light. You can control brightness and contrast of the display. This display consumes only a little amount of power to operate.

The device works on most of the US vehicle models.


  1. Doesn’t require battery. Takes power directly from vehicle
  2. Extremely light-weight
  3. The LCD consumes minimum amount of power and has contrast adjustment option
  4. Price is so low
  5. Easy to operate
  6. Basic user interface helps in easy navigation
  7. Shows descriptions along with error codes
  8. Can pull freeze frame data


  1. Doesn’t work with vehicles without OBDII port
  2. Doesn’t have advanced features like ABS

2. Bluetooth OBDII Scanner by FIXD (Most Unique)

FIXD Bluetooth OBDII scanner is the cutest scanner one can own. It is the most unique among any other scanners available in the market. The device is so small. It attaches directly to the OBDII port of the vehicle. It can be kept connected always because of its size.

It doesn’t have any display, battery or wire. You just need to install the FIXD app from Play Store or App Store. The device connects with the phone using its built-in Bluetooth and shows live data to the app. You can use all the supported diagnostic features using only the smartphone with the help of the device.

The best part of the device is it can be used wirelessly. You can check error codes and remove them using it. You can also use the additional features of a smartphone for the ease of diagnosis. Such as, taking screenshot of any error code or searching directly online for knowing detail about any code.

You can even check ABS, TPMS like features, but there isn’t option for checking SRS.


  1. The Bluetooth connection is so stable
  2. Vehicle information can be recorded
  3. Small and handy to use
  4. Doesn’t need any battery and completely wireless
  5. Smartphone app makes it easy to navigate
  6. Can read diagnostic codes like ABS, TPMS etc
  7. Can provide maintenance reminders for various functions


  1. Doesn’t support vehicles of older models
  2. Can’t be used to monitor oxygen sensors or SRS

3. CRP129E OBDII Scanner by Launch (Most Versatile)

Launch CRP129E is one of the best functioning OBDII scanners available. For a professional or even just an owner who likes to have a good enough scanning device for reducing the hazard of taking a vehicle to a mechanic for minor problems, then this device is for you.

It is battery-powered, which helps to use it and analyze data even without the car. It has a touchscreen and the system is Android-based making it feel like a tablet.

You can check both error codes and remove them. You can even just diagnose various functions like ABS, SRS, Oil reset etc. It can read live data and provide graph.

The built-in Wi-Fi feature makes it easy to update the device software without the help of any PC. You can even print data using a printer.

The device is compatible with most of the cars of US, European and Asian models.


  1. The Android like interface is easy to understand
  2. It supports multiple languages
  3. Free lifetime update
  4. Built-in Wi-Fi feature
  5. Has 5 reset services
  6. ABS, SRS, Oil reset are supported
  7. Compatible with 10000+ car models from 57 brands
  8. 5 years of warranty


  1. The price is a bit higher
  2. Can’t perform fuel consumption reset

4. YA201 2022 Enhanced OBDII Scanner by EDIAG (Affordable with Some Extra)

EDIAG YA201 2022 Enhanced is the best OBDII scanner in the low budget segment. The design is so simple and easy to use for the novices.

The software and UI are so light. The functions run quickly without any lag or glitch. So, you will get to use all the necessary features you should expect without any hassle. The direct plug and play feature makes it even easier to use.

You will be able to read error codes and erase those codes. You will also get I/M readiness feature. You can also check live data and generate graph. You will also get some additional features like oil reset function. It also makes checking VIN a lot easier. And most importantly, the accuracy of the data produced by it is just perfect.

The build quality of the device is pretty decent. The low power consuming LCD screen is visible in direct sunlight. The device is compatible with almost all the cars released after 1996.


  1. The device is so compact and handy to use
  2. LCD colored display
  3. It supports a wide range of vehicles, especially the ones, released after 1996
  4. easy plug and play feature
  5. It uses battery and can be used without connecting it to the car
  6. Contains 5 years of warranty with 90 days replacement


  1. There isn’t any advanced feature in the device

5. MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner by OBDLink (Most Compact)

If you want to turn your smartphone into a professional diagnostic tool, then this device is for you. It can also help you to monitor vehicle performance in real-time and see vehicle data.

It is one of the newest addition to the series of OBDLink products. It works even faster. The data extracted from it is so accurate. It is connected with the smartphone using Bluetooth. The best part is, this also supports with IOS, which many of this type of scanners don’t.

You can get almost all the trouble codes of your vehicle using this. This is loaded with so many functions like ABS, SRS, TPMS etc. This will also give you information about wheel speed, transmission temperature and many other.

The ability to generate real-time data using this device is top-notch. It can show multiple parameters at a time with data samples more than any other device of similar category. The graphs generated from it are so smooth and easy to understand.

It also has some unique features. You can keep the device attached with the vehicle even when you aren’t using. The hacker-proof security of this device will protect you from data thieves. The device can also protect it from over-voltage. This even remains in sleep mode, consuming very little amount of power, while not in active use.


  1. compact and light-weight
  2. Bluetooth connectivity is good
  3. Can read advanced live parameters
  4. Has overvoltage protection
  5. Has automatic sleep mode feature
  6. Works with both Android and IOS
  7. Battery-powered


  1. Bluetooth version is 3.0, which is a bit older
  2. Isn’t compatible with vehicles of older models

6. NT301 OBDII Scanner by FOXWELL (The All-Rounder)

If want an OBDII scanner at an affordable price with decent number of scanning features and great accuracy then FOXWELL OBDII scanner is one of the best.

The processor of this device is excellent. You can perform the task you want so fast. And the best part is, it doesn’t compromise the precision for speed. The accuracy of the device is just top-notch.

This device will save you from going to a mechanic for minor problems. It can help you to check engine problems in real-time. You will get full support from this device for your vehicle.

If there is any faulty sensor it can read that and check various statuses. You can also generate graph and print them to send that to any repair shop if the problem is complex and you are unable to understand.

The only downside is, it doesn’t support advanced features


  1. Capable of reading error codes and it can even remove them
  2. UI is easy to understand
  3. Has high compatibility with various types and models of vehicles
  4. You can generate graph from the data and also print them for analyzing later
  5. No battery is required
  6. Update isn’t required on first use
  7. The build quality is great
  8. The performance is so fast


  1. Windows, Mac isn’t supported
  2. Absence of a touch-screen might be a bad side for many
  3. ABS, SRS, Oil reset aren’t supported
  4. Doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi

7. AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBDII Scanner by ANCEL (Best Value for Money)

AD310 Classic is a rugged built OBDII scanning device for your vehicle. It is a device that you can use to perform most of your car scanning jobs as a normal car user and also as a mechanic who is just starting. The build quality of this device is a plus point for it. You can use it in roughly without facing any problem.

This device might lack in some advanced options. But if you are just using it for scanning error codes, removing them or monitoring I/M readiness then this device is enough for you.

You can also check various live data from it. Even freezing data is possible with this low-cost device for the ease of diagnosis.

 The vehicle info checking feature might be helpful for many people. It supports with most of the US models after 1996 and European or Asian models after 2000 making it a high compatible device. As it supports cars of brands from all over the world, it should support multiple languages. This device can be used in English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch and Portuguese languages.

The low power consuming LCD monitor looks also good to the eyes and the brightness is enough to use outside. As a whole, it is a best classic scanner at an inexpensive price.


  1. Checks error codes and remove them within a short time
  2. Supports 8 languages for global use
  3. Bright display with minimal power consumption
  4. Cost effective and affordable for everyone
  5. Solid build quality for heavy usage
  6. Compatible with most of the newer vehicles
  7. Contains battery and can be used even on the go


  1. Can’t detect many of the error codes, hence unable to remove them
  2. Doesn’t support vehicles older than 1996
  3. Doesn’t support ABS/SRS

What to Look for While Buying?

7 Extraordinary OBDII Scanners for 6.0 Power-stroke

 Having a vehicle is a cherished dream for many. People do a lot of research and consider many things while buying a car. So, when the dream comes true, one needs to take great care of it.

Hence, it is also equally necessary to buy a  good scanning tool for your Power-stroke, so that, you can detect any of its problems within a short time without allowing it to become a major problem. You should consider some things while buying a scanner for your vehicle. Here are some of them:


Your device should have a good display where you can see all the necessary data easily without any hassle. It should be able to show multiple parameters at a time for better analysis. While checking live data, the monitor should show change in data immediately with continuous change.

Not only functionality, the quality of the display is also important. Some people like touchscreen, some feel comfortable with basic one. But the brightness is equally important for all.

The display should be visible in direct sunlight. Often it is needed to check any data outside of the car or a car without a roof. If the screen isn’t bright enough then reading data and codes would become way harder. If there is a feature of auto brightness then it’s a bonus.

For all these reasons, a good display is a must.


7 Extraordinary OBDII Scanners for 6.0 Power-stroke

Cable is also an important thing to consider while buying a scanner. Because, of the cord doesn’t support your car then the main device is of no use. The cable of the device should be lengthy enough to navigate and see holding in hands from seat.

It also needs to be flexible so that it doesn’t get teared if any accident occurs while in rough use. The outer insulator of cable-wire should be of good quality. Besides, the data fetched using a broken wire can get manipulated by outside factors.


A car scanner is of no use it doesn’t work with your vehicle. So, an OBDII scanner has to support your vehicle.

A scanner mostly works with the cars with OBDII port. Almost all the cars released after 1996 have this port inside the car. So, you can use most of the scanner with your car if it’s not too old. However, the compatibility list should be checked before investing on the scanner.

Some trucks don’t have the OBDII port and you can’t use these scanners with them. But there are different type of scanners available in the market for those vehicles.


Every electronic product has a certain lifetime. The rule is no different for a scanners. After certain years you will face some problems regarding the scanner. But you should keep in consideration the durability of the device.

You need to check whether the device is able to perform in rough conditions or is it able to take load of heavy usage. Some rugged scanners can last for years. Whereas, some delicately built scanners might last long in light usage but could face problems in rough use.

Warranty & Support

Good warranty service is a plus point for not only the scanner but for any device. It builds trust in the brand. Most of the scanners come with 1 or 2 years of warranty. Some even offer 5. You will get a refund and replacement policy with some of the brands which definitely creates reliability on the brand and the product.

The support service is also an important factor when buying a scanner. The manufacturer should always remain helpful to the customers if they face any problem, using their product. Some manufacturers are great in this regard. They will take the necessary steps to change or deliver any faulty or missing part of the device as soon as you inform them.

But some take a long to do that, even sometimes they don’t even contact you back. You should try to avoid these brands. Often you won’t be able to reach them when you need to use your warranty.


The scanner should get necessary software updates time to time. The devices often have some minor bugs or glitches. Sometimes they need to add some new features or data. These are done by updates.

The update isn’t only necessary for the main software. If the device is running on an operating system like Android then you need to update the OS separately, which is also so much necessary.

Updates can be both free and paid. Most of the companies offer at least 1 or 2 years of free update service. Then you might need to purchase it for the next 1 year using a certain amount of money. But there are many companies that offer free updates for a lifetime. If you don’t want to pay you can check some of them.


All scanners aren’t loaded with every possible function. Often, they have some drawbacks. You should know what functions are you looking for and check whether your chosen model has all of these. If not, you should check any other.

If you are just wanting a scanner to read error codes then a cheap basic scanner will go. But if are a car enthusiast or a professional then you need an expensive scanner with multiple advanced functions.

Remember, a scanner isn’t to fix any problem of your vehicle. It is mainly for just checking a problem and take that to a mechanic if it is complex or just fix minor problems without taking to a car repair shop.

It will save you from lots of hassle and also keep you protected from the scams of repair shop owners.


For Non-English speakers checking the language, availability is a thing to remember. If the buyer doesn’t understand English properly, then it will become hard to understand the instructions of the device or get the message properly.

Most devices support 7 to 15 languages. These often include common languages like English, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, etc. But there are some basic scanners that don’t have multi-language support. But the instructions for them are pretty basic.

Even though, based on personal preferences checking the language support is a parameter to consider.


Price is a thing which is the most important matter to consider for many but also there are some people for whom it is at the bottom of the priority list. Some have a low budget but want the best product possible at the price. While others want the best product available in the market no matter how high the price is. But one must check whether the scanner you are buying gives you the best value for money or not.

You should also fix a budget and search online for the best available options at that range. You should also know at what price point you will get your needed features.

If you want all the features including ABS, SRS etc. and fix a budget of $100, then it will not work. But if you want a device just for finding error codes then $100 is more than enough. So, you should keep everything in mind and try to find the best scanner which serves the value.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is OBDII?

OBD stands for “On-Board Diagnostics”. The cars released after 1996 have a port that allows you to connect external tools for the diagnosis of the vehicles. There is a dedicated port for the job known as “OBDII Port” where you can connect any supported OBDII scanner for getting trouble codes and many other necessary data for the diagnosis of your car.

Where can I find the OBDII port on my vehicle?

The OBDII port is generally located near the driver’s seat around the bottom side of the area where steering is placed. It is a 16-pin port often with the word ‘OBD’ written on them. It is sometimes covered with a removable plastic cover. You can search for the exact location online by searching your car model.

Do all vehicles support OBDII scanners?

Yes, if your vehicle is manufactured after 1996 then there must be an OBDII port. You can connect most of the scanners using that port. But if the car is too much old to have that port then the vehicle won’t support the OBDII scanner.

Which one will be the perfect scanner for my 6.0 Power-stroke?

There isn’t any single answer to this question. First of all, you need to know your need. You have to make a list of the things you are looking for in the scanner. Then choose any of the available ones which meet your demands. The 7 scanners, listed above are some of the best based on different needs. You can choose one of them.

 Does buying and OBDII scanner worth it?

If you love your vehicle so much and don’t want to have any major issue regarding your vehicle then the answer is yes. And if you are a professional and have to deal with various cars and check their problem then it is a must. For the betterment of your vehicle an OBDII scanner definitely worth the money.


A scanning tool for your car can change your whole experience of driving. There are some problems which are so minor that going to a mechanic for fixing them isn’t worthy. But these ruins the driving experience or might turn into a major problem in future. Having a car scanner helps to self-diagnose those problems and fix them.

FOXWELL NT301 and ANCEL AD310 are best in my opinion. Both have quite a good amount of features and considering the functions both are close to each other. But considering looks, display, usability FOXWELL is the top pick for 6.0 Power-stroke.

In conclusion, owner knows their vehicle best. For different people the opinion might vary and it is completely the owner’s decision.

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